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    1. She could prop it open and see a tangle of roofs and rooftop courts below

    2. Kamon then stood up, pushed aside the lid prop, and slammed the

    3. in the rocking chair facing away from his bed, careful to prop the janitor’s head so

    4. She had to cut off, but she was frozen, how could she answer these questions? Should she pretend she was sitting in one of the buildings nearby in Zhlindu? Controlling the probe from there? She was just using the asteroid pinball with Narrulla as a convenient prop for a story she wanted to sell? But before she could start to blurt that out, he continued his own line of questioning

    5. I'll just prop it up on the handle bars

    6. Using it as a prop, Adros got to his feet

    7. but decided, in the end, to prop up some netting where the canal joined the pond

    8. We got to the front door and I managed to prop him up while I got my key out I then tried to put it in the lock but for some reason it wouldn’t go in

    9. On a more radical plane, however, members of the Nation of Islam seem united in large measure by a common hatred of American (―White‖) Institutions with ―religion‖ merely serving as a convenient prop that seeks to lend legitimacy to a separatist/nationalist agenda

    10. “Congratulations, Andrew, you’re instructor number three,” I yelled over the prop noise as we swished over the boundary fence

    1. A card propped against the door

    2. She rolled onto her side and propped her head up on her hand, her black hair falling dishevelled across shoulders and curving round her breasts

    3. The rented oblivion, dirty carpets and sofas propped on bricks,

    4. She propped up two pillows behind him and he winced once as he tried to settle himself

    5. It was just a sloppy ball of flesh, squirming like one big three hundred pound blob of fat, propped up on six curved sticks, each four and a half foot long, pulsating out of the bottom edge

    6. Around the corner from a large plastic cash-register of a restaurant called 'Neon', I saw a little boy propped against the wall of a bank and sitting on an old sheet next to a tin box containing a few coins

    7. Then he went fishing through the liberally disheveled contents of his parents’ lives, contents that lived in disarray on a low coffee table propped up by three wooden legs and some house bricks

    8. She was terribly wounded; Lady Elzbeth and Lady Jennie went to her and propped her up

    9. I went inside to check out the view, took off my shirt and propped it in between the door and the wall to avoid that mishap again and left

    10. table propped up by three wooden legs and some house bricks

    1. lay next to her, propping himself up with his elbow on the floor so he could still

    2. I then sat back on the bed with the pillows propping me up smoking a fag and I was just finishing it off when there was a knock on the door

    3. Propping her chin up with her hands, she stared out at the hills

    4. They gripped her roughly by the upper arms and dragged her back to Amethyst Tower, propping her up as she stumbled with terror back to her cell

    5. He’d been propping up the lousy Mayor for years, mostly because of his sense of duty to the Halflings of Thimble Down

    6. Her arms were cramped from propping her head up all night

    7. feet into the hot interior, propping his heels against the stick

    8. There was a movement beside her, and Reese had rolled up onto the ledge, propping himself up on one elbow, gazing down at her in tense concern

    9. Propping himself up on a stanchion, he listened for the local voice

    10. “Feel better, my love?” Beth asked, propping herself on one elbow and dabbing perspiration from his brow

    1. I didn’t need it … it had no family links for me by then so I told Henry put it in with the other props which get dragged out regularly

    2. I frequently have coffee with Doreen who is married to Henry – you know the chap who manages their props and scenery

    3. Henry’s the only one with a key to the props cupboard so it can’t have gone missing after that

    4. But how did he get hold of the gun? Henry keeps all the props locked up … Dan would have had to ask for it, borrowed the key or something

    5. Props then put in all the furniture we are going to use – the space available once they have finished looks an awful lot smaller than we are used to

    6. There were plenty of dead sticks here, enough to keep a fire going all thru Nightday, with their props casting shadows on the arching leaves

    7. He has a large cardboard box of props by his feet

    8. He takes a large transparent bowl out of his props box and puts it on the table

    9. The boy blushes spectacularly and nearly runs off stage, only to be called back to clear away his props, and suddenly he loves it

    10. He props himself up and swings his feet out from under the duvet so that he is sitting

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    airplane propeller airscrew prop property prop up shore shore up brace strengthen sustain uphold stay buttress bolster