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    1. with its locus at the centre of the bridge

    2. Thanks to the new systematics with wide use of the information technology is possible to collect and to register the data and the actions of the executed tasks in locus

    3. This collapses the wave-function trapping the locus of awareness of observers in this or that universe

    4. Novak should distinguish between what is commonly called ‘shades’ (which are debris discarded by the rising locus of awareness) in the metaphysical literature with fully living souls (with the spirit still invigorating it)

    5. tive state and cause the transfer of the locus of awareness

    6. When this happens, the locus of

    7. polarity reversals betray shifts in the locus of awareness from one body to

    8. bodies die, the locus of awareness is transferred to the astral body, and at

    9. would already have transferred their locus of awareness to higher frequency

    10. shifts in the locus of awareness to the etheric double are quite common in

    11. fer his locus of awareness to this body, so that he remembered everything

    12. Where is the locus of awareness? analyzing the human (biomolecular) body,

    13. When any of these bodies are actualized (i e when the locus of aware-

    14. active when the locus of awareness shifts there It appears that through rele-

    15. The locus of conscious awareness, however, is usually located in only

    16. one body at a point in time during death or sleep the locus of conscious

    17. When the locus of awareness shifts to massive higher energy bodies dur-

    18. locus of awareness is transferred to the astral body, and at once we find

    19. earth When later on we lose the astral body and the locus of awareness

    20. withdraw into themselves and their locus of awareness shifts to higher fre-

    21. as the locus of awareness is gradually withdrawn from it by half-conscious

    22. With his right hand he guided steaming beams of red light from his eyes to the locus where his coil unraveled onto the edge of the nickel and steel piece

    23. locus of, 97-98; responsibility and,

    24. locus of control which is just a way of saying that he felt as if he had very

    25. This time, the locus of the conflict had shifted to the north

    26. Conclusive evidence highlighted that the attractiveness of the scent was utterly dependent on the two individuals’ MHC (major histocompatibility locus) genes

    27. The more I tend toward an “internal locus of

    28. locus of control,” the more I think I’m at the mercy of factors I

    29. If I have a strong internal locus of control, I’ll believe that,

    30. strong external locus of control, I’ll assume that studying will

    31. found that students who tend toward an internal locus of control usually study harder

    32. The locus of control concept is relevant here, because

    33. an internal locus of control, although they see themselves as in

    34. ” As the psychologists have it, people with a more internal locus of control believe they

    35. research finding that people who tend toward an internal locus of

    36. study, for instance, found that children with a more internal locus of control were more likely to help another child struggling with

    37. external locus of control) sees events in their lives as the product of luck, or of forces they can’t influence

    38. might say, his strong internal locus of control — drove his

    39. locus of control — a belief in their own capacity to affect events

    40. themselves as having an internal locus of control were more

    41. Another found that people who tended toward an internal locus of control were more

    42. Weak, because a weak central locus of infor-

    43. “The basic style and décor of a Locus varies widely, depending on how the possibilities of the different worlds have interacted to form it

    44. Its connection to the Locus

    45. But with the rare waters flowing along their circuits, he had discovered a naturally-occurring locus

    46. But as the locus gave him access to no less than eight different worlds, this was hardly a problem

    47. “You intend to monopolize the locus

    48. Aside from the Locus, two worlds touched the construct, and thus could be easily breached and entered

    49. This relationship to responsibility stems or at least reflects from where we choose to position our locus of control

    50. My students had never heard about the locus of control, but they always found it a very accessible idea

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