partitioning sätze

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Partitioning sätze (in englisch)

The partitioning may be more complex.
Partitioning loops through, swapping elements below/above pivot.
But there were significant differences between the partitioning of Korea and that of.
Using equivalence partitioning method above test cases can be divided into three sets of.
He negotiated a treaty with the Danes partitioning England, reformed the law, and promoted education and the arts.
Glenelle didn't follow what she was doing for the Heavenly Mother too carefully, it had a lot to do with partitioning simulation space and it took up a lot of crystal.
It is as if there were an Act of Parliament partitioning certain lands between a thousand of the people; commencing with a general statement of goodwill towards the whole company so designated for endowment, and with an expression of the desire and intention of the Queen and Parliament for an equal division between all the thousand; but distinctly providing, in words repeated again and again, that if any of the beneficiaries should commit robbery or murder, or disobey the Commissioners appointed to divide the land, they should on conviction be put to death, and so be shut out and cut off forever from their portion of the grant.

Over the years they were partitioned and rented.
State and the other Ireland was partitioned to form a.
One Ireland was partitioned into a 26 county Irish Free.
The hollow was large in size, partitioned wholly by high.
Each section is neatly partitioned by its place in the list.
If they partitioned the property and sold off the northeastern.
Storage Chamber, partitioned by a tall pair of iron shutters that.
It’s partitioned by Indonesia in the south, and Malaysia and Brunei in the north.
Europe had become a partitioned conglomeration as far as immigration was concerned.
Two Indian states, Bengal and Punjab, had to be partitioned between the new countries.
The room was rather a large one, with a corner, in which there was a bed, partitioned off.
The circular room was open with the exception of a partitioned off portion opposite the door.
I knew that last year one part of this small room had been partitioned off and was used as a woodhouse.
This sort of partitioned sense of self is also exemplified by the "thin within" approach to weight loss.
It had been partitioned for privacy (I suppose), since I was last there, but each part was still large.
Thus the most essential part of the globe is attempted to be partitioned between two domineering rival belligerents.
An immense circular room sat at the end of the hallway and that partitioned space was shared by both the editorial and sales departments.
In January 1948 one Hindu group decided to take revenge by killing the man they thought had betrayed India by allowing it to be partitioned.
It was partitioned, with the northern half, including Baku, going to Russia, and the southern half, with its capital at Tabriz, remaining in Iran.
The apartment occupied by the political prisoners consisted of two small cells, the doors of which opened into the corridor, partitioned off from the rest.
Pon surveyed the area and noticed rooms, partitioned sections, Hi-tech monitoring and testing equipment and several desks, arranged around the large, open centre.
The UN decided that Palestine would have to be partitioned, with a Palestinian state and a new Jewish state, to be called Israel, to be launched the following year.
But Gandhi was assassinated in 1948 by a Hindu who was furious that the country had been partitioned, and many of Gandhi’s dreams for India seemed to die with him.
Korean Peninsula had been partitioned by the Soviets and Americans at the 38th parallel at the end of World War II; with the stated goal of uniting under a common government in four years.
It was the same view on either side of the wall, the view continued on the wall, but his senior officers stepped thru into a section of space toward Sol that was partitioned from the remainder so they could have privacy.
To support large enterprise networks, Active Directory can be both partitioned and replicated, meaning that the directory can be split into sections stored on different servers, and copies of each section can be maintained on separate servers.
But their dreams of an Arab Kingdom were shattered by the British and the French who partitioned the Arab lands of the empire in the Sykes-Picot agreement of 1916 and with the Balfour Declaration of 1917, which provided the Zionists with a clear option for a homeland in Palestine.
Nancy spoke with me a number of times about the future state of Israel, which she had visited often and reported on many times in her timeline, and she cautioned me about the excesses to be committed by the Jews against the Arabs still living in their portion of partitioned Palestine.
But instead of the wealth which the visitor expected, he found Lembke in a very little side-room, which had a dark and dilapidated appearance, partitioned into two by a large dark green curtain, and furnished with very old though comfortable furniture, with dark green blinds on high narrow windows.
Zoned by those letters you saw the likeness of three Andes' summits; from one a flame; a tower on another; on the third a crowing cock; while arching over all was a segment of the partitioned zodiac, the signs all marked with their usual cabalistics, and the keystone sun entering the equinoctial point at Libra.
The two-nation theory by which the ancient land of Aryavarta was partitioned was an illusion of the Indian Musalmans that was not subscribed by the Hindus of India, and had they wanted a country for them only, wouldn’t they have ceded some more land to Pakistanis, if that were needed, as a quid pro quo for ridding the Islamist presence from their Indian midst.
But, rightly or wrongly, that was not the way Hindustan was partitioned, and if so, what’s the rationale for those millions of Musalmans to stay back in India even after Pakistan came into being? So, any Pakistani argument for wanting Kashmir, citing its Muslim majority would be untenable to any reasonable mind and likewise, the urge of those Kashmiri Musalmans to merge the valley with the Islamic Pakistan wouldn’t sync with the spirit of partition.
Let me ask you about the partitions.
Bulkhead: walls or partitions within a ship.
They put me between two not very high partitions.
Plurality comes only from the partitions of consciousness.
Flying over the high partitions, he saw the way to the exit.
You were halfway through a song and you adjusted the partitions.
Engineers built partitions between the bulkheads, Hagan said.
The keeper opens the two center partitions to examine the brood cells.
Blue carpet lay underfoot; fluffy orange partitions divided the cubicles.
I'm pretty sure the others only have unfettered access to their own partitions.
Partitions hid some of the spacing in the office, which was large, seemed busy.
There were twenty shooting stations separated by heavy painted plywood partitions.
The wooden partitions contained carved reliefs depicting various scenes from everyday life.
He surveyed the large room, and the Vietnamese workers trying to erect walls and partitions.
All the dividing partitions had been demolished, and the whole space was open to the stairs.
Then one of the partitions is empty, and we repeat recursively the procedure for N-1 elements.
The roof panel of each shelter then slowly rose, revealing walls made of inflatable partitions.
Partitions installed when the house was converted into flats spoiled what must originally have.
There were still a million miles to go, but the partitions of the drive were coming in from deployment.
I was told you carried his stuff in from the Ferrari while he chewed out Ian for moving the partitions.
The walls were whitewashed partitions that did not quite make it all the way to the copper-tiled ceiling.
Any doors in the lower floors of those partitions are cemented in, at least for the first four floors up.
Cut round the stem of each, and with a small, sharp knife remove the seeds and the white partitions inside.
Just some stone-walls here and there forming partitions which must once have been the foundations of houses.
I knelt down and moved around the blown open fuse panel partitions of what was left of Jane’s metallic skull.
The rooms were small and separated by thin partitions through which conversations in even low tones could be heard.
Shouldn’t you and Jo-Jo have been re-setting the partitions while Terry was listening to his recording? I asked.
The partition keeled over, and Phil and Louie kept staggering forward, toppling two more partitions before they stopped.
It was a large room behind glass partitions with a nice desk and chair, computer and several phones, one of which was a fax.
The two hundred foot sides are stone block structural partitions with modern cast crystal pillars running thru every forty feet.
Wooden forms fixed across the partitions and against the walls under the windows provided seating accommodation for the customers.
Sebastian was in the wing kept for Europeans, where the beds were divided by low partitions into cubicles with some air of privacy.
It had been these fragile partitions that the two elongated formations had been protecting while stationed along the sides of the pass.
A sponge has no more partitions and ducts than the mound of earth for a circuit of six leagues round about, on which rests the great and ancient city.
And yet they may have only been a product of his imagination, such was the collapse of partitions between the conscious and underlying mental processes.
Continuing on our quest to rebuild a pre-flood scenario: In verse 7 of Genesis Chapter 1, God created the firmament to divide the waters into 2 partitions.
Initially I shuddered at the thought that these fragile partitions could break; but strong copper bands secured them, giving them nearly infinite resistance.
With glass partitions between sections that could be polarized to become one-way mirrors, the action could become in fact about as rowdy as a customer wished.
Terry was about to go totally ballistic when GI Jo-Jo told him he marked the exact placement of where the partitions were, and could put them back in ten minutes.
The partitions were deployed, but the point was only a hundred twenty miles out at this time, the collector only thirty eight, about the minimum functional distances.

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The break room had a partition.
The partition had been raised again.
Golyadkin rushed behind the partition.
It is the partition between 1830 and 1848.
A partition that is not to be passed.
Here Almighty God made a partition between them.
It is the wittiest partition that ever I heard.
The verger and the boy dashed through the partition.
But in the back, behind the partition, chaos reigned.
Reluctantly, Nehru persuaded Congress to accept partition.
For a moment some whispering was heard behind the partition.
When this partition is quite crooked or there is any nasal.
Then I smashed his wrist against the taxi’s metal partition.
Reaching in, he tore an old leather partition, revealing the.
We walked down to the closed single door in the partition wall.
Or you could converse through the little window in the partition.
As the partition wall was thin, they could hear the clatter of the.
A seamed partition slid aside, and a tray appeared in front of him.
The partition looked sturdy, but this wasn’t a good time to argue.
The partition of our rooms was one of those moveable ones that, when.
The impression created by that appalling partition was the last straw.
Hanging on the partition near the polyphone was a board about fifteen.
The driver nodded and the darkened partition between them slid upwards.
I move to the Asian partition and the hamper filled with bloody clothes.
Liza suddenly turned white, cried out, and rushed through the partition.
Then he wrote upon a piece of paper and shoved it beneath the partition.
In the post-house she obtained a little dressing-room behind a partition.
The partition had changed since he'd last seen it but not for the better.
And, would you believe it, the rascal actually went behind the partition.
He was manacled and shackled, and there was a glass partition between them.
The voice was that of the joiner’s wife on the other side of the partition.
All contemporary social crimes have their origin in the partition of Poland.
She pushed so hard against the glass partition that she heard the motor grind.
They’d objected, saying that they didn’t mind the crappy partition, as it.
The glass partition then slid closed and she was whisked away in the golden chariot.
In the room next to mine, through the partition wall, a perfect Bedlam was going on.
The ward’s aft wall was actually a transparent partition with a large sliding door.
That was the wall that formed the partition between the alcove and the oracle chamber.