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Mod sätze (in englisch)

  1. Previous work between the MoD.
  2. The MoD report also alluded to the.
  3. Take a look at this mod he came up with.
  4. Bob Hagan: well, the mod in the room got.
  5. I discovered him, Mod Henlu, Ket said.

  6. The MOD study also alluded to the possible.
  7. No doubt, the British MOD reports of UAPs also.
  8. The British Ministry of Defense (MoD) completed a.
  9. When Jack returned to the MOD building voices were.
  10. Mod used in the program is an abbreviation for modulus.
  11. Find s such that s × k (mod n) = (h + (r × d)) (mod n).
  12. Cartwright, what has the MOD done in this particular case?'.
  13. Find w such that w × s (mod n) = 1 (w is called the modular inverse of s).
  14. They now had all the mod cons including television that Dadda liked but Momma.
  15. UAP objects detected by the MOD through radar interceptions were attributed to.

  16. Calculate v = r × w (mod n) (if u and v are the same, it is just a coincidence).
  17. X (2) = 0+1 mod 9 = 1 but X (1) = X(2) so loop is repeated and X(2) = 2 mod 9 = 2.
  18. I can understand why a BACKER will want to make himself the cheapest when there is a mod.
  19. The MOD researchers concluded that It is not certain that the radiation/fields [generated.
  20. It is generally accepted that the earliest mod was Castle Smurfenstein, for Castle Wolfenstein.
  21. The output of the hash needs to be less than n, so we need to calculate h = SHA256(message) (mod n).
  22. So 3 + 6 = 9, but 3 + 6 (mod 7) = 2 because after reaching 7, the next three numbers are 0, 1, and 2.
  23. Late at night after the sessions, I listened repeatedly to the newly released All Mod Cons by The Jam.
  24. The MOD researchers concluded that It is not certain that the radiation/fields [generated by the UAPs] are.
  25. I was too late to be a mod and skinheads were just local idiots who wanted to beat up my Indian school friends.

  26. Matthew found out that of his two school friends, Patrick Ahern was a Mod and Danny Carpenter was a committed.
  27. The MoD denied the allegations and justified their decision based on the recent loses in attacks in the Rhineland.
  28. The newest version is so improved, in fact, that it rates a different designation: the Navy calls it an Mk-43 Mod 0.
  29. Well, I remember that you called a meeting to discuss the situation over here not too long ago, while I was at MOD.
  30. Lady Jane inherited the company when her grandfather passed away in 1917 and developed a close rapport with the MoD.
  31. The MoD also raised estimates on its needs for the contract, bringing the yearly value of the deal to over £150 million.
  32. Officially called the Mk-11 Mod X Special Purpose Rifle and also known as the SR25, this is an extremely versatile weapon.
  33. The newest version is so improved, in fact, that it rates a different designation: the Navy calls it an Mk-43 Mod 0.
  34. Corps, currently serving in the Special Forces, on posting to MOD and coming over here on loan for as long as we need him.
  35. The MoD also released the freeze it had placed on the contract with Argyle Aerospace, the defence company owned by Lady Jane Ashburn.
  36. The current situation, however, has grown in interest as more members of the Government have made disparaging remarks about the MoD.
  37. Encrypt the hash, h, using the RSA encryption method, namely calculate: s = hd (mod n), where s is the signature (it is a ciphertext).
  38. Sir Charles bought the place at that time and gave it a thorough systems upgrade, and all mod cons were installed, even air conditioning.
  39. The MoD yesterday announced that it would award its contract for fighter planes and a portion of its missiles to Leeds-based Argyle Aerospace.
  40. The MoD, at the request of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, in response has frozen the contract until the formal investigation has been completed.
  41. The Opposition Party now demands the resignation of certain key government ministers who have connections to the MoD, Lord Ashburn, and Argyle Aerospace.
  42. A spokesperson at the MoD maintains there was no underhanded dealing and claims their actions now are merely precautionary while the investigation is underway.
  43. In this type of math notation, the modulo operation is performed after the additions so first you calculate x2 + ax + b and then you perform mod p on the result.
  44. Members of the opposition party in the Government are demanding an inquiry into this apparent suicide mission that was not sanctioned by the MoD, according to a spokesperson.
  45. Internal government documents from the MoD confirm that Lord Ashburn had been misinformed of the enemy’s strength prior to the attack due to errors from military intelligence.
  46. There is growing concern that the MoD contract awarded to Argyle, owned by Lady Jane Ashburn, was the result of a political favour and manipulation, rather than fair and competitive bidding.
  47. But then in 1959 Mr Khrushchev and his wife dropped in on an exhibition of American life at the US embassy in Moscow and were shown a typical American kitchen, with a fridge and all mod cons.
  48. He lived in a large house on the outskirts of Siem Reap which he’d had raised so that he could look out above the trees and had all the mod cons available, satellite, Jacuzzi, swimming pool etc.
  49. The most famous example is that of Counter-Strike; released in 1999, it is still one of the most popular online first-person shooter, even though it was created as a mod for Half-Life by two independent programmers.
  50. The privately held company lost the competitive bidding process by a substantial margin, but the MoD says other factors such as the ability to meet contract deadlines as well as quality workmanship were taken into consideration before awarding the contract.
  51. There are two large bedrooms both with shuttered windows – one looking towards the sea and the other inland; a small third room off the main hall which would make a very good office; a large lounge dining room with views across the bay, a square kitchen and a bathroom with nice solid mod cons.
  52. After several failed attempts to produce economically viable or satisfactory results and quarrels with the MoD over their design specifications that could not support the purpose of the plane’s mission, her company had been confronted with the possibility that the lucrative contract, a portion of which was concealed behind the well-publicized one that had already been awarded and was part of the scandal involving her husband, could be cancelled, so she resorted to the option she had long considered the most daring—partnering with the famous aviator and oilman, Howard R.

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