pander sätze

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Pander sätze (in englisch)

  1. How can we possibly do that if we pander to each other’s fears?
  2. Clinton also was not a racist, but did pander to the same stereotypes that Reagan used when discussing welfare.
  3. There are a lot of want-to-be thought leaders, a lot of authors, speakers, coaches and consultants who pander to people.
  4. Annie, as usual, did what her mother asked, but she resented the assumption that she would always pander to her mother’s wishes.
  5. It is better to reach and touch the sentiment for beauty in the naturally bright minds of this class than to pander to those incapable of being so touched.

  6. But they clearly can be either isolated, or pander to the votes of those who are, to allow moral blindness and callousness that causes many deaths to continue.
  7. The bloke would keep his temper, pander to her idiocies, take on the burden of worry and effort and even manage a good tempered joke that never failed to infuriate.
  8. And even the many non-racist Republicans include many who are dismissive of the damage done by racism, and willing to pander to or at least tolerate the huge numbers of racists in their midst.
  9. What Romney would have done as president depends on whether one takes him at his word during the campaign, or argues he only said these remarks to pander to pro-war conservatives who looked at him with suspicion.
  10. Marie had insisted that any female children take the Collett surname which could be double-barrelled with their husband’s surname upon marriage – both Amelia and Christopher had agreed to pander to the old lady’s whim.
  11. Does the company appear to be trying to show a per share trend to pander to the needs of the Street? (This is certainly not reprehensible in a savage environment for steady predictable growth in that number, but a point to be noted.
  12. Pretending that the 6 billion people they rob from: do not exist, while hiding behind the millions of insulating layers of secrecy of the poor-creating producers manufacturers, corporations etc-and their consumer addicts they pander to.
  13. As he stood there in the forefront of this company, there was nothing in his refined and comely exterior to indicate that his real function was to pander to and flatter them; to invest with an air of respectability and rectitude the abominably selfish lives of the gang of swindlers, slave-drivers and petty tyrants who formed the majority of the congregation of the Shining Light Chapel.

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