masking sätze

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Masking sätze (in englisch)

  1. The Advantages of Image Masking.
  2. These lead to a masking of the problem.
  3. Masking her shock, she simply stared at him.
  4. Masking symptoms with medications can be a bit.
  5. How can this lead to a restful night? Masking.

  6. His tone is soft, but he’s masking his anger.
  7. His hair fell forward, masking his face in shadow.
  8. I’d heard it was great for masking raunchy smells.
  9. A masking scent that my nose was way too sensitive to.
  10. From his backpack, he pulled out a reel of black masking.
  11. Masking would therefore be a natural part of the equipment.
  12. Photo masking is used widely for removing background from.
  13. They have aircraft capable of masking themselves to our on board radar system.
  14. Her bright red hair and slender figure was deceptive in its masking of thoughts.
  15. It was labeled Nails in his long, upright handwriting on a scrap of masking tape.

  16. Masking these problems does not help them to alleviate the imbalance in the body.
  17. Link cloaking and Masking are a term that for this discussion mean the same thing.
  18. Jaffa makes a few steps toward Jerry and thoughtfully looks at his masking clothes.
  19. Popularity Trends of The Keyword - Photo Image Masking Along With Search Volume in.
  20. The main advantage of photo image masking is that it helps image-editing expert to.
  21. Lyr Averon would know me, even under the masking spell, she said in a low voice.
  22. It turned out to be masking tape — Koji had put it there to see Zion’s reaction.
  23. A few of Lowe’s men nonchalantly stepped around Nem, masking him from casual view.
  24. A cleverly disguised trap had been laid, with a false floor masking a deep, open, pit.
  25. And with brave but trembling lips she fled blindly, masking her feeling to save her child.

  26. The shadows were lengthening when they reached the river and peered through the masking bushes.
  27. Rogue sorcerers and banished conjurers found sanctuary here in the masking depths of the moors.
  28. The number of layers of life multiplied, masking the more distant and less obvious loose ends of the realm.
  29. The only fresh paint was a crisp white rectangle masking her previous name and, in black letters: Caroline.
  30. Peering out of their tent they could see the sun had just risen and it was masking Carlton Hill with it rays.
  31. Right, Sebastian said, wisely masking his grin at seeing Rogan taken down a notch by a little red-head.
  32. I’ll call and tell her we’re bonding, he quipped, this time without masking the irritation in his voice.
  33. Leaning his head back against the couch, Mitchell held his beer into the air, like a man masking the defeat he felt.
  34. Proper masking and ventilation could trap or capture the suspended fibers, which made working with it relatively safe.
  35. Did you find everything, Lieutenant? she inquired hopefully, her face masking any indication of the recent quarrel.
  36. Her head turned to me and the pain she had been masking from me was there to see now in a vision of raw anguish and loss.
  37. The sun was gathering shadows before us and the wind picked up, blowing eastward and masking the sound of the Saxon charge.
  38. In the bottom left-hand corner, the tag wouldn’t be easily seen, especially after he and Bernice began the masking process.
  39. Godwyn was good at masking his hostility and putting on a fa ç ade of friendly charm, but Philemon had never learned that art.
  40. Worldprofit provides all Silver and Platinum VIP Members with a Link Cloaking Tool for use in masking other vendor's referral links.
  41. From all sides except that toward the river, the jungle crept in, masking fallen columns and crumbling mounds with poisonous green.
  42. He lived a life of solitude, which was adequate in masking his true conduct, witchery, the occult, sadism, all manner of evil things.
  43. Only as it grows doth it develop Deviousness and Guile, masking its own true Feelings in its greater Desire to manipulate its Fellows.
  44. Another feature about the five in one tool is that it can be used in place of a utility knife for trimming the inside corners from masking tape.
  45. Alex, dirt masking her face, shivered and looked up at Russell from the bottom of the six-foot hole, still standing in the inside of the coffin.
  46. Max wondered whether the security system was back on line yet, and was it likely that the steel shielding of the ship was masking their intrusion.
  47. He’s a master at masking the obvious, showing how his side is the righteous one, and then mixing in a dollop of guilt, in case you’re still wavering.
  48. For example, a CEO and CFO who give guidance may be tempted to achieve dependable period-to-period growth by masking the volatility inherent in a business.
  49. Finally, we might also note that one horrific period for any factor can ripple forward for quite some time, perhaps masking the overall value of the factor.
  50. All along the hallway were rows of yellow bins where the students were allowed to keep personal items, each kid’s name written on masking tape on their bin.
  51. He glanced after her, wondering if he was a fool to trust her; then he shrugged his mighty shoulders and pulled the satin hangings together, masking his refuge.
  52. In your precious mother’s bedroom hidden by a masking spell your gracious Lyr Averon provided once we translated some of the texts you opened up in Fælin.
  53. At least the smoke from the fire and her herbal mix went someway toward masking the smell of stale piss that came from her body, and he turned his attention to the corpse.
  54. Sometimes, as a kind of art-school exercise, he attempted mentally to disentangle them, but the grimy little tabs of masking tape marking Channel 1 and Channel 2 were useless.
  55. For the next hour, their conversation seemed limited; Jose couldn't help but take his comments to heart, but the masking of his true feelings kept Mitchell from realizing this.
  56. Under normal circumstances, she would look beautiful in the little bustier and garter belt with her blond wig, but the gray masking tape on her hands and wrists kill the arousal aspect.
  57. Intimacy between us and Jesus is enough to stop the need for the Ten Commandments, the words we talk and confess without masking anything, has enough purity and significance to the Lord.
  58. Whoever the magicians were and whatever character they were masking, if their aspect had been real, why would they not avoid beggary and stop asking people to reward them for their shows, or to offer sacrifices for them?
  59. The defenders of Shamar had made a desperate sortie, cut down the men masking the gates, and were raging among the tents of the besiegers, cutting down the camp followers, burning the pavilions, and destroying the siege engines.
  60. Those words could just as easily have been penned any time in the last decade, as some of the compensation schemes recently adopted at certain corporations have been shortchanging shareholders by masking the dilutive impact and inflating the income statement.
  61. It turned out the safest way for the counter-ground to communicate was the antiquated letter, versus any digital/electronic communique that could be easily intercepted and decrypted, because any encryption system worth its masking was banned and monitored from every conceivable dimension.
  62. I would argue that spending inefficiencies rather than insufficient resources are the real culprits masking the (underlying) reasons why many of our public schools are failing; that along with disinterested teachers and a gradual departure from traditional values at home and in the classroom that money can not buy.
  1. Other times he masked it.
  2. The masked figure walked in.
  3. Who is the masked man?
  4. The rain masked its sounds well.
  5. He masked a terrible resentment.
  6. The pills merely masked the pain.
  7. Or that masked guy, said Josh.
  8. Blau, said one of the masked men.
  9. The masked man had entered the frame.
  10. Yi Feng turned to face the masked man.
  11. Her alarm was real, but she masked it.
  12. The masked old man laughed hilariously.
  13. The masked man was tall, but not lanky.
  14. The men were closely masked and cloaked.
  15. Sure, if it’s ok with the masked man.
  16. The masked man came into the camera frame.
  17. Have you heard of the Masked Bandits?
  18. She was struggling with the two masked men.
  19. Who are you? she asked the masked heku.
  20. Both the masked men had guns in their hands.
  21. The masked man raised a cup of wine and said.
  22. All the masked people ran off in their masks.
  23. Barron masked his surprise at the steep price.
  24. The masked man takes out a large hunting knife.
  25. A Sanyasi had been masked by his Guru to marry.
  26. What have we here? Ha! A masked warrior?
  27. The masked old man coldly laughed awhile and said.
  28. The look that masked his face tugged Cinder’s.
  29. The masked man turns to the camera and looks at us.
  30. The eye is masked with sex and money intelligence.
  31. Van Thorn masked his surprise behind a clever smile.
  32. Mum always said she‘d been raped by a masked man.
  33. One of the masked men with the sabre laughed coldly.
  34. The masked man said solemnly as he looked at his men.
  35. His contempt for them was skillfully masked by his.
  36. She was been yoked up by one of the other masked men.
  37. The adrenalin masked his pain as he wiped the blood.
  38. In certain ceremonies the Stygian priests went masked.
  39. The masked woman asks the crowd, "WHERE'S THE GOOCH!".
  40. The Masked Bandits were stealing the military payroll.
  41. One of the masked robbers shot Díaz in the right arm.
  42. I hit the first masked man on his head with all might.
  43. I replied with a coolness that masked my true feelings.
  44. His outlandish size and presence had masked his youth.
  45. Tylin picked up, saying, It was a masked man in red.
  46. Aleksandrovna, but their masked faces only made her sad.
  47. He had lived with the masked conflict for so long that.
  48. Vines, growing between the stones, masked the apertures.
  49. Which meant that Paul knew the identity of the masked man.
  50. The masked woman winces and says, "Sorry" in a tiny voice.
  51. Then turning to the three masked men, he said to the man.
  52. Amidships rose a small cabin, the windows closely masked.
  53. The Masked Bandits are magisters? How do you know?
  54. Conan stared with burning interest at his masked companions.
  55. He masked his displeasure and formally greeted Earl William.
  56. She simply walked behind the masked man and smiled at the.
  57. Unlike some murderers, I've never masked my chosen profession.
  58. The many casements were barred and masked with curtains within.
  59. Yet, Father had spread the word and we masked our emotions well.
  60. On a gasp of alarm she watched as several masked men stormed in.
  61. They are masked, with daggered hair and bracelets of dull bells.
  62. Maybe she has information that will lead us to the masked man.
  63. Which is why she knew without a doubt that the masked man was Paul.
  64. The masked man whispered in a soft drawl, Tell me you want this.
  65. And then you saw Red Death stalking about at the last masked ball.
  66. Mort, the shop owner, was promptly trampled by a masked rider one.
  67. The opening on the side of the valley is masked by heavy thickets.
  68. There was a look of sad defeat in her eyes, masked by a false smile.
  69. The water would cool him a little, and the perfume masked the bad.
  70. It’s the likeness of Cherrie, masked in blond curls and blue eyes.
  71. Well monitor, what do you think? asked Steven to the masked man.
  72. She had seen what the masked man had done with the tools of his trade.
  73. He finally looked somberly at the six masked men assembled around him.
  74. Now he was as masked and guarded as every other lackey with an agenda.
  75. He was breathing heavily and his face was masked by dust and gunpowder.
  76. After three attack strokes, the masked old man drawn a whip with wicked.
  77. Her masked intelligence lurking somewhere inside, as it had always been.
  78. Or maybe the masked man is in that house with his next Anna Kilpatrick.
  79. Often, as he did her hair, the man offered her tickets for a masked ball.
  80. His lifeless blue eyes just managed to glance up to the masked man above.
  81. A masked old man evaded his projectiles, turned his body around and asked.
  82. It was called the ghosting effect, and green walls masked the blood.
  83. A band of masked figures filed down the stair, appareled exactly as he was.
  84. Claire asked herself the obvious question about the masked man’s identity.
  85. Inwardly he was fuming, but masked his mood as he thanked her for the food.
  86. Her smell was off, the sweet aroma was masked somewhat by a harsh chemical.
  87. A surprised look flashed across her face, before it was masked by a sheer.
  88. Euric masked his anxiety with a hearty laugh in reply, Absolutely, Decanus.
  89. The masked woman climbs back up onto the roof of her car and stands proudly.
  90. Then within a fraction of second, I hit the other masked man on his forehead.
  91. She's masked her scent with this, he said, holding out the banana peel.
  92. I felt a surge of excitement that I masked out of consideration for the chief.
  93. Mouth open, screaming in terror as the masked man walked in with his machete.
  94. His nose and one eyelid were gashed and his whole face was masked with blood.
  95. I touched Holmes on the arm, and he turned his masked face in that direction.
  96. The young rare beauty, although masked in a cold aura, replied briefly, Ye.
  97. The masked man said, I have to prepare a feast for all of you in the middle.
  98. The Masked Dragon? Why yes, officer, he went that-away! the clown pointed.
  99. Alex and his droogs are masked and the violence is theatrical, accompanied by.
  100. Just below them was the slope, its foot masked in the thick shadows of the woods.
  1. No one wears ski masks.
  2. They were latex pig masks.
  3. He only had four more masks.
  4. They were wearing ski masks.
  5. The silver masks did not move.
  6. White masks leaned in closer.
  7. Is it as the enemy uses masks.
  8. They wear spacesuits and masks.
  9. Frightening them with masks too.
  10. In the windows, ski masks weaved.
  11. Masks firmly adhere to their faces.
  12. But not because we are wearing masks;.
  13. We might put on our masks here, I think.
  14. Ok no one around here wears ski masks.
  15. They had odd looking helmets and gas masks.
  16. She decided to compare the masks to shields.
  17. Teya and Osric put the masks on their faces.
  18. All the masked people ran off in their masks.
  19. The profession of speaking lies through masks.
  20. I'll get the masks, Damon said, irritated.
  21. The result is frozen masks everywhere, and the.
  22. Endless medication masks the pain but the mind.
  23. He knew just what masks to examine to find those.
  24. One day an alert was ordered and gas masks issued.
  25. He’d totally forgotten that he had clean masks.
  26. Even the gas masks were hot against a man’s side.
  27. They both wore their surgical masks while they worked.
  28. They wore white masks during their protest march to.
  29. All visible objects, man, are but as pasteboard masks.
  30. Men and women in suits and masks came the following day.
  31. At this point, she knew all the faces behind the masks.
  32. There would be no face masks or hand washing in vinegar.
  33. The masks were coruscating, turning, firing the shadows.
  34. Two scary men with divers’ masks on suddenly appeared.
  35. They had to don facial masks to combat a blight of mold.
  36. Masks and dominos made the street merry under his window.
  37. Back inside, the doctors had been fitted with gas masks.
  38. She pulled one of the masks from her purse and put it on.
  39. A continuous accumulation of masks, identities and lies!.
  40. Are we really going to wear masks? I hate those things.
  41. All the men were in black masks and wearing leather jackets.
  42. Such a deed as this needed masks, even in a conquered land.
  43. All the patrons returned wearing masks like jesters of old.
  44. Like him, they carried their gas masks over their shoulders.
  45. Sarah, Nerea and Shelley peeled off their breathing masks too.
  46. If only masks, and not Persons, existed, we would have had a.
  47. And she strode pass all of them, their faces masks of surprise.
  48. How could she? She had never known Tom, only the masks he wore.
  49. Masks will be torn off then, every actor will be seen as he is.
  50. There’s another thing; can animals like us wear masks?
  51. The masks were made of leather, in the place of the eyes there.
  52. That night, the villagers wore skull masks and skeleton costumes.
  53. We have no masks, and it is absolutely necessary to procure them.
  54. For a few weeks now she had been searching a studio for her masks.
  55. She was describing the linen face masks she had introduced in the.
  56. Their voices sounded stilted behind the masks, but were intelligible.
  57. All the remaining nuns had resumed wearing the masks in the hospital.
  58. Is she still ordering nuns to wear linen masks in the hospital?
  59. Osric and Teya removed their masks and pulled their swords killing the.
  60. After they had checked under the masks, they sent the kids on their way.
  61. Ground team, there are masks and gloves in the Explorer, Bill said.
  62. There were four people dressed in black cloaks and wearing wooden masks.
  63. They all had their portable oxygen masks on now – as per instructions.
  64. Three hours later, Sam and Sheila took off their surgical caps and masks.
  65. Covering their faces quickly with carnival eye masks, they walked inside.
  66. Where's yer gas masks then? Yous'll be in trouble if you don't carry one.
  67. No Dad, they were wearing masks and they had wet themselves with Holy.
  68. The ninjas, once the Boss had disappeared; took their masks off, had a bit.
  69. He hadn't a face, only a hundred masks that he could assume when he pleased.
  70. You just have to look at the incredible colored masks and body paintings of.
  71. Use a damp cloth over mouth and nose, or industrial dust masks if available.
  72. The Windbreaker cops on the video we’d seen were wearing plain face masks.
  73. Heavy masks covered their faces, and they moved too quickly for armored men.
  74. One by one all the patrons spilled out into the alley as well, masks and all.
  75. Servicemen were under orders to carry gas masks in hip holsters at all times.
  76. The steps were crowded with masks, who strove to snatch each other's torches.
  77. There were some wires attaching her to a machine but no tubes or oxygen masks.
  78. The yellow air masks quickly dropped from their tethers in the passenger cabin.
  79. It was the foot guards for the temple, all dressed in white with tribal masks on.
  80. Few of them believed Elizabeth when she said that my linen masks were heathenish.
  81. The enemy is dressed in black commando suits, tactical vests and black ski masks.
  82. Before the curtain and during intermissions at the Gate, I have seen those masks.
  83. They all piled into the car and after driving a block or so, removed their masks.
  84. Sharp instruments hovered and there were voices and people in sterile white masks.
  85. People dressed in fancy dress and their faces hidden behind masks became too rowdy.
  86. Sharp instruments hovered and there were voices, and people in sterile white masks.
  87. But can we both agree that putting masks on top of all this is really a waste?
  88. They were wearing black masks and loaded with sophisticated weapons on their hands.
  89. They had donned their masks, stepping out from society in order to hunt and to kill.
  90. As usual, the family had been gathered, all wearing their solemn, puritanical masks.
  91. Sachie came back into the kitchen carrying two sets of armor, protective masks, and.
  92. I have got some masks, I was wondering if you would help me? he asks innocently.
  93. There were two gunmen, both of them somewhat tall and slim while wearing clown masks.
  94. It was hard to explain that the masks were effective but did not offer total immunity.
  95. The pair of blue eyes and death masks vanished as Alec entered Halabat's cloud of smoke.
  96. While my involvement could be surmised, the masks have allowed us all some deniability.
  97. Only the nuns, with their face masks and their vinegar-washed hands, defied the disease.
  98. Males can easily be distinguished by their black masks, which are absent in the females.
  99. Balance cannot be forced, though much is not done by medicine to balance, it only masks.
  100. He is determined to find out what is going on and stares at their eyes behind the masks.

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1. His face was a mask.
2. A subnet mask of 255.
3. But it is only a mask.
4. Same kind of pig mask.
5. The above mask can be.
6. He showed me the mask.
7. She wore a linen mask.
8. He had a skull mask on.
9. I place this mask over.
10. A real mask of sincerity.
11. Maria’s face was a mask.
12. The mask of Basil is to.
13. And leave the mask behind.
14. Stefan’s face was a mask.
15. Mask off hinges and knobs.
16. His face a mask of surprise.
17. Zac didn't mask his surprise.
18. The mask floated on the wind.
19. She tried to mask her terror.
20. A True Story: The Face Mask.
21. I believe it is also a mask.
22. Done with vanity as her mask.
23. They trickled under my mask.
24. A mask for what he really is.
25. Wear face mask and mix slowly.
26. In here I can mask your looks.
27. He wore no costume and no mask.
28. Darkness just loosens the mask.
29. He seemed to be wearing a mask.
30. Marketers may try and mask this.
31. I put the mask down and laughed.
32. The mask comes off in my hand.
33. She let the mask fall into place.
34. A man came in wearing a ski mask.
35. Refuse to wear the mask yourself.
36. They gave me a little thin mask.
37. A thin lace mask veiled her eyes.
38. Halloween mask as a lifesaving act.
39. When his mask is removed and his.
40. Ma giggled and pushed off her mask.
41. Is his scorn why beneath the mask.
42. Even with that mask that is plain.
43. He had discarded his heraldic mask.
44. His mask was suddenly meaningless.
45. One seemed a maw; the other a mask.
46. She was now wearing a Hillary mask.
47. Gone is the concrete mask, chipped.
48. His face hardened into a mask and.
49. Behind a mask of joy I hide; but -.
50. Yet another man swiped for the mask.
51. There was no pain to mask the sound.
52. He leans in, face a mask of concern.
53. Maiorescu's face was a mask of anger.
54. Roger hung the mask in the main bar.
55. The mask of renewed caution slowly.
56. It’s the mask, Creem told him.
57. Apuna smiled slightly behind his mask.
58. May Mask Other Trapped Emotions, 195.
59. And then she saw the mask for herself.
60. He didn't have a mask on because it.
61. The death of one, Who wears the mask.
62. Pride is the mask of one's own fault.
63. Remove the mask and take on the task.
64. Cheng-Li said nothing, his face a mask.
65. Yes, I could smell it through the mask.
66. A hidden mind has a mask over the face.
67. She was glad she hadn’t worn a mask.
68. Robert's face was a mask of incredulity.
69. She had a mask over her mouth and nose.
70. The smiling mask dropped from his face.
71. Corey removed the eye mask and the cape.
72. The mask came over his features as he.
73. His face twisted into a horrified mask.
74. The features were indeed a stiff mask.
75. Clerval’s face was a mask of anguish.
76. He wore a hard mask, no hint of emotion.
77. I have got to find a gas mask somewhere.
78. His dark glasses were an effective mask.
79. No one would ever forget his mask again.
80. The oxygen mask hissed, a heart monitor.
81. He reached for the mask, but Rich drew.
82. He still held the mask to Higgens' face.
83. His mask is that of robust mental health.
84. Grunt's face twisted into a mask of hate.
85. This is called variable mask subnetting.
86. We’ll need to find a way to mask that.
87. Believe me, pop won't mask the scent of.
88. She quickly secured the mask to her face.
89. She’s two faced with her mask in place.
90. Bael her face was a mask of stern resolve.
91. Tera was next, her face a mask of defiance.
92. No bells, no incense would stir that mask.
93. His laugh was muffled from behind the mask.
94. The hooded figure’s mask had slipped off.
95. Caris put on her linen mask and nursed him.
96. That mask is the real you and you know it.
97. He was on a morphine drip and oxygen mask.
98. It is a sign we have lost the mask of youth.
99. Hervey Cleckley entitled The Mask of Sanity.
100. This is the mask you must wear to please me.

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