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    of late

    1. They had another bite of late lunch with Athnu, there was traffic on the canals

    2. feel the warming hours of late afternoon and look around,

    3. And of late, I find that I do not trust him

    4. While not a common thing for her to do, she had, of late, started to encourage her husband to spend the odd evening in the lounge bar of the Red Lion, especially on a Thursday when his inevitable armchair snoring disturbed a particularly good night on the box

    5. They both assumed that the song was being played on the television when they heard the now familiar first few notes settle on top of the thick walls of late afternoon air that folded around them like hot summer blankets

    6. Tarak was right about the cold, she should have listened to him; her judgment was very bad as of late

    7. While not a common thing for her to do, she had, of late, started to

    8. on top of the thick walls of late afternoon air that folded around

    9. been the focus of their enquiries and questions, especially of late, and

    10. “I couldn't help but to have noticed your ongoing athletic pursuits of late,” he remarked evenly, “and I was reminded of a story that was already old when it was told to me as a boy

    11. bad time of late

    12. George and Harry had been in the habit of late to watch the girls actually row away from the dock each morning

    13. The long shadows of late summer and the freshening breezes coming off the lake made the walk a bit more pleasant than it might have been earlier

    14. Titania had been so much in the company of White Feathers and the young Connor lad on horseback trips around the lake of late, it was an inspired gift

    15. thinking clearly of late

    16. strange things afoot of late,’ he whispered

    17. and August had been replaced by the cold and black nights of late September

    18. I am to pass the leadership of this institution into his capable hands at the end of the Autumn Term, and have included him, naturally, in as much of the business of the school as possible of late, so that he may be able to take the helm with little or no interruption to the staff and faculty

    19. They went on like that while he sat smiling and enjoying their very feminine company, from the ranks of whom he had been so removed of late

    20. All the while careful not to mention her own knowledge of her friend's wardrobe contrivances of late

    21. of late summer or in the frozen cold

    22. about the benefits of late-life marriages and toy-boys at

    23. in the solitude of late evening

    24. month, despite the strong sun of late spring

    25. Every last one o them knew they stood no chance against this foe, in this, X’ander was in total agreement with Adros – a rare occurrence of late

    26. The splendid but visionary ideas which are set forth in that and some other works upon the same principles, still continue to make an impression upon many people, and have, perhaps, in part, contributed to that excess of banking, which has of late been complained of, both in Scotland and in other places

    27. I know General Tullius has had thoughts of dispatching a contingent to deal with them, but we’ve all had our eyes elsewhere as of late

    28. The importation of live cattle, except from Ireland, is prohibited at all times ; and it is but of late that it was permitted from thence

    29. I…suspect they have had their hands full with the Dark Brotherhood as of late

    30. To prevent the stock-jobbing tricks which those opposite interests might sometimes occasion, the bank has of late years come to the resolution, to sell at all times bank money for currency at five per cent

    31. I suppose it wouldn’t have been on your mind as of late anyway, not with this war business for all these months

    32. What else have you heard as of late?”

    33. If, of late, his movements had become more laboured or his gait a touch more sluggish, then the cause was surely, in equal measure, as much the constant burden of his professional obligations as the sumptuous lunches which he forced himself to endure, in order to maintain both his strength and his spirits

    34. It has occasionally been the policy of France ; and of late, since 1755, after it had been abandoned by all other nations on account of its absurdity, it has become the policy of Portugal, with regard at least to two of the principal provinces of Brazil, Pernambucco, and Marannon

    35. The terms of admission into the Hamburgh company are now said to be quite easy ; and the directors either have it not in their power to subject the trade to any troublesome restraint or regulations, or, at least, have not of late exercised that power

    36. “Unlike how you have painted me as of late, Cupid, my dedication to my service has never wavered

    37. The park was full of late summer sun-worshipers

    38. been of late, looked beyond her at Eric

    39. Vincent's, and Dominica, have opened a new field for speculations of this kind ; and the returns front those islands have of late been as irregular and uncertain as those from the great island of Jamaica

    40. Conventional-style weapons were relics of late twentieth, early twenty-first centuries; their continuing existence never discussed since the signing of the decommissioning treaty

    41. “I’ve been trying to broaden my interests of late,” she said

    42. shaking off the clouds of late night

    43. Of late, the empire has used more subtle tactics to keep neighboring nations off-balance

    44. Leaving the chamber, he made his way along tunnels known only to him, mumbling softly to himself, a habit that was growing more frequent of late

    45. Flanked on all sides by the guards that had become so prevalent of late, most badgers kept their gaze lowered

    46. Cherva decided to check on his guards, they were becoming slack of late

    47. Neither did these candidates feel a need to abandon their conservative credentials as have a number of recent statewide Republican office holders of late

    48. Cerbini‘s critique of the Educational System, the Media and Immorality and the manner they have indirectly contributed to rather egregious jury verdicts of late

    49. Guns are merely the disinterested implements of latent or pre-existing conditions that need to be dealt with openly and honestly rather than holding inanimate objects up to the standards that our society should otherwise be holding its citizens up to

    50. The shadows of late afternoon lengthened

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