murder sätze

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Murder sätze (in englisch)

  1. But it was not murder.
  2. This is a murder case.
  3. What I did was murder.
  4. You can call it murder.
  5. It was flat out murder.

  6. The murder left me blank.
  7. How did he murder them?
  8. It was a murder alright.
  9. Why did he murder them?
  10. She is wanted for murder.
  11. You tried to murder them.
  12. Murder 'e 'ad in 'is eyes.
  13. You can't just murder him.
  14. Jesus even calls it murder.
  15. It's getting to be murder.

  16. But not to murder Machinma.
  17. But then, so was his murder.
  18. The murder club meets again.
  19. Murder is not my cup of tea.
  20. This is my first murder too.
  21. I was inside the Murder House.
  22. But murder must be motivated.
  23. I had a murder suspect loose.
  24. I just witnessed a murder.
  25. You said murder a moment ago.

  26. I need to report a murder.
  27. Don't murder too many grouse.
  28. But had he committed murder?
  29. And then he committed murder.
  30. She actually solved a murder.
  31. A news story about his murder.
  32. Our purpose is not to murder.
  33. They had got away with murder.
  34. Whom do you want to murder?
  35. That famous murder trial had.
  36. They had committed mass murder.
  37. They have tried to murder her.
  38. Had nothing to do with murder.
  39. I think this murder was over.
  40. This has birthed some murder.
  41. I was part of the murder case.
  42. Now that was a simple murder.
  43. Murder is murder, after all.
  44. The murder was done with it.
  45. It was the scene of the murder.
  46. You're under arrest for murder.
  47. He was changing murder weapons.
  48. Murder was involved, they said.
  49. A murder wrought by the hands.
  50. You can't just murder this man.
  51. You can murder the violent man.
  52. I wanted to murder all of them.
  53. And There Was No Murder Either.
  54. Only this time it was murder.
  55. Kinsela, this is a murder trial.
  56. A murder Locke knew all too well.
  57. We're here to solve this murder.
  58. You sure didn't murder anybody.
  59. Puts him at the murder scene.
  60. It’s hardly evidence of murder.
  61. It was the scene of the murder!.
  62. In fact, he had committed murder.
  63. A job—a hit, a murder for hire.
  64. That’s what I said, a murder.
  65. You murder much easier, this way.
  66. As result of this inhuman murder.
  67. Certainly not worth a murder rap.
  68. The Truth it attempted to murder.
  69. The wind is murder in the winter.
  70. The same thing happens in murder.
  71. Not one murder that we know of.
  72. Think about rape, slavery, murder.
  73. CAROLEE WAS ABOUT TO commit murder.
  74. I’m investigating a murder case.
  75. You helped Coombs murder that boy.
  76. Each murder scene was a statement.
  77. If one commits murder, he cannot.
  78. If he knew, there would be murder.
  79. He had no intention to murder her.
  80. Thinking it was the murder weapon.
  81. He's investigating the murder of.
  82. If she could, she would murder me.
  83. And murder must have a motivation.
  84. But he’s not guilty of murder.
  85. So he decided to murder his father.
  86. Why? Because anger leads to murder.
  87. It was a murder of calculated rage.
  88. Then there was Daughtrey’s murder.
  89. It was no murder, it was a fight.
  90. No one was charged with his murder.
  91. What about this murder? I asked.
  92. My mind wandered to the murder case.
  93. He was charged with a double murder.
  94. I had nothing to do with his murder.
  95. But she couldn’t simply murder him.
  96. I saw her murder in black and white.
  97. It would actually be mass murder.
  98. I hosted a murder mystery night once.
  99. But I can’t murder him; I can’t.
  100. The charge was second-degree murder.
  1. He was a wanted man, a murdering.
  2. Are murdering families in another country.
  3. He was murdering, morally murdering, a wretched man.
  4. The punishment for murdering another Tempest is death.
  5. Fourth, there can be no honor in murdering someone else.
  6. There are other ways of murdering a woman, my dear Ross.
  7. But then I thought that they would not risk murdering me.
  8. No, but being a murdering, drug dealing vampire thief is.
  9. But L’Ollonais was not content with murdering the Spanish men.
  10. You just gave that murdering bastard exactly what he wants!.
  11. A homicidal nutter was going around in the bush murdering people.
  12. The cruelty of murdering prisoners is not imputed to him as a fault.
  13. Does that mean everyone knows I was suspected of murdering Joanna?
  14. Go ahead and give the murdering thief whatever respectable burial you.
  15. These armed men delighted in intimidating and murdering white farmers.
  16. That was the insane psychopathic culture of these murdering Roman scum.
  17. Elizabeth’s after murdering her ten-year-old daughter, Erin, in 1982.
  18. Since the beginning of this country, a black slave, accused of murdering.
  19. It had all been for nothing: seducing Alwyn, murdering him, running for miles.
  20. But most affected was Rudra who felt like murdering both of them then and there.
  21. They set up shop as mass murdering scum: killing everything they could en masse.
  22. Anybody could see he was not a murdering kind of man, he reflected quite gravely.
  23. Murdering your own wife with a knife is legal as long as you can get away with it.
  24. He received two more life sentences for murdering his mother-in-law and a student.
  25. I also think he rather likes to use Lucas as a guinea pig rather than murdering him.
  26. He'll begin with flourishing about the Rights of Man and end with murdering a wench.
  27. We were doing the wrong thing, killing men and women and children and murdering.
  28. He was obnoxious, but he was also a client who was under arrest for murdering his wife.
  29. Do historians or History; ever criticize Alexander for being a murdering monster? Never.
  30. The ISIS men must have hijacked their yacht, possibly in Cyprus, before murdering them.
  31. Actually, to be quite honest, he had already played with the idea of murdering Schroeder.
  32. Your kidnapping the cubs and murdering innocents might have had a bit to do with that.
  33. Animal testing is a huge business of torturing and murdering fellow earthlings as if they.
  34. Already dying from hunger and thirst, the scorching sunlight was slowly murdering everybody.
  35. It was whether Multar could provide information on who was murdering Jedi that was Mairsa's.
  36. In consequence the Germans had no qualms about treating Poles as slaves – or murdering them.
  37. For him, murdering strangers to prove a point proved only that the perpetrators were murderers.
  38. Was he so greedy for power that he could not wait to wrest the throne by murdering his father?
  39. Panama was dying in a bed of flame, and the buccaneers were murdering the people in the streets.
  40. To go to the lengths of murdering fourteen Agents was more than just an effort to transport cash.
  41. Secondly, murdering the sheriff was the only way to demonstrate his independence from his parents.
  42. You had no qualms about murdering Bindi, Zeno or me and I am delighted that soon you will be dead.
  43. Murdering the Bird had become his secret, fevered obsession, and he had given his life over to it.
  44. And how often I've looked at that awful man and always thought, that man will end by murdering me.
  45. After murdering him, Stepan, excited by the long fight, stepped into the next room behind a partition.
  46. We risked our own lives to punish the foul bastards who’d been murdering young men for their organs.
  47. This will be left behind in his suitcase for investigators should he succeed in murdering the president.
  48. What do you intend to do with us? You don’t seem the murdering type and you can’t keep us locked.
  49. Professional medical doctors and nurses have been found guilty and convicted of murdering their patients.
  50. Martin‘s ranch house, murdering the help and taking the two captives, Joe Billie questioned his actions.
  51. So what was the point of murdering all of your subjects and burning all of your property to the ground?
  52. Sometimes I thought that the fiend followed me and might expedite my remissness by murdering my companion.
  53. The famous movie star Harry Chandler lived here for ten years and has been accused of murdering his wife.
  54. And having come to envy Osiris, Set plotted to destroy him; luring Osiris into an ambush and murdering him.
  55. He wants to say ‘he couldn't help murdering his father, he was corrupted by his environment,’ and so on.
  56. He was becoming nicely obsessed with murdering Missy and Roni, but he thought that he wouldn’t do it just yet.
  57. He"ll still have the murder pinned on him, and when I don"t turn up he"ll be charged with murdering me as well.
  58. The images of what Number One had done to so many young girls before and after murdering them wouldn't go away.
  59. Besides, what motive had he for murdering the old man? Why, he's very likely his son, you know—his natural son.
  60. They know our soldiers will be murdering innocent people, and some of them will also be killed, maimed or injured.
  61. A child murdering Rapist and it took every ounce of me not to try and kill him but I knew there would be no point.
  62. Without any witnesses, we were married at the courthouse downtown, surrounded by murals of murdering conquistadors.
  63. Ay, Montcalm has raked the woods for his inroad, and a whooping, murdering set of varlets has he gathered together.
  64. He killed her sister too, a pedlar woman called Lizaveta, who happened to come in while he was murdering her sister.
  65. You murdering son-of-a-bitch! Lucia was my whole life! The words escaped from between clenched teeth as a hiss.
  66. A few years after you disappeared, a postal worker named Ben Carver was sentenced to death for murdering six young men.
  67. But the crimes of rapists and murderers who are not even aware they are raping and murdering cannot be dealt with at all.
  68. Then the trial came on: he was charged with murdering a merchant from Ryazan, and robbing him of twenty thousand rubles.
  69. Three months later, at Red Candle court room, there sat two Congress men accused for murdering Mary Hughes and Rose Lover.
  70. In Ingalaterra, King Ricardo the Third was suspected of murdering his young nephews in 1485 since they died in his custody.
  71. The discussion concerned a woman on death row, and she was going to be executed by lethal injection for murdering her husband.
  72. The person who had been held in police custody at the time, Rocky James, had not been charged with murdering any of the women.
  73. The gd Republicans are all gungho about legally murdering people and they are also united in their hatred of all things French.
  74. Merthin said to Ralph: You were murdering people! Innocent peasants and their wives and children! You had to be stopped!.
  75. And this shit-rot scumbag of a murdering filth is glorified to the hilt by every fucking book and web page which covers his life.
  76. If she couldn’t bring herself to assassinate a murdering assassin, she doubted she could kill anybody else in cold blood either.
  77. Nugget and Spice hit the streets with a vengeance, murdering anyone associated with Dorian Christian while I played the strategist.
  78. In the first years after the war, a journey back to Japan had been Louie’s obsession, the path to murdering the man who had ruined him.
  79. Some of the Taliban finally caught on what was happening and frantically looked around to try to locate the sniper murdering their group.
  80. Longest sentence (single count): In 1981, Dudley Wayne Kyzer (USA) was sentenced to 10,000 years for murdering his wife.
  81. Just before he dozed off, the idea of Hippolyte murdering ten men flitted through his brain, and he smiled at the absurdity of such a thought.
  82. They know that after murdering and torturing the defenseless, each of them will be ashamed to face his betrothed or the woman he is courting.
  83. Obviously, her most urgent task was to protect the children from the murdering bastards that were still killing the whole crew in their sleep.
  84. We had enough of intruders torching our churches, looting our property, murdering our people, and kidnapping and raping our women and children.
  85. If he murdered him, he murdered him, and what's the meaning of his murdering him without having murdered him—who can make head or tail of this?
  86. Then the prosecutor went on to describe how the idea of murdering his father had entered the prisoner's head, and illustrated his theory with facts.
  87. It was clear that we had to assemble and lead a large group of cheetah hunters if we were to have any chance of stopping the murdering of the women.
  88. As for Cromwell’s Puritans, they were murdering thousands of Irish Catholics simply because they believed that they possessed the only true faith.
  89. The lawyer who defends an educated murderer because he is more cultured than his victims and could not help murdering them to get money is one of us.
  90. Only they had organized an entire class of civil servants to run the entire empire regardless of which bunch of murdering savages came in to rule them.
  91. At least a person who is conscious that they are doing something horrible can change and stop killing and hating and raping and murdering and destroying.
  92. That may be—it—but Judge, it would be grossly unfair to the administration of justice for Noah Walker to profit by murdering the star witness—.
  93. Fox had been killing an animal a day for the last three days; it hadn’t even been twenty four hours since Fox had had Silas tied and tried murdering him.
  94. Murdering each other, poisoning each other, plotting against each other, betraying each other, lying to each other, deceiving, each other, etc, etc; ad nausea.
  95. This does not mean that Inner Circle Initiate goes through life murdering, raping and pillaging in flagrant disregard for the law (you’ll be relieved to hear).
  96. This is insignia for a battalion called ‘Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler, they are being reported from every quarter as a vicious and murdering bunch of thugs.
  97. My cods hung loose and full, slapping reassuringly against my thighs as I trod the boards plotting, murdering and brawling over power until the final humiliation.
  98. Then the artillery and machine guns started up again and I thought god they can’t be sending another wave forward into this but they did the murdering bastards.
  99. Oswald had quit the force five years ago, only a few days after the father of a girl killed in his precinct was accused of molesting and murdering his own daughter.
  100. And when we show you clips from the interview, you are going to see that this young man was cool, calm, and collected and that he confessed to murdering three men.
  1. But no one murdered her.
  2. We know he was murdered.
  3. And then he was murdered.
  4. Yet he had been murdered.
  5. They had all been murdered.
  6. They left my murdered sons.
  7. They said you murdered her.
  8. I could have murdered them.
  9. The night she was murdered.
  10. About he murdered my father.
  11. His uncle has been murdered.
  12. It was not you murdered him.
  13. Naboth, whom he had murdered.
  14. Our people had been murdered.
  15. Bush expected to be murdered.
  16. Ever about the murdered child.
  17. When all dreams are murdered.
  18. He was murdered and someone.
  19. You have murdered that woman.
  20. They think he was murdered.
  21. To revenge your murdered lord.
  22. He murdered our fellow Agents.
  23. But we know she was murdered.
  24. That he was murdered? I know.
  25. Jesus was tortured and murdered.
  26. Another woman who was murdered.
  27. Had the Malones been murdered?
  28. A coward murdered Sally and Adam.
  29. And not only dead; but murdered.
  30. But he hadn’t murdered anyone.
  31. Other families were murdered too.
  33. Two cops murdered the little girl.
  34. After the Romanovs were murdered.
  36. Then? Why, then I murdered him.
  37. The way I see it, she was murdered.
  38. We murdered the love we so coveted.
  39. Kennedy had not yet been murdered.
  40. So he was murdered? she asked.
  41. Denyeau was murdered in Costa Rica.
  42. I suppose you murdered him as well.
  43. Inez was murdered on June 16, 1889.
  44. Milana had been murdered in his bed.
  45. One: The half-eaten man was murdered.
  46. Astarte was MURDERED? Oh, dear God.
  47. Already four women had been murdered.
  48. The cops think he was murdered!.
  49. You murdered your own not guilty son.
  50. The crusaders raped and murdered in.
  51. One of the butlers had been murdered.
  52. He and Sara murdered those kids, Yuki.
  53. Who murdered was by order of Boris—.
  54. I thought that I’d be murdered next.
  55. You could have been murdered or raped.
  56. Rangers were murdered in their bunks.
  57. Look, four women have been murdered.
  58. Is it true that Max was murdered?
  59. He was murdered in his house last night.
  60. They murdered all five thousand Koreans.
  61. I think she might have been murdered.
  62. Sure, but this one’s been murdered.
  63. He was murdered by a highway patrolman.
  64. Her husband was murdered, remember?
  65. Father Theophane could have murdered Dr.
  66. The smell of blood and the murdered men.
  67. They were murdered and the children.
  68. Your parents were murdered, he said.
  69. And was that why they had been murdered?
  70. It's not he murdered father, not he!.
  71. How was she murdered? I ordered her.
  72. He was murdered by the wretch’s father.
  73. She wasn’t going to have them murdered.
  74. The one baby that escaped being murdered.
  75. She never witnessed someone get murdered.
  76. It had, however, murdered Nancy's husband.
  77. That child died when my mama was murdered.
  78. Was Mr Nikelseer murdered after that?’.
  79. I murder or murdered will be this night.
  80. Murdered cops tend to make everyone wiggy.
  81. But that wouldn’t mean I murdered any-.
  82. Your mother was murdered, I insisted.
  83. Many of the whites were brutally murdered.
  84. How about that guy they say was murdered.
  85. If they did nothing, Kim would be murdered.
  86. Ten days after they shot me, they murdered.
  87. And then he was murdered, noted Puller.
  88. He murdered him and I incited him to do it.
  89. She knew she was going to be shot, murdered.
  90. The idea of her being murdered is appalling.
  91. In the end, Cassie was abducted and murdered.
  92. Yes, it looks like Jack was murdered, too.
  93. You've murdered our officers and robbed us.
  94. Was that true of the other murdered brides?
  95. After all, his wife has just been murdered.
  96. And once again she had been brutally murdered.
  97. Just before that American man was murdered.
  98. Murdered in their beds a couple of years ago.
  99. Because Zach was murdered along with Melanie.
  100. But why you? I'm the one who murdered Patsy.
  1. Or a planner of murders.
  2. For all of the murders.
  3. The murders of the Agents.
  4. He murders them in cold blood.
  5. Phillip a year after the murders.
  6. But it wasn’t just the murders.
  7. Suppose the murders are related.
  9. Rather Than The Murders Of Children.
  10. Reno after the murders had taken place.
  11. There have been bloodshed and murders.
  12. Both murders had been planned, set up.
  14. Murders were reserved to their enemies.
  15. Where I read about the murders in Tassi.
  16. Smith had committed murders: Atlanta, St.
  17. He murders people and drinks their blood.
  18. I’m sure the two murders are connected.
  19. How many murders was the result of anger?
  20. Upside down U’s were at all his murders.
  21. We had solved the bride and groom murders.
  22. Men have committed murders in their sleep.
  23. I was there on the night of the murders.
  24. I remembered the Sanders and Turner murders.
  25. No-one knew whether he planned more murders.
  26. Where were you on the night of the murders?
  27. Four murders, they tolled… Four black cops.
  28. Smith’s murders? What would explain them?
  29. He must’ve been planning the murders with.
  30. The current murders were extreme, and bloody.
  31. It was how the second murders were committed.
  32. Everybody thinks these murders are connected.
  33. But you knew about the murders and burglaries.
  34. He now knew James was innocent of the murders.
  35. Dante had nothing to do with these murders.
  36. He said that all four murders were related.
  37. I’m a cop, investigating a series of murders.
  38. These terrible murders, pulling the city apart.
  39. None of the murders satisfied his need anymore.
  40. He was responsible for the murders of over 350.
  41. You are now loosely associated with two murders.
  42. Those unsolved murders were a part of me now, too.
  44. Their murders would not go un-avenged I swore it.
  45. I have now Researched ten murders and only have.
  46. What you have written about the murders is brave.
  47. Murders and abductions were everyday occurrences.
  48. All those murders that have happened around here.
  49. Still doesn’t mean she committed the murders.
  50. The slasher murders, as they have been dubbed by.
  51. A man murders his wife, and the king elevates.
  52. Warren Commission’s Inquiry Into The Murders Of.
  53. I was remembering my own shrink, after the murders.
  54. So, you don’t have any idea about the murders?
  55. The murders happened just before midnight—four.
  56. Something that ties him to one of the murders?
  57. You are suspects in the murders of your parents.
  58. Did these murders have something to do with kids?
  59. All these murders? Did you know it was him?
  60. I have been following your column on the murders.
  61. Why not? He’s trying to peg the murders on you.
  62. I’ve had a breakthrough on the four murders!.
  63. We will prove that in the first three murders, Mr.
  64. A timeline, on her wall, covering all of the murders.
  65. We had three murders last year, all related to meth.
  66. He was so blithe about his murders her blood chilled.
  67. The jury heard a cop say I confessed to the murders.
  68. I think they think I’m involved with the murders.
  69. But, maybe all his murders hadn’t been for nothing.
  70. She graphically detailed the savagery of the murders.
  71. She acted involuntary while committing these murders.
  72. In comparison two murders must seem a trifling matter.
  73. He’s couching his murders in the MO of a hate crime.
  74. He’s glib, even as he murders his wife and child.
  75. Boyfriend (21) murders her and buries her in the woods.
  76. The murders were committed by a male, by Nicholas Jenks.
  77. Besides those murders, there’s my uncle’s murder.
  78. Is it because there occurred murders last night?
  79. He would have searched all night if not for the murders.
  80. They did fail to stop or report these murders and rapes.
  81. Roger Gould says Hsinhwa are asking about the murders.
  82. He never personally ordered the killing or mass murders.
  83. So this whole thing is creepy, huh? The murders I mean.
  84. Is she the one committing the murders in the book?
  85. Mohammad chose his disciples like Jesus but to do murders.
  86. The man Clayton thought responsible for multiple murders.
  87. By the time I first began to remember the murders, I had.
  88. Is it true she murders them when she’s finished?
  89. Has she confessed to the other murders? Smith asked.
  90. They were discovered very shortly after the murders took.
  91. Are you still following the murders Zack? asked Joan.
  92. He’d always been more excited by the murders than Creem.
  93. I doubted his investigation of the Ocean Drive murders.
  94. They discovered evidence of over ten murders in his house.
  95. The killer wanted us to view the murders in a certain way.
  96. What’s your theory on the murders now? I asked him.
  97. For numerous years murders and suicides had been committed.
  98. Where had the murders taken place? Where were the bodies?
  99. You mean the prank call and those murders? he replied.
  100. You stayed two nights, coinciding with the Voskuhl murders.

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