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Parameter sätze (in englisch)

  1. Hence, the parameter why runs.
  2. The function accepts no parameter.
  3. Use a route with a catch-all parameter.
  4. This is before my parameter of 10:00 a.
  5. Shmigalsky had offered the parameter of.

  6. The True Value of the Parameter Being Tested.
  7. This Upper() function will accept one parameter.
  8. For example, this parameter has increased by 0.
  9. Hence, the parameter how runs from means to cause.
  10. Try them together! The parameter that involves theory.
  11. FALSE if the form element is greater than the parameter.
  12. Let us start with the HV estimation period parameter.
  13. The parameter that involves injunctions and prohibitions is.
  14. We can also use the constant as the parameter to the strcpy().
  15. The parameter that includes exact and fuzzy refers to precision.

  16. We also change the parameter passed to the fibonacci() function.
  17. You can add a parameter to have as much time as it needs to run.
  18. The basic password strength has the following parameter to use:.
  19. Suppose we test a series of hypotheses concerning a parameter θ.
  20. The parameter that includes commands and conscience is restriction.
  21. Weight Function as a Substitute for the Horizon of History Parameter.
  22. Suppose that we decided to increase the value of this parameter to 2%.
  23. Parts and wholes are simply different aspects along the parameter of.
  24. Around the parameter of this group of buildings there was a corrugated.
  25. For example, a moving average uses length of the average as a parameter.

  26. The range of possible values for the pause-time parameter is 0 to 65,535.
  27. We call this parameter the number of combinations used in the analysis.
  28. The parameter that involves attraction and aversion refers to affiliation.
  29. For now, simply note that step 4 in the formula is setting a risk parameter.
  30. The alternative approach implies assigning an expert value to this parameter.
  31. Many successful investors use 25% or 30% as their minimum earnings parameter.
  32. For the strikes range parameter the range was set to be from 0% to 50%.
  33. The lower limit was based on the fact that this parameter cannot be negative.
  34. You have some control over the indicator through the LPPeriod input parameter.
  35. The only input for the Even Better Sinewave Indicator is the duration parameter.
  36. The boundary parameter specifies a text string that is used to delimit the parts.
  37. The range of acceptable values for the first parameter was from zero to infinity.
  38. Kris’ intuition suggested that the price would be an important parameter for Mrs.
  39. Even for a day trade, it can be hours before a setup happens or a parameter is hit.
  40. The number in parentheses is the value of the indicator’s parameter that was used.
  41. The #example parameter is the ID of the table (detailed in the following How it works.
  42. The key parameter in each case is the lookback period used to calculate the indicator.
  43. The downside, of course, is that the market potentially can exceed your risk parameter.
  44. A parameter that is useful for measuring option premium levels is implied volatility (I.
  45. You can specify default argument values for parameters by following the parameter name.
  46. Next, we load the calendar library and pass the $prefs array to it as a second parameter.
  47. The range of allowable values for the threshold parameter stretches from zero to infinity.
  48. Here, we define the __init__ method as taking a parameter name (along with the usual self).
  49. The presence of this second parameter overrides the value set in $config['encryption_key'].
  50. Instead of a protective dome surrounding its parameter smashed masonry littered the ground.
  51. It accepts action as a parameter, which is the function that "knows" how to extend the path.
  52. The #example parameter is the ID of the table (detailed in the following How it works section).
  53. The next decision consists of choosing the permissible parameter ranges and optimization steps.
  54. Only those parameters which are at the end of the parameter list can be given default argument.
  55. It is necessary to continue expanding this period to obtain the optimal value of this parameter.
  56. The function named func has one parameter without default argument values, followed by two para-.
  57. These are delimited by <%= and %> and the content of this code block becomes the parameter to the.
  58. The observations all come from distributions that have the same value of the parameter of interest.
  59. However, if one parameter is more important than the others, the optimization should start with it.
  60. The HPLength parameter is also made available as an input for complete flexibility of the indicator.
  61. This node is specified by a set of the parameter values and by the value of the objective function.
  62. It is not true that the probability that a parameter is included in a 95% confidence interval is 95%.
  63. This is the parameter of inertia of the Self-Consciousness of the NUU-VVU-Configurations focused by You.
  64. Its proper choice is a key moment in calculating this parameter because, as can be seen from equation 2.
  65. The problem is that we end up with many constructors and long parameter lists, which are hard to manage.
  66. As the parameter increases to average values, correlations approach zero and then become negative again.
  67. She veered toward the glow and within seconds exploded through the parks parameter and onto the sidewalk.
  68. Using the same method we can obtain optimal parameter values for the other criteria and option strategies.
  69. Therefore, this criterion combines forecasts of both return (first parameter) and risk (second parameter).
  70. Optimum Values of the Parameter Specifying the Number of Underlying Assets (n) Used for Capital Allocation.
  71. Typical delay of the indicator will be about three bars when the AvgLength parameter is set to a value of 3.
  72. Warning: A common error is to misinterpret the confidence interval as a statement about the unknown parameter.
  73. Leaving the third parameter blank will cause CodeIgniter to replace a censored word with the default string.
  74. The optimal parameter value is chosen based on our experience and a large number of preliminary investigations.
  75. The second parameter is the language (in this case, it is the folder in the /path/to/codeigniter/application/.
  76. In this section we discuss how the acceptable range of parameter values influences the optimization space shape.
  77. If they’re really wrong, they get out if and when the option premium hits their predetermined risk parameter.
  78. On the other hand, the fact that parameter L is the only one requires even more prudence in selecting its value.
  79. The desired property of the optimal solution is high robustness (that is, nonsensitivity to parameter changes).
  80. Moreover, we can say that the true parameter that determines the practical effectiveness of the criterion is N.
  81. The objective function is used to evaluate and compare the utility of different combinations of parameter values.
  82. However, even under the most favorable combination of parameter values, loss probability does not fall below 40%.
  83. One rule of thumb is that you should have at least 30 trades for each parameter used in the prospective strategy.
  84. Introduction of a specific parameter, the threshold value, was shown to increase the predictive power of criteria.
  85. And again, the lognormal distribution (with the standard deviation as its main parameter) is used most frequently.
  86. But how is this used by the application? You may recall that HelloWorldServlet uses the servlet parameter Greeting.
  87. As in the case of the basic market-neutral strategy, we set the value of the history horizon parameter at 120 days.
  88. The observations may come from different distributions, providing that they all have the same parameter of interest.
  89. This parameter includes an additional subparameter: the length of the historical period used to calculate volatility.
  90. Hence, it is necessary to search for such parameter sets that would decrease portfolio asymmetry as much as possible.
  91. The length of history N used to calculate HV is an extremely important parameter that strongly influences the results.
  92. Despite this, nothing (except logic) prevents us from assigning any whole number from 1 to L – τ to this parameter.
  93. Hence, the robustness of the global maximum relative to the first parameter is higher than relative to the second one.
  94. Depending on the chosen formula, the parameter value and, consequently, the criterion itself will change significantly.
  95. In this case, edition is a new parameter that was not needed in the first book but is useful information for the clone:.
  96. The former parameter is usually set a priori by the strategy developer according to the principles of scientific approach.
  97. Similar to the coefficient of criterion effectiveness (k), the average profit depends on the value of threshold parameter.
  98. Because the stock was up 7% on the breakout day, we would likely buy a smaller position to stay within our risk parameter.
  99. If the parameter is continuous, the number of its values is infinite without any regard to the range of acceptable values.
  100. The length of the historical period used to calculate volatility is a key parameter in measuring the risk of linear assets.

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