lonesome sätze

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Lonesome sätze (in englisch)

  1. I am lonesome for you.
  2. This is a lonesome town.
  3. You on that grave and lonesome day.
  4. The lonesome nights went faster that way.
  5. So maybe Ben was crazy all by his lonesome.

  6. You’re all by your lonesome this time.
  7. I had always been a lonesome tomcat before.
  8. It makes you feel so lonesome and depressed.
  9. Lonesome, burdened with shame, guilt and an.
  10. We did, at one time, but they got too lonesome.
  11. The very idea made Una feel lonesome and homesick.
  12. And then on a shoulder all by it's lonesome is what.
  13. The only sound coming from the house was the lonesome.
  14. He was waiting for the money to come, and felt lonesome.
  15. Everything was convenient, centrally located, and lonesome.

  16. Joys of the free and lonesome heart, the tender, gloomy heart?
  17. Then he left, walking back, he wrote, into the lonesome world.
  18. A train sounds its lonesome whistle somewhere out beyond the lakes.
  19. I guess it was because I was feeling so damn depressed and lonesome.
  20. It was so unproblematic to be with her, safe and not being lonesome.
  21. I couldn’t see the lighthouse or the light standing out in Lonesome Bay.
  22. And there was the silence of death about it: the solitude of a lonesome wild.
  23. After an hour- long ride through the heat, he reached the old lonesome church.
  24. When you drive down to Lonesome P’int you have to ford the ‘Cut-Through.
  25. Jezzie finally noticed our waitress hovering all by her lonesome near the bar.

  26. As I sat in this unmade room, Lonesome Harry began to take shape and dimension.
  27. Lonesome hung on to the rail of the cockpit and let his hair stand up to grow.
  28. Aunt Jamesina is left alone in a great big house, and she is horribly lonesome.
  29. I felt both uneasy about my situation and astounded by the vast lonesome beauty.
  30. Closer, the man carried a far more lonesome air, one that drew toward utter sadness.
  31. Tell me, as a lonesome stranger in this fair city, would you honour me with a stroll.
  32. What made it worse, it was so quiet and lonesome out, even though it was Saturday night.
  33. It’s just as well that Darling didn’t drop in to make Chicago less lonesome for Harry.
  34. In my lonesome hours nothing would be more appreciated than to look at pictures of the family.
  35. Lonesome had gained a p’int or two, and Todd wa’n’t more’n four pitchforks in the lead.
  36. You will not feel lonesome, Sergyéy,—a young, brave Sevastopol soldier is dining here to-day.
  37. Max told us when he wanted out, which was fairly often, and it was sort of lonesome without him.
  38. Mercer had decided to postpone his ascent until the morning, when he could have the place to his lonesome.
  39. The few lonesome clouds on the eastern horizon were a brilliant orange, giving hint to the sun soon to be seen.
  40. And people were always justifiably scared of that perpetual stalker, the inevitable, grim, lonesome fate called death.
  41. I felt lonesome, he said, and began to grow enormously stout, and yet I had no appetite, and neither could I sleep.
  42. Everything seemed to be satisfactory, and yet Nekhludoff felt sad and lonesome, but, above all, his conscience troubled him.
  43. And yet it would be quite chic if sparkling diamonds suddenly and fleetingly appeared when the lonesome cowboy crosses his legs.
  44. If the other tire blew, there we were, on a wet and lonesome road, having no recourse except to burst into tears and wait for death.
  45. IN order to understand this story there are a few points of information concerning Lonesome Huckleberries with which you ought to be acquainted.
  46. There were plenty of rocks I could hide under, only I didn’t want to be stranded here all by my lonesome with that giant snake and those glowing millipedes.
  47. Bilo comforted him and Gulab played the lonesome game of making words out of number plates on cars passing by, yeah kind of tricky with Rani doing 100 miles per hour.
  48. It was the year that “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” was first published, the year of “Potato Head Blues” by Louis Armstrong and “Stardust” by Hoagy Carmichael.
  49. And ships far at sea, not finding the light, not seeing anything, but passing and hearing late that night, must’ve thought: There it is, the lonely sound, the Lonesome Bay horn.
  50. To him, it was not really all that lonesome; with the star-lit sky that he witnessed, the fireflies at midnight, what seemed like fireworks and floating lights in the open, endless, space.
  51. After another twenty miles, I see, up on the off-ramp, the remains of a lonesome family gas station, vacant but not boarded up, and when I pull to the side, I see the women’s restroom door swung wide.
  52. First, his nationality: Captain Jonadab Wixon used to say that Lonesome was a little of everything, like a picked-up dinner; principally Eyetalian and Portygee, I cal’late, with a streak of Gay Head Injun.
  53. There was a rattlin’ noise behind me, and I turned, to see Lonesome Huckleberries himself, settin’ on the seat of his old truck wagon and glarin’ over the hammer head of that balky mare of his straight at brother Todd and the dead decoys.
  54. In her lonesome cottage, by the sea-shore, thoughts visited her, such as dared to enter no other dwelling in New England; shadowy guests, that would have been as perilous as demons to their entertainer, could they have been seen so much as knocking at her door.
  55. She never budged until she was within ten foot of the flat, and then, jest as I was commencin’ the third line of ‘Now I lay me,’ she sheered off and went past in a wide curve, with Lonesome steerin’ with one hand and shakin’ his pitchfork at Todd with t’other.
  56. The dove his lonesome state distresses,.
  57. On sluggish, lonesome waters, anchor'd near the shore,.

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