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    1. There is nothing in the Universe that has a noose around your

    2. To great applause, the hangman placed the noose around the soldier's neck and made ready to pull the lever that would send the soldier to his death

    3. Suddenly, one of the demons soared into the air, a noose of blue fire wrapped around its neck

    4. As much as Edrimer found himself somewhat impressed, he also felt as if a noose was tightening around his neck

    5. In its tenets there is no question of doing good here and being rewarded in the next world, and in this respect, it differs greatly from the lowest forms of Hindoo idolatry, for even the Thugs professed to think they would reap a rich posthumous reward for every victim they secured with the sacred noose and pickaxe of Kali

    6. He flipped the noose off and repeated the action

    7. It felt like an invisible noose was tightening around them and was about to close tight too soon for comfort

    8. “It feels like a noose

    9. Not wanting to leave Krishnan, she would constantly update him on her father’s attempts and expect Krishnan to rescue her from the noose knot of marriage

    10. “Put your head into the middle noose, your hands in these outer ones and your feet in the lower, and then our justice will be complete

    11. guy with a noose around his neck hanging from a tree

    12. You tell the truth to the point that you tie your own noose as Radar once said

    13. "Find the tallest tree and prepare the noose," Reinhardt ordered

    14. deftly lassoed his head and pul ed the noose tight

    15. The men have reloaded, only four stand now, oblivious to your tightening the noose around their necks

    16. ” You tighten a noose around his neck, Ren and Kaite sit in the back seat with the soon to be late Meyer Hunters between them

    17. Jon thumped one of the noose ropes with the side of his hand, making Scumble"s eyes pop

    18. Jon and I would be out of sight at the top of the stairs, hanging on to the nylon noose round Scumble's neck

    19. His wife’s fury when she discovered her husband had slipped the noose, rendered her speechless with wrath

    20. Using the ropes that had tied up Reginald, Con slung a noose round the fellow‘s neck slung the end over a rafter and fixed it so he had to either stand on tip toe or strangle

    21. around the noose of your own

    22. His neck wearing a noose,

    23. The bandit yelps as the noose tightens and the horse sidesteps again as I touch the dagger to its neck

    24. So, it seems fair that he survives the noose and serves out the sentence

    25. Thus, he resolved to put the sins of his past and the psyche of the noose behind him

    26. In his mad rage, would man ever envision the noose around his own neck? Having avenged himself, possibly, he wouldn’t even care if he were hanged then and there

    27. It may take some time but I hope to see this animal called Joseph Beck in the cells here with the rest of these murderers facing the hang man’s noose

    28. 'This is madness!' cried Servius, staggering up and clutching his throat, as if he already felt the noose closing about it

    29. And all the while it closes in like a tender noose

    30. In the nether regions of Henry’s mind, he could hear the legs of the chair scraping as Welky kicked it away and then the horrible violent snapping of his neck as the noose caught, ending his pained and tormented life

    31. to the noose between both hooded men

    32. had already been placed in the noose

    33. That cord 'comes hope's noose

    34. The crater closed around its foot like a noose, pinning the mech in that position

    35. I long to unite all these disparate threads that fray inside me, but the only cord I can see that unifies them seems to be a noose, and that is not for me

    36. There were no poisons to drink, no sharp items to cut, nothing one could hang a noose to if one even found a noose

    37. She made a noose at one end

    38. Laura put her head in the noose and cinched it tight around her neck, quickly tying a knot so that it would not loosen before she blacked out

    39. The noose around

    40. When Donna left the lab, she felt as though someone were tightening a noose around her neck

    41. I cut the noose then gently took hold of the cat's body

    42. The PMWs and the sell-outs were tightening the noose on the

    43. untied the noose from our Comrade's neck," said Timmy

    44. Considering the noose

    45. Afterwards, the PMW was ordered to return the noose to the

    46. Guys the noose

    47. then, the noose was slowly being tightened

    48. ‘Dad’s put a noose around his own neck with

    49. The book exploded in light and illuminated the scene only long enough to see that the woman’s hat was now suspended by a noose awaiting the convicted

    50. noose around my neck

    1. The warriors moved back at her bidding as Jarken and I worked on securing his short length of rope, which was noosed over the main rope, to Mayrin’s saddle

    1. The WSPA says it found dead dogs with nooses around their necks dumped in

    2. With that, Thomas reached down and dragged the Lost One up with him, his fingers scrabbling for the ropes and pushing Simon’s head and hands and feet into the waiting nooses

    3. There were two nooses set on each gallows but

    4. to be hanged using two nooses and would have to stand one foot

    5. With two nooses, it means

    6. Thick nooses were quickly placed around mine and Ned’s necks

    7. walked to the midpoint of the gallows where the hangman nooses was

    8. The nooses at the gallows danced wildly

    9. Three nooses round me here

    10. Even with the nooses wrapped around their necks

    11. Use nooses or poles

    12. Tie many fine nooses 1

    13. Place the stick in a favourite roosting or nesting spot with the nooses uppermost

    14. Yet habit—strange thing! what cannot habit accomplish?—Gayer sallies, more merry mirth, better jokes, and brighter repartees, you never heard over your mahogany, than you will hear over the half-inch white cedar of the whale-boat, when thus hung in hangman's nooses; and, like the six burghers of Calais before King Edward, the six men composing the crew pull into the jaws of death, with a halter around every neck, as you may say

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    noose running noose slip noose gin snare tie yoke hitch rope lasso