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Outlawed in einem Satz (in englisch)

Caste was supposedly outlawed when.
On later reflection you thank outlawed Gods.
The chair has been outlawed, Kent said.
I talked to Dad, and he’s outlawed it here.
As simple as that, Hitler outlawed competing.
It phased out until it was outlawed again by.
The Angels have outlawed blinking in the town.
All forms of cohabitation outlawed – Dark Red.
That’s why Leslie and I have already outlawed them.
Thankfully, 9 states have already outlawed canned hunts.
The South African Parliament has outlawed the Natives'.
In 1996, conibear traps were outlawed in the Commonwealth.
Almost all states in the union have outlawed pigeon shoots.
In 1785, the Bavarian government outlawed the Illuminati and.
On Earth, a century ago, in the year 2020 they outlawed our books.
Where did you get that dress? It should be outlawed, he said.
But Colonel, I said, the Klan was outlawed forty years ago.
Today, in England, the socialist government has outlawed ownership.
It is now my fondest wish that karaoke be outlawed across the country.
They sell items that have been outlawed by both Omnis and the council.
You don’t seem to remember that the Klan was outlawed about forty years ago.
So what’s this, Lindsay? I thought all these gas gluttons had been crushed and outlawed.
How can they do that, Doc? Wasn’t Capital P outlawed after the last Annihilation?
Black markets become the natural economic behaviors when freemarket principles are outlawed.
Once we outlawed the practice, the young men became willing recruits in our wars of conquest.
Christ! Who was it that outlawed water boarding? I had a bone to pick with them, right about then.
When he noticed that the country’s way of producing bricks was too polluting, he outlawed them.
Necromancers started the Consortium but were killed off when the Clemency Consortium outlawed magic.
Cock-fighting is a popular gambling sport, prevalent in the rural areas, but it is outlawed in Bangkok.
The type that has no teeth to bite unwanted, outlawed or forbidden keys; the kind that is never locked.
I vow, since Father Merriwether was in that Watling Scarlett has outlawed herself by marrying such a man.
The subsequent bills outlawed double dealing, deceptions, and manipulations by insiders in favor of full disclosure.
Speaking of going postal, they haven't outlawed the gun, but they did find a way to eliminate the paper and stamp letter.
I’ve heard rumors that Earth might once have had music like that, but it’s long been outlawed by the Pan Solar League.
He hounded the POWs with endless inspections, prohibited smoking, singing, and card playing, and outlawed religious services.
Only months later, the Reichstag gave Hitler all its constitutional powers and by July all other political parties were outlawed.
But still, Louisiana is so ate-up with redneck ignorance to allow cockfighting, and New Mexico only outlawed cockfighting in 2007.
All Resurrectionist priests practiced various forms of healing magic, but other types of magic were considered heretical and outlawed in Caldera.
In civilian language these bullets were called dum dum rounds and are outlawed by the Geneva Convention except for use against savages…or so I heard.
They have been waiting for the Council of State to rule if castration for non-medical purposes violated medical ethics and should therefore be outlawed.

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