pickup sätze

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Pickup sätze (in englisch)

1. So much for pickup lines.
2. Just then the pickup died.
3. The pickup moved along the.
4. I had seen her pickup before.
5. Was that a pickup line?
6. As soon as the Toyota pickup was.
7. Chevy pickup lumbering up the road.

8. He turned to the camera pickup again.
9. That was our cue to exit the pickup.
10. Meanwhile the swerving of the pickup.
11. Which was why he needed a pickup truck.
12. I slid into the pickup truck with Winch.
13. What about my pickup and trailer?
14. The shattered pickup truck meant nothing.
15. He pointed to a blue and white old Ford pickup.
16. Pickup slowed down then shined the high-beamers.
17. She made polite chitchat at drop-off and pickup.
18. A brand new Dodge pickup was parked in my drive.
19. The fellow driving the pickup was killed, Monica.
20. The art of the pickup happened mostly with the eyes.
21. Think about the commercial for Chevy pickup trucks.
22. I was to return in two hours for my pickup and full.
23. My pickup call for the movie set was at five-thirty.
24. I’ve got a pickup with a roll bar, said Chan.
25. The dog sniffed this out in the back of the pickup.
26. The Pole then led Colling to a battered pickup truck.
27. He had put a stopwatch to Ebright’s new pickup boat.
28. Any pickup in implied volatility mitigates time decay.
29. Max reached the large pickup truck, and peered inside.
30. The young blond and the occupants of the Toyota pickup.
31. The Chevy pickup had been the only unexpected surprise.
32. Jesse is also going to give you the pickup procedure.
33. There parked was a dark green pickup truck with a visor.
34. We sit in the Chevrolet pickup, listening to rock music.
35. At last, a man driving a pickup truck pulled to the side.
36. We made the mistake of leaving the pickup to investigate.
37. As soon as the Toyota pickup sped off the cars behind me.
38. Tocoma pickup truck that looked like it had been recently.
39. ROBERT PULLER WAS sitting in his pickup truck watching her.
40. When I pulled into the drive he was working on his pickup.
41. So I loaded up my pickup with whatever I had and took off.
42. A big pickup truck skidded into the clearing and two more.
43. Fortunately, they had a supply of gasoline from the pickup.
44. Well, a short while later, the driver of the Toyota pickup.
45. The chubby man entered his Toyota pickup then continued to.
46. But culturally he goes no deeper than a tap and pickup room.
47. As the Toyota Pickup was about to be positioned parallel to.
48. The driver of the Ford pickup was so terrified he let out a.
49. There were no registration documents to be found in the pickup.
50. Ingrid turned her head, suspicious, to examine the pickup truck.
51. An approaching pickup truck then caught the attention of Nancy.
52. You can also use it during the pickup to ease the line off the.
53. The three men in the back of the pickup truck then either 157.
54. Chris was stunned, Ruth had rolled the body under a pickup truck.
55. Half of the pickup truck was loaded with dry wood for the fire-.
56. He waved us over while he steadily walked to a crusty old pickup.
57. In a town of pickup trucks, horse trailers, and hay wagons, the.
58. Then a tall, broad-shouldered man stepped out of the pickup truck.
59. Pickup trucks and cars converged on the church pulling up outside.
60. From the other direction she watched as a pickup truck, and a van.
61. That’s probably why the pickup wasn’t moving in a straight path.
62. Bolt is in the back of the pickup as it bounces along in the desert.
63. He tried to do a pickup on the segment and his voice wavered again.
64. When they turned to look they saw a pickup truck stop near Ahmed’s.
65. He rode in on the carburetor of a pickup truck a couple of years ago.
66. On the way in Kevin’s pickup truck, Aaron is stoned out of his mind.
67. Everyone including Carmella and me disembarked from the Toyota pickup.
68. Work around there too at a warehouse called Ledman Storage and Pickup.
69. Believe it or not, some guys are still taking the Pickup Line Approach.
70. He always parked his old rusted out pickup truck behind the restaurant.
71. I bought it, loaded it up into my pickup truck, and took it to Vangie.
72. The pickup crew got eaten alive, they dosed themselves with Raid.
73. Her third was by pickup truck, a more traditional means in those parts.
74. The secretary confirmed business class and a BMW pickup at the airport.
75. I immediately recognized Trenland’s pickup with the camper on the rear.
76. Jeff and Paul jumped from the pickup as soon as it crossed the fence gate.
77. Some girls were doing back flips off the back of one of the pickup trucks.
78. You need stay only for two days; just enough for the next pickup, he said.
79. There was a large pickup truck in the driveway, and a minivan in the road.
80. Ocean within a half kilometer of the pickup point, where the pure metal is.
81. Victim was blown out of the house and into the back of her pickup truck.
82. While we were sorting things out, I spotted a Toyota pickup in the distance.
83. The butler showed Colling the stables where he was able to park the pickup.
84. A few seconds later, the pickup chasing him came drifting around the corner.
85. A glance at his watch told him he had 10 minutes to get to the pickup place.
86. Warren had never seen a car with a liveried driver making a pickup at the jail.
87. Remember Stud from the Toyota pickup? He was sitting next to Ace my boyfriend.
88. Trailers and port-a-johns skirted the rim, along with a line of pickup trucks.
89. One group of about twenty men was crammed in the back of a small pickup truck.
90. Jalesow returned to the square just as Colling reached his side of the pickup.
91. I hadn’t thought Chantry would send someone so important for a pickup errand.
92. He slammed into your father’s pickup, directly into the driver’s side door.
93. Can Martin cursed silently as he sat in his 4x4 pickup staring into the darkness.
94. Mitch turned at the sound of an old pickup truck rattling up the road towards him.
95. Prison guards in white pickup trucks with shotguns race to the sounds of gunfire.
96. The commander checked out the pickup to see if there was anything they could use.
97. He also got a description and license number for the half-breed‘s pickup truck.
98. As they got closer, it was an old pickup, but it wasnt going anywhere soon with.
99. I decided then to take a chance and made my way undetected to Trenland’s pickup.
100. A woman came running out of the house whose yard the Ford pickup had violated and.

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