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    1. She hoped Herndon was doing OK, he seemed to be

    2. Ok, back here in 2 hours

    3. Solar Tea: Solar Tea is made by placing the ground up dried leaves of the herb into panty hose tied into a ball (becomes a tea bag) then place into a gallon (or larger) glass container of pure water (not city water, distilled or filtered water is best but stream water is OK)

    4. I’m OK – You’re OK By Thomas A Harris

    5. But that's OK because the backbone is curved, he can still get the crate four feet off the ground with the six foot wheels

    6. OK, OK, we put it here! You bring

    7. All the teachers seem to be stunned, but otherwise OK

    8. It was all serious, then he said my name and mentioned Rocco's name and they all had a good laugh and then it was all OK

    9. OK, let’s put it all out on the

    10. "OK Europol, now you have my undivided attention

    11. "Look, Theo, I'm just afraid OK? This stuff scares the crap out of me

    12. OK crotch stain, you picked the wrong day to mess with WMD

    13. "OK," he said, "We'll do it your way

    14. So OK, we're trying to keep it secret, so there wouldn't be a lot of advertisement about where the female universes were getting their flow of electrons to run their logic with

    15. While it is perfectly ok to have your own friends, your best

    16. "So it's still OK to have breakfast?" she asked, relaxing a little

    17. you can still be OK with you

    18. Dear one… it’s ok! That’s all just material stuff-‐n-‐things… the

    19. “It’s ok, come closer” said Ethereead

    20. OK, so she was too caught up in running the ship to immediately catch on to what was happening here

    21. And you think just because you have this monstrous powerful starship, that it's OK to run around to any world you please and terrorize the inhabitants?"

    22. It’s ok now” said Joe

    23. “It’s ok, I was in the Army you know” said Fred

    24. “Hope they are ok up there” said Joe

    25. “It’s ok; when we use the Travel Device we always end up at the

    26. “That’s ok” Lardyme whispered back, “I will come home with you

    27. “Really, dear lady, I hurt all over, and my head is about to burst, but other than that I’m ok

    28. “Kate, is he doing ok?” Big John asked her

    29. You should be ok here

    30. “Oh no, it’s ok

    31. Ok ready, shoot!”

    32. “It’s ok, it’s us Cosmicblasto and Catwhiskers

    33. “Hey, let’s eat in the living room, ok?”

    34. “Ok, ok, this is the part I love to watch over and over again

    35. you should be ok

    36. OK, I can understand why you have strange notions

    37. They agreed it would be ok

    38. Ok, yes I’ve got just the place, come with me, Daniel

    39. Ok then, what have I missed”

    40. The water skins were OK, the tent was salvageable and so was most of the clothing but they had to wash most of everything again

    41. “It’s ok Catwhiskers; we had a good time of it

    42. If you want to sleep there with it, that’s ok; I did for a while

    43. “Joe reckons we will be ok” said Catwhiskers

    44. Michael stepped forward; it’s ok Kate

    45. His name is Michalis Korakis, OK? He'll take you to the flat that Pantelis used

    46. “Daniel, Kate, we’re ok, no one was hurt

    47. She is OK, but for me, I want to live in Attica

    48. "So OK, get to know me better

    49. "Yeah, I'm OK with it, it was a sweet time I've had with you

    50. Are you ok?

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    o.k. ok okay okeh okey okla. oklahoma sooner state all right cool fine hunky-dory alright very well