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    1. The trucks rumble on through the suburban outskirts of Abu Jeba, heading toward the faraway city with it’s plethora of irrigated date palms, ostentatious skyline, it’s tacky, marble festooned buildings

    2. The bottom floor was a workshop with a blacksmith’s forge and both stone and wooden benches, a plethora of tools of all sizes, and a wide and burly man with a very deep voice

    3. He was dutiful in response to the plethora of letters

    4. Its presence diminished by the plethora of red, orange and yellow hues

    5. He became engrossed in the plethora of data that concerned both the terrain, primarily the area of the Laurel Mountains, and the Great Allegheny Passage

    6. The responsibilities of a job, caring for her and my father, who suffered from a plethora of his own health issues, in addition to my own household chores wore on me heavily

    7. It has become nothing more than a liberal rag looked to for guidance by the leftist „intelligentsia," being but one of a plethora of liberal propaganda tools that play supporting roles in the continuing assault on our Constitution

    8. Saldon looked up at the trees and their tall-unbranched trunks that then gave way to a plethora of huge fern type leaves

    9. The hook sent her reeling off the table, but somehow she used her hands like a fourteen year-old gymnast and turned her fall into a somersault that send her almost flying across the kitchen and a few feet away into the small living room where the TV was still on, showing a very familiar guy with wiry hair, smiling on a beach, wearing silly red shorts and surrounded by a plethora of large boobs that I wasn’t able to simply discard as trivial under the circumstances

    10. Maharaj had a plethora of knowledge of herbal remedies and he cured

    11. There had, over time, been a plethora of “false prophets” claiming the mantle of Messiah (an expected deliverer, the Anointed One)

    12. A plethora of other knowledge was added to this base without an understanding of its relevance, and the groundwork was laid for the erection of a second level

    13. Voila! Language! The lowest form of grunt communication that could pass on that which was most necessary seems to have, over a plethora of a great many generations of time, reached up to become the flowering of today’s complicated linguistics

    14. There were no crops, of course, just a plethora of plants with some sort of medicinal value

    15. and off, images say a plethora more in the first few moments a visitor is on a site

    16. Anti-war protests, love beads and hippies, were the ingredients of his songs, and while the Beatles, The Rolling Stones and a plethora of other rock groups blasted the anthems of their generation from radios and turntables, he played for tips in the dives of Sydney's Red-light King's Cross, and sometimes Carlton and wherever the work was

    17. plethora of theological ideas and concepts

    18. with that, there are a plethora of sounds and other things going on

    19. your cholesterol which in turn, will virtually eliminate a plethora of other health issues

    20. To that end, the group preferred to seek and visit a plethora of vistas and historic buildings that offer a colorful glance of the past

    21. I expect quickly to be told that the plethora of optical illusions establishes the authenticity of

    22. Of course, this intensified among those whose invitations went out at the last moment, and apparently it continues even now, as a few last-minute procrastinators are still frantically trying to find just the right thing among the plethora of choices available here tonight

    23. He casually glanced at the plethora of art

    24. to not breath the exhaust from the plethora of more than twenty-

    25. Coast Guard and Navy records and other recently acquired primary sources indicate that a plethora of problems plagued the pilot, Navy, Coast Guard and other federal and civilian entities involved in planning, monitoring and responding to the events

    26. plethora of mothers all at the same time

    27. In forming a model of this cube, the 1d being would generate a plethora of theories to explain how the lines form up into a cube

    28. The capacity to impose a delay on impulse is at the root of a plethora of efforts, from staying on a diet to pursuing a medical degree

    29. have learnt a plethora of things regarding the processes, pitfalls and

    30. A plethora of small touring companies in those years did reasonable business bringing culture to the provinces

    31. If he found out that her friend not only lied to his friend about her name and her relationship status but also was one of the reasons why his best friend almost got a plethora full of bullets in him, he knew he would have to relay that message

    32. Bill - I have always wondered at the plethora of dystopian novels and worlds anchoring our literature

    33. how? Finally, after exhausting a plethora of possibilities, Octavia mustered enough courage to engage in dialogue with her fair cousin Clarice

    34. There was a plethora of greenery everywhere, whereas on the other side of the range, the flora was in tones of orange, maroon and red; this side looked more normal to me

    35. – and its USA remake, Let Me In – and of course the plethora of

    36. With the plethora

    37. ” I stared down the plethora of Queens, for that was what I believed they were, and refused to let them cow my spirit

    38. A few thousand yards or so upstream, Hatch’s squadron of three US destroyers and one mine sweeper lay moored amongst a plethora of smaller naval craft

    39. I was literally surrounded by a plethora of solid and liquid foods

    40. Straight ahead was a plethora of residential homes, most were large and each had a sizeable lawn

    41. Because Jackals are loud and have a plethora of

    42. considering the plethora of surrounding dangers

    43. ecosystems they had a plethora of food supply within America’s

    44. plethora of other food items

    45. further and you’ll see a plethora of wildlife

    46. The religion of Hinduism incorporates a wide array and plethora of

    47. addition, there was a bar with a plethora of alcoholic beverages

    48. a plethora of sports cars and other high class vehicles,

    49. the plethora of FLOSS available and all this in an easy-to-use and easy-to-install manner

    50. Borneo and Sumatra are south-east Asian islands located on the equator, and are home to a plethora of incredible rainforests and South-east Asia’s last unbroken forests

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