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    1. Through mottled panes of small, distorted glass

    2. surface was smooth in parts, but mottled and

    3. The man’s skin was pallid and mottled

    4. The corpse moved, a mottled hand appeared from

    5. ” Narrulla was up now and it’s mottled light played across her body as she sat in the windowsill

    6. Torn in some places and mottled in others, it was a lifeline every time

    7. Rosemary was wearing a long velvet skirt in green and gold mottled colours and a dark green knitted jumper

    8. His eyes were mottled with lights, and he blinked to force the haze away

    9. Approaching the old factory, its mottled red brick facade, hiding nothing of what it truly is: old and decaying

    10. They were covered in fine spots, smaller than the large mottles on the back and sides

    11. “Excuse me,” Gareth said to the old lady with the mottled complexion, “I wonder if you can point me towards any overcoats you might have

    12. She noticed one huge mottled one of crimson and yellow that lorded it over all the others

    13. For a few heartbeats, he watched the mottled green earth grow larger in detail, then pulled up with increas�ing force until they were headed straight up the side of a newly birthed cumulus too pain�fully white to look at

    14. But what I do know is this—if someone, whose heart or mind is mottled or unclear, his purpose unfulfilled or lost, passes through this land, then the rocks here, the earth itself, will know and rise up against that person

    15. Sleek and mottled grey, standing almost to his knees, and long

    16. The sky was mottled with soft golden clouds and on the left Simon could see a vineyard, grapes bursting to harvest, the harvest-workers already gathering in the crop

    17. those smears of mottled colours

    18. pale-yellowed face of Earth, with its mottled yellow and blue surface and the glimmer of its

    19. She shuddered at the appearance of his back; the flesh was discolored, mottled and spotted black and blue and a sickly yellow, where it was not raw

    20. ” He pulled the covers down and stared at the mottled purplish and green flesh where he’d been kicked and stomped on

    21. While carnage and slaughter bellowed through the red smoke that choked the streets, the grimmest act of that grim drama was played in the cryptic dome behind the great daised chamber with its copper throne and its walls mottled like the skin of serpents

    22. The rawboned appaloosa colt stood with neck arched, prick ears pointed like spikes, nostrils flared; 850 pounds of lightning loose in a mottled horse hide

    23. He rolled the dice, sticky with dregs, onto the mottled tabletop

    24. Barnacled with age, bearded with kelp, mottled iridescent with cracked, tarnished scales, shimmering, bright, soulful-eyed, glorious, monstrous and free, a fish – oh such a fish! - awoke

    25. Strong emotions and strong drink brought about in Ambrosius a forgetful daze, until he was half hypnotised by the oscillations of his pint glass between the mottled table top and his unsmiling mouth

    26. It is this figure and his bizarre, rapturous rictus that the mottled Mungo sees looming out of the Mist at him, at about the same level as the crow's nest

    27. It was dryer than the eggs and a lovely shade of mottled black, covered by a liberal smear of strong marmalade

    28. ” He considered my statement, brought a mottled hand to his chin and looked out over the waters of the sound

    29. Its silvery surface reflected a mottled version of Harmony

    30. Red dust traced a mottled pattern over her

    31. out the mottled lines of leg and neck from the background of the trees

    32. This bug was monstrous, nearly as tall as a troll, and with a strangely mottled carapace

    33. It was purple, mostly, though its skin was mottled with raised blue spots that looked like outgrowths of a virulent mold

    34. mottled through its slippery fluidity

    35. The red basin was mottled from deterioration and

    36. A mottled, purple mess with swollen eyes peered cautiously back at him

    37. mottled wrinkled skin and sat with eyelids drooped

    38. Stretching from his elbow to his wrist was a rash of bumpy, mottled green skin the color of cucumber

    39. Her face was a mottled green-brown shade, her hair much the same, and the top half of her dress seemed to be the color of a rotten log that lay behind her

    40. mottled purple and yellow spots on it

    41. Two mottled, disfigured men were lying on top of another resident, chewing on pieces of what was surely, the man’s intestines

    42. His face was grayish in color and mottled with weird patches

    43. She didn’t appear to be wounded, but she had the tell-tale zombie eyes, and her skin was gray and mottled

    44. “Crap,” I groaned throwing the cans as hard as I could at her gray, mottled face

    45. Suddenly the day turned cold and she shivered as the overcast sky opened and a few drops of rain mottled the sidewalk and spattered on the windscreen of a car that pulled up in front of them

    46. Hitler’s face took on a mottled appearance

    47. Uma’s face turned mottled red

    48. with his mottled colouring and tall, rangy bearing

    49. His freckles grew, until his skin became mottled with small spots

    50. The mottled-green iron door opened with a low groan, but I could quickly tell that it wasn’t the place

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    prismatic kaleidoscopic motley dappled varicoloured variegated