lilliputian sätze

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Lilliputian sätze (in englisch)

  1. High Heels would unfurl the Lilliputian flag, and the.
  2. The Lilliputian man kicked at the door with his brass buttoned boots and.
  3. The Lilliputian creature proceeded to reach into her minuscule pocket and pull out.
  4. The familiar buildings that marked Los Angeles were like an island of giants in the middle of a Lilliputian forest.
  5. No one knows what these great Gulliver’s were doing in this Lilliputian land, a mere forty-five square miles in extent.

  6. Several of them were ground troops screaming for more air support, as the giant five-Glaive mech thing began to wade through their comparatively Lilliputian ranks, strafing them with plasma bolts from the photon cannons that bristled on each of its armored limbs.
  7. Winding roads, shady bye-paths ending in rustic stiles, willow-bordered ponds, streams with fairy bridges, rocky ravines and sunny meadows, ferny dells, and steep hills clambered over with a wilderness of tangled vines, and strewn with lichen-covered stones—all are there, and all reproduced with the most conscientious fidelity to nature, and with Lilliputian diminutiveness.
  8. In reference to the mood during the month mentioned by him as bad and unproductive Tolstoi wrote to Chertkov (April 30, 1897): I will not say that I have been depressed, because when I ask myself, ‘Who am I? For what am I?’ I answer myself satisfactorily, but I have no energy, and I feel as if Lilliputian hairs were laid over me and I have less and less initiative and activity.

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