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    passenger car

    1. As he walked towards the passenger car, he noticed a military truck of unfamiliar design parked across the tracks

    2. “Quite,” said Pritchard, “My lorry over there has the cargo in its rear, and I and my sergeant will ride along, in the passenger car, of course, and we will require you to give us a lift to a place in Milan

    3. He reached the passenger car just as the train began to move, and was clambering up its steps when the car jerked forward

    4. The bitter cold gradually abated, but it remained cold enough for the men to wear their overcoats when outside the passenger car

    5. In terms of a passenger car, if for example you wanted to leave the powered streets, and go up your non-magnetic driveway, these would be electric motor-driven

    6. A strip of land juts out into the marsh, and rising from it is a giant white wheel with dozens of red passenger cars dangling from it at regular intervals

    7. Now, he was dwarfed by each of Elizabeth’s massive passenger cargo sections

    8. you hit was definitely the driver of that red Honda passenger car

    9. For example, there’s a fixed $40 final value fee for passenger cars and other vehicles, and a $25 final value fee for motorcycles

    10. Martinmon was already at the barn and instructed him that he was to work on the replacement of worn axle journals on passenger cars

    11. He spied Olin engaged in the work of repairing a passenger car step

    12. There were three passenger cars in the barn awaiting an assortment of repairs and maintenance

    13. There was an order to add a passenger car and it was to be reserved

    14. In the passenger car Arnold Catkin stumbled to his feet as he held his hand to his bruised left shoulder

    15. ” The cab driver watched his passenger carefully

    16. We had reached that inaccessible spot without facing exhaustion or danger, as if our seagoing passenger carriage had glided there on railroad tracks

    17. At last the passenger carriages rolled in, oscillating before coming to a standstill

    18. There were still a few minor bugs to be worked out, in Howsmyn’s considered opinion—there was one two-mile section he was damned well going to have ripped out, regraded, and re-ballasted—and the passenger cars could use more human-friendly suspensions

    19. The most characteristic of these, perhaps, is the railroad-equipment trust certificate, secured by title to locomotives, freight cars, or passenger cars, and by the pledge of the lease under which the railroad is using the equipment

    20. Jezzie leaned into every curve, buzzing by passenger cars as if they were standing still

    21. The carbon dioxide emissions avoided by using nuclear power is equivalent to that emitted by 23 million passenger cars—double the amount of cars in Illinois, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey combined

    22. The ancient Hudson, with bent and scarred radiator screen, with grease in dusty globules at the worn edges of every moving part, with hub caps gone and caps of red dust in their places—this was the new hearth, the living center of the family; half passenger car and half truck, high-sided and clumsy

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