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    1. throw my toys out of the pram, run through the streets screaming?”

    2. By nine o’clock Cyberia had nearly sold out her stock and was looking forward to the little luxury that might be afforded by way of a bacon butty and a polystyrene mug of tea, when her husband arrived pushing an old pram full of soiled tee-shirts and builders’ low slung jeans

    3. A woman with a pram was coming towards me

    4. I turned the corner of the road and the same woman was walking towards me with a pram

    5. And that just kept going on and on, wherever I walked, whichever way I turned, the same woman pushing the same pram would be walking towards me

    6. Apparently his car stopped for a woman pushing a pram in front of it and then the ambush was sprung by crashing a vehicle into his car

    7. in the supermarket as she pushed the pram so they could

    8. "Is this to Frityed," a young lady with a toddler sleeping in a blue pram asked them

    9. The fact that she’s now attracting less men looking at her as they once did, now that she’s pushing a pram down the street will potentially make her feel less sensual

    10. They were home made vehicles constructed from pieces of wood and old pram wheels or any wheels that would make them mobile

    11. 'I never really thought about it before, but I only ever saw a pram in that old picture

    12. 'Then, where did the pram come from?'

    13. 'But the pram did!' Midge said slowly, 'That pram in the picture was the only thing with wheels we ever saw on Zorba! Stick, this is … really very weird, you know

    14. 'The pram struck me as slightly out of place, so when I got home, I did a quick Internet search

    15. 'What else? I tried 'Mothercare', but I couldn't find anything that looked like the pram in the picture

    16. The pram in the picture

    17. The fact that Orynn's pram had had wheels was puzzling, but he was at a loss to see how Stick could learn anything about Zorban prams on the Internet

    18. Plus I was able to add the bonus info that the pram probably contained a small girl when it went missing

    19. 'You searched the Internet for a missing pram with a girl in it?' Midge asked incredulously, and Stick smiled and nodded,

    20. 'But the pram

    21. Her nanny left the pram outside a shop for a few moments, and when she came back, both the pram and the girl were gone, never to be seen again

    22. Now, thirteen years ago … I mean … I know you are not familiar with our way of measuring time, but when you were quite small, a girl from London was sleeping in her pram which was parked outside a shop in Urlwin Street, and mysteriously, she vanished and was never seen again

    23. 'Well, Stick seems to think that the brakes of the pram may have come undone by accident, and then the pram rolled down the street

    24. 'I guess I'm trying to tell you that the girl in the pram may have been you

    25. Why couldn't he make her believe what he said? Why had he rushed back instead of bringing the print of the newspaper that Stick had found? The print with the photo of the girl and the pram

    26. The pram … The pram!

    27. 'It's … I mean … That pram

    28. 'Midge, I'm not sure why I do this, but if the pram isn't there, I'll have to ask you to leave

    29. As she slowly pulled it away, Midge's heart nearly froze, and he felt dizzy and shaky as he realised that the object under the blanket was, in fact, an old, black pram

    30. He leaned over the pram and inspected it carefully, but to his untrained eye, it was simply a very ordinary pram

    31. Finally, Midge was able to reach out and pull the pram away from the wall, and he squeezed himself into the cramped space between the pram and the dusty wall

    32. Very closely, he examined the sides of the pram, but the result was the same as before

    33. He pulled the handle bars which only caused the pram to rock on its springs; then an idea struck him

    34. He moved to the end of the pram, bent down, and tried to catch a glimpse of the underside

    35. He reached under the pram and felt his way with one hand, and there, near the middle of the underside, was a small, rectangular metal badge of some sort

    36. As he bent down, he realised that it was too dark to see anything, so instead, he stood up again and upended the pram

    37. 'I know, love,' Teyaka said, her voice trembling, 'But even though we suspected that there was something unusual about you … I mean, the pram and the teddy bear and all … Even though we suspected, we never had any clue that you came from another planet

    38. Shopping without the pram, coffee with Tim’s mum without the kids being under their feet all the time

    39. toys out of the pram and help me get u

    40. The earliest clipping, and probably his favorite, had yellowed and turned up at the edges, but the photo of what remained of the child’s pram was as clear as the day it had been taken

    41. Lea and Stratos followed some steps behind and Panos, in his best army uniform, Ceres and baby Iason in his pram formed the rear guard

    42. Ceres had no time for Iason who was asleep, well covered in his pram, despite 29

    43. Ploughright would prepare little Iason and round about ten Panos collected him in his pram to spend the day with him

    44. They strolled to nearby parks where Iason left his pram and played in the sand clearing of the children"s playground or on the grass or with his father on the various swings and slides

    45. A little before noon, Panos administered his bottle of milk and an hour or so later gave him his Gerber meal and fruit compost, changed him if he was wet and put him in the pram for a nap while he pushed him leisurely along the pleasant little university town

    46. She told me, as I have already retold, of her courtship and marriage; she told me, as though fondly turning the pages of an old nursery-book, of her childhood, and I lived long, sunny days with her in the meadows, with Nanny Hawkins on her camp stool and Cordelia asleep in the pram, slept quiet nights under the dome with the religious pictures fading round the cot as the nightlight burned low and the embers settled in the grate

    47. Sometimes she would hum, so quietly no one could hear, that nonsense song Daddy used to sing when William was in the pram

    48. Colin Furze (UK) has built a motorized pram capable of reaching a speed of 86

    49. Eventually he was seen coming down the road pushing an old-fashioned pram loaded with cabbages, and round his waist there was a length of rope, to the other end of which was tied an old cow

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