preen sätze

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Preen sätze (in englisch)

  1. Chica began to purr and preen.
  2. Not that I had anything to preen about.
  3. They continued to preen one another with cringe-.
  4. Just then Lemoss took a hand in the proceedings, Nimblefax has commenced to preen his horns.
  5. Do you think the Otomi would be better off without the Khanate? Cuauhtzin finally settled down on my arm and I helped him preen.

  6. It simply gave the wars a brief holiday; where all the armies sent their favorites, most lovely, most virtuous homosexuals to preen in front of the admiring homosexual audiences.
  7. They attracted casual glances from a few passers by, but no more than the other occupants drinking there to preen and be seen did, their pale colour and sun-worshipping attire incorrectly branding them tourists.
  8. It is impossible to imagine that God could have made us for anything but this: to idolize, to coo, to preen ourselves, to be dove-like, to be dainty, to bill and coo our loves from morn to night, to gaze at one's image in one's little wife, to be proud, to be triumphant, to plume oneself; that is the aim of life.
  9. Or… did Morpheus, that ancient undead entity, try to recreate his 1,000 yr-old swindle again? Trying to get a living human to write about the realm of the undead; and thus become posthumously famous by doing so…? And laugh and preen that he had managed to fool yet another living human into writing the truth about his realm: without one living human understanding that truth? Again…? For the second time? As a dare?
  10. I saw how her Words made Lancelot primp and preen; I saw, when she fell upon her Knee, how her Breasts were large as Tropick Melons (and loosely held within her Stays) and how Lancelot lookt at ’em! I fancied she had no scarr’d Belly, no Children at all to stretch her Breasts, and O I coveted her Hair—so like my former Curls—and O, O, O I coveted her Ship as well! More Sail I could forgive, more Cannon e’en, but more Hair, ne’er! I wisht her dead with all my Heart and Soul, yet I smil’d and took her Hand when introduced, and fell before her in a Curtsey so profound, you’d think I’d met the Queen herself!.
  1. He started preening himself.
  2. Early in the spring, I noticed he was not preening himself effectively.
  3. He tried to look the cat in the eyes, but the cat was still preening himself.
  4. Really, girl, you don’t have to go through the trouble of preening for me.
  5. The regiment fluttered like a bird preening its plumage and became motionless.
  6. In the bedroom where the wraps were laid, she found Cathleen Calvert preening.
  7. Cuauhtzin was also fairly wet and spent considerable time preening that evening.
  8. Against the preening sameness all around her, she stood out like a battered garbage can.
  9. He is vain to the extreme, constantly preening and categorically avoiding mud and the outdoors.
  10. Nevertheless, he was more than the tiniest bit curious about the cockscomb preening before him.
  11. An hour of preening and decorating later they were shown to their trailer and asked to wait until called.
  12. He was very friendly and I finally got her to pet him a bit, but he really enjoyed my preening his head feathers.
  13. There was a staring silence, the wind blowing over his ears, the wind preening along the light, blowing hairs of his arms and legs.
  14. What’s going on between Charlie Moffat and Beth because when I was in the kitchen with her she started blushing and preening herself when I mentioned him.
  15. They stood upright, preening and stroking their throats as they tested their voices, and after a few moments Nightfall held up a paw for silence, and raised his baton.
  16. A scream permeated the remote, desolate hills around Aiden's home as the mercenary collapsed to the ground, where his shrill wailing quickly turned to loud, preening groans.
  17. Finally, the preening matador came to dispatch the wearied beast, but not before making several indisputably brave but taunting passes of the red muletas that disguised the blade.
  18. It was a drama wherein naked apes—strutting, preening, fighting, and bellowing their power in fierce competition for social dominance, beautiful women, and material resources.
  19. Thus, two nights later, Marilyn found herself writhing around on a red velvet drape, posing, preening, and pouting while arching her back to make even more obvious two of her greatest assets.
  20. Stupid male, what did he know about really wanting babies? Or losing weight for that matter? The man thought he was a Greek god with the way he strutted through the house naked, preening in front of mirrors.
  21. The rising sun was making dark silhouettes of the mountains to the east, and Raul didn’t want to miss sunrise, but he couldn’t greet it before freshening up with a steamy shower, a shave and preening to perfection his hair, mustache and any wayward strand about the ears or nose.
  22. What sense does that make>? Billions of idiots preening because they can sit on their asses and watch other people playing sports; thinking this is a statement of class power and privilege? While they pay for the privilege of attending these mass events making athletes and owners obscenely rich? Who is fooling who? Billions of idiots fooling themselves: being entertained by watching other people enjoy themselves.
  23. Then I spent the first class answering so many awestruck questions, and I turned into such a preening gasbag, such a needy fuck, that I couldn’t bear to tell the real story: the call into the managing editor’s office on the second round of layoffs, the hiking of that doomed path down the long rows of cubicles, all eyes shifting toward me, dead man walking, me still hoping I was going to be told something different—that the magazine needed me now more than ever—yes! it would be a buck-up speech, an all-hands-on-deck speech! But no, my boss just said: I guess you know, unfortunately, why I called you in here, rubbing his eyes under his glasses, to show how weary and dejected he was.
  24. Clydie seemed to be more interested in preening in front of the mirror than anything else,.
  1. A bird preened its feathers.
  2. She preened under his attention, looked up.
  3. Adorno preened, strutting amongst his guests.
  4. Victoria Moon King preened a bit for the camera.
  5. Sheila preened herself for him, but wasn't fooled.
  6. Orb preened as parents emerged from the maze praising these displays.
  7. Groc preened over his food, glad that I was staring at his chin, his mouth, his brow.
  8. The men preened in competition with each other for the most perfectly-ironed white shirt.
  9. They ate, and Trask did enjoy it, Charly saw, and preened herself on another easy success.
  10. Lady cats preened themselves in sweet innocence, unaware of what they hoped was likely to happen to them.
  11. He gave her the box with a slightly sardonic smile and watched her while she put it on again and preened herself.
  12. She glanced about the room, seemingly embarrassed by the nearly naked bodies of the musclebound men who grunted and preened in front of the mirrors.
  13. Pomegranate trees preened themselves with scarlet flowers, while nearby the gnarled limbs of olive trees became mere dark blobs against the landscape.
  14. And it was strange: once, William would have preened for them, acted the ingénue, but he could barely bestir himself from his deckchair to wave hello.
  15. She preened under his gaze, a noise similar to a purr bubbling out of her as the swaying intensified, her tiny hips rocking faster and faster, side to side.
  16. Will had washed preened, combed, spayed, and was reading the tourist information leaflets while making herbal tea and toast, when Jessie came out of the bathroom.
  17. She scowled at him as she preened her hair,.
  1. So long as the dog alone barks at it, it is not afraid: it sits on a branch and preens and flaps its wings at the dog.
  2. It looked as if it had been up all night for years; one of those disreputable birds that never preens its feathers or shines its beak.

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