lovely sätze

Wählen Sie eine Sprache aus, und geben Sie dann ein Wort unten um Beispielsätzen für dieses Wort.

Lovely sätze (in englisch)

1. He was a lovely man.
2. I had a lovely visit.
3. I had a lovely sleep.
4. I could do it lovely.
5. She was a lovely girl.
6. She is a lovely woman.
7. She had a lovely face.

8. That she is lovely such.
9. This is a lovely place.
10. She had a lovely smile.
11. Stayed in a lovely Inn.
12. He met a lovely woman.
13. It is a lovely country.
14. It was a lovely evening.
15. It was a lovely funeral.
16. It was lovely to see him.
17. The lovely bird of life.
18. It had a lovely pattern.
19. It was a lovely morning.
20. But it is such a lovely.
21. Oh yes, it was lovely.
22. The Face Of A Lovely Man.
23. It’s lovely to see him.
24. You have lovely legs too.
25. She was a lovely picture.
26. It’s lovely to see you.
27. Aw Jesse this is lovely.
28. She was lovely to talk to.
29. The colors were so lovely.
30. The rest of it is lovely.
31. That would be lovely dear.
32. There is this lovely dish.
33. He took in all the lovely.
34. Lovely things we will buy.
35. She was lovely, he thought.
36. And the lovely bird's song.
37. Then he did a lovely thing.
38. Oh, what a lovely boy!’.
39. Oh, what a lovely boy!.
40. A lovely handful of oboloi.
41. It was a lovely old Church.
42. Helene is young and lovely.
43. So, this is the lovely.
44. We have just had a lovely.
45. Oh, that is a lovely thing.
46. She’s got a lovely voice.
47. It keeps her lovely smiling.
48. Call out Dragon, my lovely.
49. What lovely women they have.
50. Oh, yes! Its really lovely.
51. A lovely laughter was heard.
52. That would be lovely, Lily.
53. It was a lovely area, very.
54. Well, he has got lovely hair.
55. Once on that lovely ship.
56. I looked at her lovely eyes.
57. It’s lovely to meet you.
58. With two more lovely stars;.
59. The lovely dinner was ruined.
60. Lovely to see you, darling.
61. But it's lovely just the same.
62. I hope you had a lovely day.
63. Carreen would think it lovely.
64. Dad used to call her, Lovely.
65. Lovely boys, both of them.
66. They water the lovely flowers.
67. The cakes were lovely, though.
68. What a lovely day it had been.
69. His wife was so lovely, she.
70. You have a lovely place here.
71. Lucy Wyatt was a lovely girl.
72. The day was uncommonly lovely.
73. Lovely Bai couldn’t stop me.
74. You are a lovely young woman.
75. Time I paid my lovely gigolo.
76. Or gas about our lovely land.
77. You are a very lovely hostess.
78. A lovely bookshelf on the wall.
79. The lovely music surprised him.
80. What is it, Mrs Lovely?
81. Havana was such a lovely city.
82. But she really did look lovely.
83. So lovely to watch as in wine.
84. Gor, miss, you look lovely.
85. What a lovely war it had been.
86. You have a lovely home, David.
87. I sat down at the lovely table.
88. Thank you, they are lovely.
89. Think of whatsoever is lovely.
90. What a lovely cap and what a.
91. It’s been such a lovely day.
92. A lovely man, Stone said.
93. You are lovely, Gerty, it said.
94. That would be lovely, thanks.
95. This is lovely, Cara said.
96. You will make a lovely Queen.
97. She is a lovely girl, Margot.
98. She looked lovely sitting there.
99. She is a lovely girl, this Amina.
100. She had a lovely pair of -.

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