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    practical joke

    1. “Herb, can I call you Herb? After all, we go back what, 5 years? All those times I busted your balls for being incompetent? How you never seemed to actually solve anything but somehow managed to take the credit for everything? The way I treated you with such disrespect every time I ran into you? The practical jokes, teasing you about your social ineptness, I know I’ve been an asshole to you and I’m sorry

    2. A part of me thought that this was just too bad to be true, and I just had to believe that it was a very big practical joke, or some kind of huge, honest misunderstanding

    3. practical jokes and it was possible that someone at work had

    4. as I do that he’s always playing practical jokes on us

    5. Vic must me a practical joker; he probably had an air horn placed nearby

    6. some could be practical jokers, too

    7. There’s a little of the practical joker in Him--and not

    8. Still chuckling at the huge practical joke they were going to pull on the South African

    9. I stared at Annabeth, figuring she’d crack up at this practical joke they were playing on me, but she looked deadly serious

    10. It made him look as if he had just played a practical joke on someone and was dancing sneakily away before the firecracker went off

    11. This could have been the biggest elaborate practical joke ever played on a sucker like me

    12. After the jibe about executives playing solitaire I’d stopped caring, even though the rational part of my mind kept trying to tell me that it was wrong to blame the entire HR staff for one person’s silly practical joke gone wrong

    13. But he should have known , Graziella wasn’t someone who played practical jokes

    14. I cracked up laughing thinking that this had to be a practical joke

    15. practical jokers I wasn’t about to wait there and see

    16. Despite the discreet but frantic signs by Gridley not to say it, Hurst was too happy to pay him back for the countless practical jokes the gunner had made in the past

    17. She paused for a moment trying to shrug off the feeling that someone was watching her, waiting for her to speak into the lock, waiting to jump out and tell her it has all been a practical joke and what a fool she had been

    18. ―Are you putting me on? Is this a practical joke?‖

    19. He bought them the moment he began talking about all the practical jokes he’d been playing on me for several years

    20. "Do you really think there's enough hours in a day to individually count all those chickens? Somebody is playing a practical joke on you

    21. Lenar and Tatiana somehow thought it would be fun to tell the story of how Garcia went naked to class at the academy due to a practical joke, which Garcia complained was an

    22. were playing a practical joke

    23. “I’d be more than happy to talk to him, ask him to stop the practical jokes,”

    24. stop making practical jokes is a sure fire way to escalate the attacks

    25. “I would like to negotiate a truce from the practical jokes

    26. He wondered if the book was some sort of ill-advised practical joke

    27. I called Diane and told her about the carving, that it might be a practical joke on Pinga’s part—there were just too many

    28. The mysterious messages, which appeared on mirrors and windows, were the doing of the next-door neighbor, a man given to practical jokes, who wanted to buy the house at an inexpensive price and thus double his living quarters

    29. But were they the real thing? Munro was a notorious practical joker

    30. My own best guess is that I was the victim of one of his more elaborate practical jokes

    31. Munro always admired what he termed “the delayed effect” of some practical jokes, a topic he never stopped talking about, and he may have seen in me the perfect potential dupe

    32. All this, of course, was a lot of work to go through for a practical joke, but there were a few reasons why Munro may have done so, one of them being his nature and the other being mine

    33. After all that he was subsequently educated by a succession of tutors and led them a merry dance with practical jokes, including leaving a horse in one of the tutor's bedroom

    34. Mott thought that this was some sort of a cosmic practical joke till he saw the dead bodies on TV"

    35. Seeing is no longer believing, but possibly being an unwilling target of a grotesque practical joke

    36. I had plenty of friends who were big-time practical jokers and I said, “Yeah, right,” and hung up

    37. Poland’s city planners all got together and on the off chance I’d show up at some point and then get a woman pregnant, they played a massive elaborate practical joke on me

    38. The sheriff knew the mentioned man to be the town reprobate and practical joker

    39. These people had a profound sense of humor, they loved practical jokes if there was no serious or dangerous consequence and they could sit around and tell

    40. ” At that point the captain and the other two officers realized that they had been the butt of an Artonian practical joke and they

    41. never allow trust to stand in the way of a delicious practical joke

    42. that to the number of His other practical jokes, corruptio per se and corruptio per

    43. "Practical jokes with wax?" I ask

    44. She answered that it was some senseless practical joke, and that I should not take any notice of it

    45. "'What, be driven out of our own house by a practical joker?' said I

    46. They told and retold stories of practical jokes that they’d played on each other

    47. practical jokes of this sort

    48. "Unless we have come upon a primitive practical joker," Summerlee suggested, "which I should think would be one of the most elementary developments of man

    49. Sometimes he seemed to her like the County boys with whom she had grown up, the wild Tarleton twins with their obsession for practical jokes; the devil-inspired Fontaines, teasing, mischievous; the beneath Rhett’s seeming lightness there was something malicious, almost sinister in its Calverts who would sit up all night planning hoaxes

    50. of gossip and their absurd practical jokes and Boyd who had the grace of a dancing Virginia

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