loan sätze

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Loan sätze (in englisch)

  1. I had to get a loan.
  2. In a legal loan, each of.
  3. Yes, the loan was approved.
  4. The loan has to be repaid.
  5. Oh, it’s only on loan.

  6. Pay back the loan quickly.
  7. A loan you can’t ever.
  8. So you offered to loan Mr.
  9. What are the Loan Covenants?
  10. We had taken out a loan for.
  11. Thus, anytime a new loan is.
  12. Where Should I obtain a Loan?
  13. I’m still repaying the loan.
  14. Or the loan officer at the bank.
  15. Thomas took out yet another loan.

  16. Goldberg, in the Liffey Loan Bank.
  17. You have never mentioned the loan.
  18. She said all she needed was a loan.
  19. I’m going to pay off my car loan.
  20. We will start with the business loan.
  21. The best you can buy, on loan to us.
  22. This will be covered by a bank loan.
  23. I like a thirty-year fixed-rate loan.
  24. A considerable bank loan was involved.
  25. He offered me the loan of his glasses.

  26. The loan was of course never returned.
  27. I would pay off the loan each month -.
  28. Document disclosing the terms of a loan.
  29. Loan covenants are the terms of the loan.
  30. Rates of the consolidation loan also vary.
  31. This type of loan is considered risky.
  32. Louie's loan shark biz ain't what it was.
  33. In return, I gave him a loan of $50 and.
  34. I hope that each bank paid back the loan.
  35. We took out a $21K home improvement loan.
  36. Wilkes would refuse any loan I offered him.
  37. They don't care that you took a loan out to.
  38. Receiving this loan, the situation will not.
  39. If you asked her for a loan, she refused you.
  40. If not a test drive, at least a courtesy loan.
  41. Mortgage: A loan using your home as collateral.
  42. You will understand that your body is on loan.
  43. I had pay off half of loan to the money lender.
  44. But opening the new loan lowers their scores a.
  45. The balance outstanding on the car loan (They.
  46. I shall regard it as a loan, nothing else!.
  47. Say, I need that job you mentioned, and a loan.
  48. Promissory Note that creates the loan obligation.
  49. Demand loan : A loan that is repayable on demand.
  50. Josef, give me loan of that wonderful sword of.
  51. Get the most conservative, boring loan possible.
  52. Anointed interest, and promise to repay the loan.
  53. He obtained a 30-year fixed FHA-backed loan at 5.
  54. This transaction actually went forward as a loan.
  55. The maximum loan amount from FHA varies by county.
  56. Desperate, I decide to ask our doctor for a loan.
  57. Bulstrode herself, who mentioned the loan to Mrs.
  58. They re-mortgaged and added their car loan to the.
  59. The next step captures the reduction of your loan.
  61. So Freddie owed a lot of money to the loan sharks.
  62. Please thank your mom for the loan of her identity.
  63. Finally, the loan documentation arrived in the mail.
  64. It’s a legitimate loan, and it does get paid off.
  65. It is called the Act Graduate Student loan program.
  66. Seeking a simple loan, his petition had been denied.
  67. He still owed the loan sharks $15,000 plus interest.
  68. Calculates the payment for a loan based on constant.
  69. It had been awfully nice of Lisa to loan us the car.
  70. When he offered your father a loan he knew that he.
  71. A New Orleans lawyer sought an FHA loan for a client.
  72. He assured me, she is on loan as long as we need her.
  73. I’m going to need a bit of a loan to set up though.
  74. This is commonly known as student loan consolidation.
  75. Previously they paid £1090 on the mortgage and loan.
  76. A 5% first-mortgage loan on the savings-bank basis, i.
  77. One in particular was a $300,000 loan to a race track.
  78. In any case, it wouldn’t be a gift so much as a loan.
  79. Considering that the interest incurred on a term loan.
  80. Bad-debt : A loan with limited or no chance of recovery.
  81. He could only guess what a loan from Vinnie might entail.
  82. There are several different avenues for obtaining a loan.
  83. Returns the cumulative interest paid on a loan during a.
  84. Everything occurs without the loan need or indebtedness.
  85. Meantime, he took the big step of asking her for a loan.
  86. The loan officer asks him what kind of collateral he has.
  87. Onassis was forced to ask some of his friends for a loan.
  88. But I had still two hundred rupees left to return my loan.
  89. Gaskin for the loan of the garment, the two left the store.
  90. I understood that this computer was on loan, ergo not mine.
  91. The loan guarantee has now been increased to $54 billion.
  92. Read your loan agreements carefully to find out what your.
  93. The interest rate and amount a lender will loan is based on.
  94. Secured credit is credit or a loan which uses something as.
  95. If you default on a loan, you cause the lender to lose money.
  96. A lender makes their money by the interest charged on a loan.
  97. Returns the cumulative principal paid on a loan between two.
  98. The assets of your business are the collateral for the loan.
  99. Many students think that defaulting on a student loan after.
  100. Online loan calculators are a useful tool that can help you.
  1. I really appreciated him loaning the car to Dad.
  2. It was, in effect, loaning them out pending payment.
  3. Um, thanks Gerry for loaning me your phone, you can have it back now.
  4. Right about that time he ran out of money and it was Tony who helped him, loaning.
  5. Remember them? With certificates of deposit, you’re the one loaning the money to the bank.
  6. Nuke said, I think you should cut your ties with Candace if you’re uncomfortable with loaning her the money.
  7. Maybe you know someone near and dear to you that wore beautiful jewelry at her wedding and wouldn't mind loaning them to you for your big day.
  8. So between loaning him more than a little bit of money, and paying in advance for the materials needed to almost finish the house, I wrote him a check for $54,000.
  9. So if I’m loaning $1 million, that loan has a 50% loan-to-value ratio, right? Even if the company defaults, my $1 million is secure because the value of the property is $2 million.
  10. The combination of very low interest rates and the drying up of ordinary commercial bank loans has produced a new phenomenon in recent years—the loaning of money to corporations by banks, repayable over a period of several years.
  1. Jeremy loaned it to me.
  2. Instead, a friend loaned me.
  3. A kid loaned one to me at school.
  4. Canyon offers loaned exhibits and is home.
  5. I was much helped by two books he loaned me.
  6. She had loaned the money to a relative during.
  7. The Israeli Army Engineers had loaned the team a.
  8. The use of interest for money loaned is regulated.
  9. The company loaned Sam the younger $100,000 in May.
  10. All this will make a big dent in the money he loaned.
  11. Hendersen had loaned his car to a couple of the girls.
  12. Shame is a guilt unforgiven and the usury on loaned acceptance.
  13. Ingrid did find details in the book that Rowena had loaned her.
  14. I turned to the guy who loaned me the Telephone Directory and he.
  15. I could now praise the God who loaned me His Son for so many years.
  16. Loaned your teen money knowing it will probably never be returned?
  17. For Samples (loaned without charge) and Terms address the Publishers.
  18. In fact, Kathy fixed me up with her and loaned me her VW for the date.
  19. He’d even loaned a shepherd’s staff to help her balance as she walked.
  20. Yes, he loaned me a little Bible that his mother stuffed in his pocket.
  21. It is the payment you make to a lender for the money it has loaned to you.
  22. Connor brought me into his bedroom and loaned me a pair of pants and a shirt.
  23. I hope they don’t forget to pay me back the money I loaned them to go home.
  24. Tony three hundred thousand dollars and he loaned another two hundred making a.
  25. The Baron had loaned Joseph this money; he now had the means to keep Ruby safe.
  26. I was glad; I had liked her clothes, which Alex had loaned me while on our date.
  27. School District had loaned a big yellow school bus to the cause, which created a.
  28. They’d received small amounts of foodstuffs and utensils and loaned a small boat.
  29. Your Grand Headquarters loaned to me the services of a jeep and of an army driver.
  30. The camp store loaned me one hundred dollars in mortal money and twenty golden drachmas.
  31. I had some very expensive reporting equipment loaned from CNN that I would hate to lose.
  32. Then she had this thought: Maybe Artemis was angry that Therese had loaned her gift to Jen.
  33. It's the nature of credit; whenever you borrow, you must repay more than was loaned you.
  34. As president, Jefferson loaned another $300,000 to aid the French slave owners on the island.
  35. And he cannot be sure of getting back the amount he loaned out, let alone the interest on it.
  36. I’m sure that if my host had seen my envy he would have loaned me the beauty, but I didn’t ask.
  37. This is analogous to a put option where the underlying instrument is an interest rate on loaned funds.
  38. A friend of mine has a book (Time – Life book on famous cities) and he loaned me the book on Hong Kong.
  39. Even the Universal Life didn’t dare lend him money, and was trying to call in the millions it had loaned him.
  40. This is a depressed time for me because people I loaned money to have not paid it back and I don't have a job yet.
  41. As the Kenyan proverb says, The earth was not given to us by our parents, it was loaned to us by our children.
  42. Those people loaned from the Global News Network’s documentary production department work well and fast, by the way.
  43. Another point was the fact that the parents had loaned their daughter as a maid in order to repay a debt due to the uncle.
  44. Six per cent, on $17,000,000, estimated as per above, as the amount usually loaned on interest, is, per annum, $1,020,000—to wit:.
  45. Money loaned in sums of $400 and upward, and secured by first mortgage on farms in Central Ohio worth at least three times the sum loaned.
  46. Who loaned the money to Morton Lightower? Who were the underwriters who handled his company’s IPO? The good old B of A, my friends!.
  47. After the third hour, when he realized I wasn’t there for a mere glance, a young priest loaned me his staff on which to rest for a moment.
  48. As Ferdinand Pecora tells it in Wall Street under Oath, if Shermar sold stock short, Murlyn bought the stock and loaned it to Shermar to cover.
  49. The loaned money would be paid back to the bank by interest accrued payments, which they thought was sufficient backing for the newly printed money.
  50. King Charles II was in the suite loaned to him by the Abbot of St-Germain when someone knocked urgently on his door, prompting him to shout out loud.
  51. That took only a minute, with Abramovich then going with his family to his suite to pack up and leave the ship with the four agents loaned by Eastwood.
  52. Cash isn’t just loaned out to banks, the Fed trades for, or buys, assets to hold as collateral until such time as the cash is redeemed, with the Fed.
  53. But I loaned you money a hundred times and the last time you borrowed and I agreed to loan you the money if that was the very last time and you agreed.
  54. Interestingly, one of the country’s largest corporates, Videocon, loaned their field staff to set up the infrastructure for the Chai pe Charcha events.
  55. With the aid of money loaned to him by a gambler friend, he succeeds the next day, by means of large purchases of Textile Trust, in postponing the catastrophe.
  56. The Fox deal was for forty weeks and $500 a week whether she worked or not—and she couldn’t work for anyone else either, unless the company loaned her out.
  57. She also secretly loaned me publications and documents to read on my spare time at night and had long discussions with me about this war and what will follow it.
  58. Securities: A financial form that shows the holder owns a share or shares of a company (stock) or has loaned money to a company or government organization (bond).
  59. Dana varied his motion, after debate, on account of the uncertainty which appeared to exist as to the sum reimbursable, and of course as to the sum to be loaned.
  60. I have no idea why, since the SAP did not issue any medical kits to its members, and we were reduced to having Army medics assigned or loaned to us on the border.
  61. The Carolis were so rich they loaned money to kings, but Buonaventura was amiable and unpretentious – though people said that in business he could be implacably hard.
  62. Using his parents’ temporarily loaned station wagon, Bill drove me to Catholic Salvage where I bought a bed, mattress, and huge overcoat that wrapped around me twice.
  63. They subverted money that customers sent to be loaned in the broker call money market in New York by wiring it out, then back in the next day without booking the return.
  64. Floor A contract between a borrower and a lender of floating-rate funds whereby the lender is assured of receiving no less than some minimum interest rate for loaned funds.
  65. We have a hundred thousand francs or thereabouts loaned on their securities, and we are a little uneasy at reports that have reached us that the firm is on the brink of ruin.
  66. In Berlin, Benjamin maintained a leading salon, was the first Jew to own an art collection, and had access to ruling circles, having loaned the king large sums before his accession.
  67. Back at home in Cape Town, Rory wiped his hand across his eyes wearily – it was past one in the morning and he had finally finished reading through the lists and correspondence that he had been loaned by Supt.
  68. Southmark loaned a lot of money to officers and officer partnerships: One loan in particular, to James Gilley, executive vice president, was nonrecourse, secured by the Southmark stock purchased with the proceeds.
  69. My brothers both have bought me meals (for no good reason, other than to rub it in my face later when I’m rich and semi-famous), they have given me work, loaned me money, and have helped me search for new jobs.
  70. Since toleration is a loaned acceptance, putting one on an eternal payment plan of pleasing the lender, toleration only humiliates, being a caste system inequality, and therefore is, in essence, a Shame Waitlist.
  71. At the moment, 7th Brigade had loaned its heavy mortars to 8th Brigade, and their gunners were opening crates of bombs and propellant charges while the lighter M95s continued to make their way closer to the town.
  72. My father loaned us the $1k down payment, I assumed a veteran’s loan for which I did not qualify in my own right, and we moved into a great one story brick three bedroom house across from the 17th hole of the HHCC.
  73. Annette loaned her some well-used seminar materials designed for rookie lawyers, with sections on divorce and domestic relations, wills and estates, bankruptcy, landlord and tenant, employment, immigration, and government assistance.
  74. Furthermore, we are ready to produce advanced robotic farm machinery that will then be loaned to you and the others around this table, and this on a rotating basis, in order to help your farmers boost the productivity of their fields.
  75. The last time I saw Prior before some reunions 30 years out was November 1968 when I loaned him a belt to wear to our swearing-in ceremony at the Springfield Armory and drove his sorry ungrateful ass down from Chicago even though I lived way out in Western ‘burbs.
  76. Buying me for a few paltry dollars? Of course you do, Robert Canler, and the hope of just such a contingency was in your mind when you loaned papa the money for that hair-brained escapade, which but for a most mysterious circumstance would have been surprisingly successful.
  77. The reason being that your money is not really kept in a safe somewhere and given back to you on your request called a withdrawal or transfer of funds in real life! In simple terms it is mixed with the rest of the tens of thousands deposits and loaned out to whoever or invested wherever.
  78. If the latter value is sufficiently in excess of the money loaned against it, he may be able to ignore the first or credit factor entirely, in the same way as a pawn-broker ignores the financial status of the individual to whom he lends money and is content to rely exclusively on the pledged property.
  79. Shouldn't these damaged ones, who loaned us their lives so that we are free to purchase the latest novelty born from destruction, be the ones to tell us the stories of these waters – their illnesses giving testimony to our pollutants, their birth defects modeling how our pesticides side- effectively eradicate?
  80. Chairman, the interest; because, though it was not in the province of the select committee to look out the ways and means, yet was it so interested as to their object, that they could but ask how was the money to be had; and they were satisfied that three millions and a half could, with facility, be loaned for navy purposes.
  81. Debbi loaned this to us,.
  1. For car loans in the U.
  3. The loans carry a low, 3.
  5. Even if they took out loans.
  6. The loans to dictators seems.
  7. Bank Loans of Intermediate Maturity.
  8. Refinancing loans is again common.
  9. Lawrence loans sixty-two pieces, Mr.
  10. Make sure you keep track of your loans.
  11. When banks create money with loans or.
  12. Many loans offer payment over a decade.
  13. The types of loans you have, how long.
  14. The monthly payments of personal loans.
  15. Nobody forced them to take out these loans.
  16. Be careful when consolidating loans together.
  17. Applications for loans and their processing.
  18. Will the 7¾ notes remain performing loans?
  19. Many of the loans were never paid back, and.
  20. There were some dubious loans made by this bank.
  21. For instance: loans of international organisms.
  22. His first act was to repay all the loans he owed.
  23. Most personal loans are so-called unsecured loans.
  24. The distinction here is that loans are not taxed.
  25. You can then choose to pay back the loans, or not.
  26. After 20 years, some loans are completely forgiven.
  27. On the one hand, student and college loans can help.
  28. You are trying to consolidate several loans into one.
  29. If you have student loans, it is important that you.
  30. Time corrects many errors in holding performing loans.
  31. That situation led to more bad loans and led to more.
  32. Student loans are becoming a problem for more and more.
  33. Statutory and other restrictions on Loans and Advances.
  34. That was before I had applied for their business loans.
  35. While I was there the interest on the loans payable to.
  36. There are two types of auto loans, direct and indirect.
  37. Investors see bonds as the loans to that REAL business.
  38. Personal loans and credit cards should only be used when.
  39. Tip #17: Don’t think that having no loans or debts will.
  40. There are many types of debt consolidation loans available.
  41. Banks made loans that when advertised at six percent, was.
  42. That applies to business loans and lines of credit as well.
  43. Out of which forty thousand will be used to repay our loans.
  44. Having lots of loans and debt is one of the biggest reasons.
  45. The high cost of education makes students take up these loans.
  46. Now, taxpayers will have to pay for all the loans that failed.
  47. Even if we had won the whole thing, we would still need loans.
  48. In this power consist both the value and the use of the loans.
  50. When you buy goods and services, they are taxed, but not loans.
  51. You’ve got the loans paid off and the shareholders are happy.
  52. Predatory lending is one form of abuse in the granting of loans.
  53. If you have several loans, your lenders may be willing to help.
  54. Loans affect your credit score more than almost any other item.
  55. Student loans need to be paid back and are more and more often.
  56. Bank of America and First National began calling in their loans.
  57. On the other hand, though, huge student loans can be a terrible.
  58. Disbursement of loans including changes in terms and conditions.
  59. Tip #82: Try to pay for education through means other than loans.
  60. If you have private loans that lack records, contact your school.
  61. When I first started going to school, the student loans and out-.
  62. Also, never consolidate public student loans into a private loan.
  63. While it is true that most college and student loans do not have.
  64. Note that we have assumed a 5% fixed interest rate for both loans.
  65. Compare the different opportunities for grants and loans carefully.
  66. Some credit cards and other loans offer a similar service or offer.
  67. Similarly, you must check how the different loans have to be repaid.
  68. In most cases, 10 years are provided for repayment of student loans.
  69. In fact, several states are investigating payday loans for possible.
  70. The conservative managers were not interested in making risky loans.
  71. The loans were given to entice the managers to stay at the business.
  72. It has at all times met the wishes of the Government in making loans.
  73. The companies to which loans are extended should, inter alia, have a.
  74. In the context of college loans in the United States, it refers to a.
  75. It is imposed after the loans or debts have been deducted or adjusted.
  76. Ratio of overdue loans to current loans indicating the quality of loans.
  77. Many students accumulate a number of loans during their stay in college.
  78. The loans offer the prospect of raising incomes above bare subsistence.
  79. The tenor of the bank loans may not normally be longer than seven years.
  80. Student loans are a big kick in the face that the real world has arrived.
  81. Two types of Stafford graduate loans exist: subsidized and unsubsidized.
  82. Regulatory Restrictions: a) Granting loans and advances to relatives of.
  83. For subsidized Stafford graduate loans, the government pays the interest.
  84. However, creditors do not want to extend loans to companies that evince.
  85. In some cases such loans have been made for additional working capital (e.
  86. Loans to businesses are similar to the above, but also include commercial.
  87. So to recap; you never had to pay your policy loans or loan interest back.
  88. In 1707, those duties were still further prolonged, as a fund for new loans.
  89. That is not the first time for in 1996 the IMF forgave $33 billion in loans.
  90. I was still paying off medical school loans, but we had it lying around in.
  91. A bank cannot grant any loans and advances on the security of its own shares.
  92. The notes were subordinated to $400,000 of bank loans, which were later paid.
  93. Such spirals begin when there is a sudden rush to sell assets to repay loans.
  94. The proxy goes on and on with similar loans and partnerships and transactions.
  95. Domestic credit: loans involving goods that are neither exported nor imported.
  96. That money is ‘created’ through bank loans by the money multiplier effect.
  97. Don't get too stressed out if you have trouble when you're repaying your loans.
  98. Unsecured loans are monetary loans that are not secured against the borrower's.
  99. By force of competition they were led to relax their standards of making loans.
  100. Even bad loans did not hurt as long as the value of the home securing the loan.

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