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    1. He had become the village's first 'toilet unstopper' and he was pondering some method which would preclude his own hands being soiled in the efforts

    2. But that it might not appear to preclude

    3. But Paul did not preclude teaching and

    4. That an individual is (inherently) ―good‖ and that the corruption of (natural) goodness is understood within the context of conventional designs does not follow in the manner that (natural) goodness would never compromise itself inasmuch as it would be contrary to its (nature) to do so; each social unit being (naturally) good; that is to say, (natural) goodness, standing side by side with (natural) goodness, would (naturally) reject its mutual corruption as well as its own corruption and furthermore, the assumed absence of evil, understood as the antithesis of ―good,‖ would (otherwise) preclude the introduction of unwholesome examples seeking to promote a corrupting influence on (natural) goodness; moreover, were (natural) goodness

    5. The absence of (determined) counter arguments, on the other hand, must inevitably preclude any possibility of intended results

    6. Thomas wanted more than anything else to believe William, but even if his story were true, it did not absolutely preclude him from being a suspect in the abduction of his son

    7. Free Will, however, does not preclude God from influencing (or changing) the course of events, however, for His (own) intended

    8. These (human) restrictions, however, do not preclude the exercising of Free Will (or an individual‘s inherent capacity to make informed or independent decisions) that remain (the) necessary requirements for self-sufficiency and determination; whose absence would reduce Humankind to scripted characters in a play lacking moral and intellectual substance (or spiritual awareness) that otherwise elevates an individual beyond ceremonial customs to aspired spiritual ideals

    9. This does not necessarily preclude, however, the potential for every individual to attain appropriate levels of honor and (self) esteem that sets the proper standards for others to follow; that is to say, lends character and dignity to that whole

    10. I mentioned my Ani’ Yun’-wiya brother, Cimnashote, was also on campaign there, although I suspected their relative rank would preclude any contact between them

    11. It is necessary to preclude the introduction of young people into social life until inured to

    12. the boarding schools, “so soon as the children would have acquired strength, they would have been habituated to military works [It is necessary] to preclude the introduction of young people into social life until inured to discipline, and to the privations of the camp, inflamed with love of country, and burning to serve it

    13. ” The abolition would also preclude enhanced penalties for merely “regular” crime that has a “hate” component

    14. This would preclude

    15. you have in mind will preclude confusion – unless that is your goal

    16. Heavenly Man, nor preclude His acting quite outside its scope

    17. “Is it not the propensity of man to compare himself in arthic terms with others for his self-worthiness or otherwise? That is since the social niceties preclude one from making kama the measure of him or her? Well, culture would have us confine the nuances of romance to the precincts of the bedrooms

    18. The same energy that created life, maintains life, so how could one preclude it from transforming life?

    19. That doesn’t preclude, however, that he was compensated either in cash, a wire transfer, or check directly from Versailles Ventures or that he was compensated in some other way

    20. than the effect of stagnation, for example? Does a period of long growth preclude

    21. I do agree with Nancy on one thing here: different religions should not preclude peace and friendship

    22. and distribution system itself; therefore, the attributes in the monograph should preclude most of

    23. based on online conductivity measurements and specifications generally thought to preclude the

    24. A typical problem that occurs is the failure of operating procedures to preclude contamination of

    25. However, what the story says is that they had no knowledge of good and evil, but that does not preclude committing acts of good and evil if there are, in fact, acts that are essentially good or evil, e

    26. preclude this from happening

    27. Ogleby's type could ever have really appealed to Carton, but that did not preclude the possibility that some unscrupulous person might make use of the intimacy for base purposes

    28. In other words, both systems preclude a god that is completely

    29. In order to preclude abuse, and evaluate

    30. � Meaning perspectives preclude such openness

    31. � It also tends to preclude a great deal of learning because much real learning opens us to new ways of experiencing the world thus violates the meaning perspective, the visceral truth within us

    32. most feasible theory of power that enables to preclude the aforemen-

    33. There already exist a number of safeguards to preclude cheating, but further measures are constantly being evaluated and should be welcomed

    34. The veto provision exists to preclude the hasty passage of unwise laws, and our founders did not anticipate that its use would be necessary often

    35. Over the years, courts have broadly interpreted the Twenty-fourth Amendment to preclude the use of unusual residency requirements, literacy tests, and other arbitrary barriers to obstruct voting

    36. "This communication," continued the procureur, in that cold and decisive tone which seemed at once to preclude all discussion, "will, we are sure, meet with your approbation

    37. I’m sure they’ve taken precautions—to the best of their ability, at any rate—to preclude interference from someone like Father Ahndair, and to arrest them, he’d have to rely on regular Army officers to carry out the Inquisition’s orders

    38. The existence of a fair number of industrial issues (even though a small percentage of the total) which have maintained an undoubted investment status through the severest tests, would preclude investors generally from adopting so drastic a policy

    39. We do not preclude the possibility that the widow may qualify as an enterprising investor, in which case her objectives and methods will be quite different

    40. There is no way to preclude this possibility

    41. In numerous markets, though, that tendency toward efficiency may take a long time to become effective, and there are frictions that may preclude those efficiencies from ever becoming evident

    42. However, this didn’t preclude Uyehara from riding earnings stocks or rallying stocks

    43. ‘That is just why I do not begin, sire,’ said Kutuzov in a resounding voice, apparently to preclude the possibility of not being heard, and again something in his face twitched- ‘That is just why I do not begin, sire, because we are not on parade and not on the Empress’ Field

    44. Javert remained silent for an instant as though collecting his ideas, then raised his voice with a sort of sad solemnity, which did not, however, preclude simplicity

    45. From a meteorological point of view, these cold winds possessed this peculiarity, that they did not preclude a strong electric tension

    46. Alas! the fact that one is mounted does not preclude a fall

    47. Also, an empty stomach does not preclude the possibility that pills were ingested over a number of hours, and the high levels of barbiturates found in Marilyn’s liver testify to this

    48. Historically, it has always led to the mid-cap value category, but that doesn’t preclude it from being dominated by larger stocks sometime in the future

    49. Value investors have no requirement for relative price strength because it would preclude bargain companies

    50. Their homes were so distant, and the circles in which they moved so distinct, as almost to preclude the means of ever hearing of each other’s existence during the eleven following years, or, at least, to make it very wonderful to Sir Thomas that Mrs

    1. Of course, the constraints of time, place and social custom precluded, for the most part, any of the more common occurrences, and indeed very many great men undertook such friendships

    2. custom precluded, for the most part, any of the more common

    3. Great tracts of uncultivated land were in this manner not only engrossed by particular families, but the possibility of their being divided again was as much as possible precluded for ever

    4. The carrying trade, though it deserves no preference, ought not to be precluded, but to be left free, like all other trades

    5. Two, the receipt of money was precluded by Christ

    6. persisted all day long, so this precluded any contact with Yankee whalers for the rest of the day as the Shenandoah approached closer to the Bering Strait

    7. No less thought provoking was his (ironic) reference to Penn State coach Joe Paterno, a gentleman whose regard for opposing coaches and players has precluded his running up scores in a manner that may have arguably cost his program a national championship or two over the years

    8. Cowl appears reluctant to endorse because of ―cultural differences‖ that have (historically) precluded a level playing field

    9. My father’s lack of interest precluded asking him about the various temples, but I found out later

    10. This precluded the judge from hearing them

    11. The unusually cruel manner in which he terminated me at 8:15am Pearl Harbor Day and then stood in my office watching me carry out my personal effects precluded our ever having a conversation about who was at fault in SD accident

    12. The lies told to me by DOC precluded my having one last chance to convince Mike to accept a long term rehabilitation stay and attend AA and NA upon discharge, with medical approval and continuing supervision, from said long term facility

    13. They had dietary restrictions that precluded them from sharing dinner with their neighbors

    14. why he was precluded from coming home or contacting

    15. My mother and I briefly entertained the idea of my purchasing the radio, television and newspaper properties that were in the territory that my outdoor company served, but this was precluded by the estate attorney who, because I was on the board, pointed out I was a disqualified person

    16. “Thank you”—he nodded his head in Korah’s direction—“for inviting a relative newcomer like me to address all of you, but now I feel it’s time that we heard what you have to say!” Moshe fixed his stare upon Korah, hoping that the exhalation without the voice had precluded any interruption from the head servant

    17. fixed his stare upon Korah, hoping that the exhalation without the voice had precluded any

    18. Besides, not having a telephone precluded communications anyway

    19. She was apologetic but stated that the organization’s rules precluded her from giving me more vacation

    20. the author is precluded from using other retail outlets

    21. The mess on the kitchen floor precluded hanging around too long

    22. His sexual experiences had so far been conventional and his upbringing precluded his delving into anything erotic

    23. However, the darkness in the grove precluded anything but smell

    24. “Tom was doing house-clearing in the prison block of Birkenau, where the restricted space precluded the use of his electro-magnetic shield, when a hidden German threw a grenade at him

    25. Since they had agreed to seek ultimate victory in Europe by means of a cross Channel operation, was any other Mediterranean undertaking feasible? Because the available resources precluded simultaneous major campaigns in both areas, Mediterranean ventures would draw off the build-up being accumulated in the United Kingdom for the cross-Channel attack, and would probably postpone the decisive action

    26. “They have guns, don’t they? They are supposed to be jet fighter aircraft, even if they are obsolete! Launch them!” Replied McCuskey in a tone that precluded arguments

    27. I am sorry if I can’t offer you a seat in a F-83, Mister Vice-President, but your age and state of health precluded that

    28. Having expected that but not knowing in advance at what point it would happen since the hurried development and testing of her space plane had precluded doing the required wind tunnel testing, she ignited her Rocketdyne main rocket engines, which were situated in the center of her ramjet engine ducts

    29. She shivered and pulled desperately against the rope expecting any moment to feel pain but he kept her at a level of excitement that precluded pain and his fingers went deeper and deeper inside her

    30. So, by and large, this parochial policy of the alien rulers precluded the possibility of the native eminence to embrace Islam even for their self-promotion, and thus, the nepotism of the Musalmans and the prejudices of the caste Hindus led to a lopsided Islamic growth on the caste fringes, save some sections of the vaisyas, of the Indian social setting

    31. By the time India gained independence, what with the gurukuls having given way to the missionary schools for long, the Brahmans, by and large, were an unemployed lot for in spite of their depleted landholding, their exalted position in the polity precluded them from engaging in non-traditional activities

    32. Her lifestyle of untidiness, clumsiness and occasional scattermindedness had precluded immediate social affability from as early as junior school

    33. A long tent precluded the entrance, nearly hiding it from view

    34. Trevain felt that being human automatically precluded him from being on nature’s mailing list for memos about this sort of thing, but he would not allow that disadvantage to cripple him

    35. Rage distorted his face as he neared the fallen man, and his fury precluded words

    36. There was never a lack of girls in our milieu but the mores of the society where we belonged precluded the easy social intercourse of today

    37. I asked her what was wrong and she said, „Nothing", in a curt manner that precluded further enquiries

    38. And his agitation precluded further speech; he advanced hastily to the entrance, where I made way for him to pass

    39. By what could such a situation be precluded?

    40. Our veneration for the Saint’s never precluded sharing his tomb with the Archangels, and the Sisters’ve always felt a strong kinship with the Bédardists, so there’s nothing fraudulent about our devotion to her chapel

    41. The attachment he felt to Anna precluded in his heart every need of intimate relations with others

    42. {Was it possible that in this age of ingenious manipulation photographs could be accepted as evidence?} What more? We have a story of a flight and a descent by ropes which precluded the production of larger specimens

    43. MOTHER COXTART HAD PLANS for me that very Night—Plans which precluded my going to Lancelot—tho’ they certainly did not prevent me from dwelling upon my other principal Worry, namely: was I or was I not with Child?

    44. However, within the EMU, the debt monetization option is precluded for individual countries

    45. My most controversial recommendation is for institutions to accept some leverage as one way of enhancing returns, as long as it is not precluded by regulations

    46. Miss Temple had always something of serenity in her air, of state in her mien, of refined propriety in her language, which precluded deviation into the ardent, the excited, the eager: something which chastened the pleasure of those who looked on her and listened to her, by a controlling sense of awe; and such was my feeling now: but as to Helen Burns, I was struck with wonder

    47. "The Titanic disaster is a complete substantiation of the agitation that our guild has carried on for nearly twenty years against the scheme that has precluded practical seamen from being consulted with regard to boat capacity and life-saving appliances

    48. Philander," interrupted Professor Porter; "their religion positively precluded the possibilities you suggest

    49. He had fallen seriously ill, and his illness precluded his appearance in society, and even at business, for over a month

    50. At length the first examination—on differentials and integrals—drew near, but I continued in a vague state which precluded me from forming any clear idea of what was awaiting me

    1. Moreover, no opportunity precludes another

    2. Work That Precludes Happiness

    3. The unbelievably high tariffs Thailand puts on imported drink precludes appreciation of good quality wines but Mont Clair has sneaked in at, a high price for me, but not exorbitant

    4. This trend began with the ‘right’ to an abortion, which precludes the protection of a specific right defined in the Constitution --- the right to life

    5. ”18 There is much additional proof, but space precludes my citing it

    6. that precludes choices through habituation and tradition

    7. induces fear of Him is absolutely disastrous, and precludes all hope of real progress; it shuts a man up in the darkest of dungeons instead of leading him

    8. There is present that natural affection between every normal child and its father which insures an understanding and loving relationship, and which forever precludes all disposition to bargain for the Father's love and mercy

    9. The ineffability of the divine precludes any explanation which rational thought can understand

    10. There is basically no other reason but male chauvinism that precludes women from flying in space

    11. precludes indiscriminate use of DHEA supplementation

    12. This feature precludes a table of houses for the Sunshine House System, but in this age of computers this is not really a problem

    13. But at the same time, this very virtue of definitiveness of Islam precludes any philosophical discourse about life, making it fundamentalist in its precept and practice

    14. Being a wealthy consumer, one whose profit privileges ownership, precludes an honest love of other

    15. � Domination precludes students and teachers experiencing their learning and the benefits of that learning in their own terms, serving as the subjects and agents of their own learning

    16. � Oneness with creation precludes the recognition and affection needed with separation and alienation

    17. "� Happily and not paradoxically, this nature of the becoming self, in that it is becoming, precludes our deluding ourselves into believing we can ever possess it

    18. A hidden agenda precludes innocence

    19. The age at which this viability test precludes abortion is a moving target as advances in neonatal medicine take place

    20. This amendment precludes them from important public service without exceptional action by Congress

    21. This mathematical outlook of course precludes those investors who are able to predict stock movements with an above-average degree of accuracy

    22. The strategy we've adopted precludes our following standard diversification dogma

    23. The temporal proximity of the signal precludes testing its role in

    24. This was done on an appeal from the decision of the Speaker, "that after the previous question is called for and determined in the affirmative, it precludes all debate on the main question

    25. The question on striking out so much of the motion as precludes the witness from conversation with any one unless in the presence and hearing of the Sergeant-at-Arms, was decided as follows—yeas 62; nays 22

    26. The rooms may be grouped in a manner which renders possible the highest architectural effect, whereas in the “tower” the perpendicular arrangement evidently precludes such opportunity by limiting the design to a wearisome and monotonous repetition from basement to attic

    1. Meltz, his strict upbringing precluding him from interrupting his elders—he would wait until there was a break or pause in the conversation before entering

    2. thereby precluding their failure had those wet chemistry tests been performed

    3. Her longing for Roopa and her brooding over their reunion confined Sandhya to her home, precluding the possibility of her socializing

    4. Haughty priests focus excessively on ceremony and elitist tradition thereby precluding the dynamism of earnest religious congress

    5. Too much time has elapsed precluding any plausible excuse for no action with teeth to it being taken

    6. in this study, precluding a direct comparison with the work of Roberts and col-

    7. But Prince Vasili interrupted him in the special deep cooing tone, precluding the possibility of interrupting his speech, which he used in extreme cases when special persuasion was needed

    8. But Prince Vasíli interrupted him in the special deep cooing tone, precluding the possibility of interrupting his speech, which he used in extreme cases when special persuasion was needed

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