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    1. She could prop it open and see a tangle of roofs and rooftop courts below

    2. Kamon then stood up, pushed aside the lid prop, and slammed the

    3. in the rocking chair facing away from his bed, careful to prop the janitor’s head so

    4. She had to cut off, but she was frozen, how could she answer these questions? Should she pretend she was sitting in one of the buildings nearby in Zhlindu? Controlling the probe from there? She was just using the asteroid pinball with Narrulla as a convenient prop for a story she wanted to sell? But before she could start to blurt that out, he continued his own line of questioning

    5. I'll just prop it up on the handle bars

    6. Using it as a prop, Adros got to his feet

    7. but decided, in the end, to prop up some netting where the canal joined the pond

    8. We got to the front door and I managed to prop him up while I got my key out I then tried to put it in the lock but for some reason it wouldn’t go in

    9. On a more radical plane, however, members of the Nation of Islam seem united in large measure by a common hatred of American (―White‖) Institutions with ―religion‖ merely serving as a convenient prop that seeks to lend legitimacy to a separatist/nationalist agenda

    10. “Congratulations, Andrew, you’re instructor number three,” I yelled over the prop noise as we swished over the boundary fence

    11. The mechanic spun the prop on my little Avro, a tiny, gossamer thing, when compared to the hulking Bristol fighters lined up to the right

    12. up the shovel and a bucket to use as a prop

    13. "You bring the cash?" Bones wiggled into the Kubrick prop

    14. They cannot prevail in the halls of the legislature or at the ballot box on Gay Marriage, so they attack the California people‘s choice (Prop

    15. He nods, and leans his head against the wall to prop it up

    16. ” I lean forward to prop my elbows on my knees

    17. Still, those who clamor that great art and literature are nothing but weapons of the powerful imposed on the powerless to prop up a decadent culture did not vanish

    18. , too, is starting to see that it is only subsidies and requirements on utilities to buy a certain amount of "green" power that prop up the wind towers and that it is a colossal waste of resources

    19. hired me; our new twin turbo prop plane had a fire in its starboard

    20. Ken inspected his refueling facilities and rechecked the greases and prop oils in the warehouse, but yet apprehension hid stealthily in the labyrinth of his mind

    21. He sat quietly for a few moments and then decided to prop one foot against the next pipe and then swing the other over to it

    22. Clearly going outside the law, the LSC campaigned against a tax-reduction initiative in California (Prop Nine) and against Ronald Reagan

    23. float beautifully, so you only need to prop up the back of

    24. At the finish of the second, he pulled sharply back on the stick and brought the little airplane through a loop so perfect he flew through his starting position prop wash

    25. The Bien Hoa Control Tower had squeezed them in between a landing A-1E prop job and two F-100s in formation, gear and flaps down, lights shining, on GCA final

    26. The prop ticked to a stop, and kicked back once


    28. ƒ Sit back on your chair and prop writing board on your chest supporting it on the edge of the table

    29. I’m not going to prop up what I say by

    30. You prop her against the inside of the trunk space and let down the back seat for her to, at best sleep off the alcohol poisoning

    31. of1993, when the European central banks lost unprecedented amounts of money trying to prop up their

    32. “You came down to this office for the sole purpose of impressing on us how important the current situation is and you will most likely need some sort of prop, hence the equipment

    33. He swallows, and I prop my head on my hand

    34. “So tell me, Angie, are you saying I came all the way out here with you to prop up pillows?”

    35. But I can certainly show the results of one of our in-house prop

    36. Another case in point, one of our slow prop aircraft fighters, used for low-level bombing, landed with an arrow stuck in its wing

    37. “Yes it is, from our old table, I use it to prop the door open

    38. Gathering his legs beneath him and using the gun for a prop he slowly stood, intending to slip quietly away

    39. I had it on the top to prop up some books but it was too close to the edge

    40. (Q) Are Tarot cards in and of themselves able to give accurate readings, or are they just a prop for psychics to use or some kind of combined thing for a psychic?

    41. She was leaning up against a box or something to prop herself up

    42. He said the tower was a prop for cosmetics and convenience

    43. He is another prop comedian with an ingenious sense of humor

    44. In the car later, Elvis told George that it was only a prop and when they went to court, the judge dismissed the case against the two

    45. ‘We tested the welds on this prop guard and guess what

    46. Although Zeke had seen it a year before, just after Doyle brought it back, Adam thought he would bring the prop guard with him

    47. The enormous speakers, either side of the workbench, wailed and throbbed as Zeke’s distorted body stood hunched over Ben’s prop guard, which was resting on a new set of digital scales that Zeke had bought that very day

    48. Dramatically, he turned back towards the prop guard, which was glittering in the centre of the light, his body language that of a man who had just seen a miraculous vision

    49. They watched the guard and hotplate slowly rise off the ground, first just an inch, then a few inches, then a foot, then, as it got hotter, Ben’s prop guard lifted the red-hot hotplate right up to the ceiling

    50. Ben’s prop guard was shaped like a cage

    1. A card propped against the door

    2. She rolled onto her side and propped her head up on her hand, her black hair falling dishevelled across shoulders and curving round her breasts

    3. The rented oblivion, dirty carpets and sofas propped on bricks,

    4. She propped up two pillows behind him and he winced once as he tried to settle himself

    5. It was just a sloppy ball of flesh, squirming like one big three hundred pound blob of fat, propped up on six curved sticks, each four and a half foot long, pulsating out of the bottom edge

    6. Around the corner from a large plastic cash-register of a restaurant called 'Neon', I saw a little boy propped against the wall of a bank and sitting on an old sheet next to a tin box containing a few coins

    7. Then he went fishing through the liberally disheveled contents of his parents’ lives, contents that lived in disarray on a low coffee table propped up by three wooden legs and some house bricks

    8. She was terribly wounded; Lady Elzbeth and Lady Jennie went to her and propped her up

    9. I went inside to check out the view, took off my shirt and propped it in between the door and the wall to avoid that mishap again and left

    10. table propped up by three wooden legs and some house bricks

    11. hide the seam, and propped him up in a chair at the kitchen table

    12. “Well over here, I found this,” he leaned over and propped up the picture with the eyes

    13. propped up, holding Roman up off the ground with his arm sideways across

    14. Heather stopped me once we were inside the door and propped me up

    15. Turning to address the three of them, she found the girls were nearly asleep and Jim was propped up against the mantle with his pipe in the corner of his mouth

    16. Gently, Roman propped her

    17. She propped the soft cushion so she could

    18. The smell of that buttered toast simply talked to Toad, and with no uncertain voice; talked of warm kitchens, of breakfasts on bright frosty mornings, of cozy firesides on winter evenings, when one's ramble was over and slippered feet were propped on the stool; of the purring of contented cats, and the twitter of sleepy canaries

    19. "We have a table propped against it, otherwise, there is nothing preventing it from being opened by the undead

    20. It was propped up in the corner

    21. She turned to sit with her back propped against the arm of the sofa

    22. There was a mirror propped against the wall of the shed, which allowed a perfect view

    23. Zarko propped himself up against the headboard and looked at them expectantly

    24. Zarko propped himself onto his elbow

    25. Maro sat at the table, elbows propped up on the wood and one hand covering his eyes

    26. Maria lay propped on her elbow looking at the small screen of the man she remembered from Kurt’s house

    27. Each table has a sign propped up in the middle of it

    28. Warlock propped open the window

    29. You will have to use the tree trunk propped against the wall and I will help you up

    30. He lifted his head and propped it on his hand, looking down on her

    31. ” I listened again and his voice seemed to be coming from a sap that ran off the main trench I turned down it and there at the end propped up against the wall was old Dawson

    32. He was propped up against the wall with his legs stretched out in front of him or at least they would have been had they still been there for they ended at the kneecap in tendrils of flesh and smashed bone with bits of uniform mixed in I gasped out loud

    33. When he found her, she was propped up on pillows in an old iron bed in the middle of what looked like a disused ward

    34. As we entered I saw that it was nice cheerful room with a good fire going in the grate keeping it warm and snug and in the big double bed propped up on pillows was my Rosie

    35. I think I must have gasped so much was I taken aback by her appearance Helen had warned me that she was very ill and dying but the person lying propped up by the pillows looked like a skeleton

    36. So then I decided to see how Rosie was and if Helen was with her I knocked opened the door and went in she was propped up on her pillows but her eyes were closed and she was sleeping so I left quietly closing the door behind me

    37. She was propped up in bed and looked washed out a wizened look had come to her face now which was just a pale yellow in colour

    38. propped up on his pillows waiting for her to finish in the bathroom

    39. I kissed her on the forehead and walked past her into the room Rosie was propped up in bed and looked better than I had seen her in a while

    40. ” Jean still lay on her stomach with her elbows propped up to rest her chin on her hands

    41. When I departed with Cleo in the knitting basket, my mother-in-law sat propped upright in the bed

    42. I then checked them over and gave the most seriously wounded morphine tablets then I tried to set up shelters like we had on Gallipoli out of tunics propped up on pieces of wood that I found in the hole as the sun blazed down

    43. He sat cross-legged with his elbows propped on his knees and his chin resting on his palms

    44. Carl propped his spear of crimson fire against the bedpost and sat with his legs crossed and hands in prayer position

    45. ” I moved over to them Lt Pearson was propped up against the craters side and I could see the field dressing that had been bandaged round his chest where he was wounded

    46. His hair was cropped short and a thick bull neck propped up his rounded head

    47. Carmen closed the barn door and propped it shut with a board

    48. Hollowcrest set down his papers, propped his elbows on the desk, and steepled his fingers

    49. She propped the panel open with a stick apparently there for the purpose

    50. Jocko was propped up in bed, watching the television

    1. lay next to her, propping himself up with his elbow on the floor so he could still

    2. I then sat back on the bed with the pillows propping me up smoking a fag and I was just finishing it off when there was a knock on the door

    3. Propping her chin up with her hands, she stared out at the hills

    4. They gripped her roughly by the upper arms and dragged her back to Amethyst Tower, propping her up as she stumbled with terror back to her cell

    5. He’d been propping up the lousy Mayor for years, mostly because of his sense of duty to the Halflings of Thimble Down

    6. Her arms were cramped from propping her head up all night

    7. feet into the hot interior, propping his heels against the stick

    8. There was a movement beside her, and Reese had rolled up onto the ledge, propping himself up on one elbow, gazing down at her in tense concern

    9. Propping himself up on a stanchion, he listened for the local voice

    10. “Feel better, my love?” Beth asked, propping herself on one elbow and dabbing perspiration from his brow

    11. Amonas then braced Hilderich from under his armpits with both arms trying not to cause him any more pain, and dragged him over to the large trunk of a tree propping him up against it so he could breathe without fear of drowning in his own blood

    12. Hilderich nodded in agonizing agreement and Amonas grabbed him by the arms and lifted him upwards, propping him upright against the trunk of the tree

    13. And I see them: outside, a traitor Dauntless man, propping up a woman with a bleeding leg

    14. “Would you?” I lift my own gun, propping it up on my left shoulder instead of my right

    15. I noticed the barman from lunchtime was no longer there; instead the bar was staffed by a couple of harassed looking girls, doing their best to serve the drinks, take meal orders and chat with the few customers who were propping up the bar

    16. Propping her elbows on either side of her plate, her chin dropped between her hands

    17. Propping the bald and helpless head, and cleaning

    18. propping a smal baby in arm and holding the hand of a young

    19. It is the underlying realm of light that is the fundamental reality propping up our physical universe, says Haisch

    20. propping himself on an elbow to look at her

    21. I understand," he said, propping his head on clasped hands

    22. Steve and Curly Pete sat opposite her in a quiet corner of the Public House, Sheila had gone to use the rest rooms and the pub is fairly quiet of customers with just a couple of old men propping the bar up

    23. Cory shifted on his bed, propping his head up on his hand, staring at me

    24. Donna perched on one of the bar stools, propping her elbows on the snack bar and resting her chin on the heels of her hands as she regarded the red marks on Sam’s back and shoulders

    25. Leaning over with hands propping chin, Steven took several slow, deep breaths, yielding himself some time to collect his thoughts

    26. He raised his upper body slightly, propping up on his elbows to

    27. He was waiting on the pavement for her, one arm propping up a parking meter

    28. They rushed to help him, Robert bringing him water, and Ethan propping him up

    29. Deanna was propping him up, preventing him from melting to the floor

    30. “So?” Paul said, propping his feet on the side of the desk beside him

    31. A millisecond later, in an attempt to give the appearance that he had been waiting in her office ever since his computer club meeting ended, he jumped into his mother’s chair and leaned backwards – propping his feet on the corner of her desk

    32. Richter stood and circled the desk before propping himself on the back of Hardin’s chair

    33. ” I turned away, two fingers propping my mouth open

    34. Roopa Rao at some point of time? Would Sandhya then object to his bigamy? Oh no, never, life in the offing would be thrilling and vibrant, with Saroja too propping it up

    35. were propping him up

    36. propping the backboard on an old waterlogged stump, he walked over

    37. “Get some rest,” Lucas said, carrying over a second pillow and propping it under her head

    38. She read books of travel, she learned poetry by heart, she grew skilful at combining her studies with her cooking; and propping up Keats on the dresser could run to him for a fresh line in the very middle of the pudding almost without the pudding minding

    39. Priscilla made no objection, and he at once removed it beyond the reach of his mother's eye, propping it up in a dark corner of the passage and telling Mrs

    40. Corey rushed over, changing out one of the pillows propping her up with the one he fluffed

    41. Then Sam was there pulling him up, propping him against another tree

    42. I pushed off the bed, propping myself up so that I could look straight at him

    43. It took years of the landed gentry propping up lower class public figures like Adams, to turn the idea of rebellion into a popular cause

    44. We were propping the bar and after a few beers he decided to make his moves

    45. Propping her bare feet on the dash of the car, she settled down to read

    46. With unnatural strength he had succeeded in propping himself on his elbow

    47. Now Florinda wept, and spent the day wandering the streets; stood at Chelsea watching the river swim past; trailed along the shopping streets; opened her bag and powdered her cheeks in omnibuses; read love letters, propping them against the milk pot in the A

    48. One of those who supported it, leaving the burden to his comrades, advanced to meet him, flourishing a forked stick that he had for propping up the stand when resting, and with this he caught a mighty cut Don Quixote made at him that severed it in two; but with the portion that remained in his hand he dealt such a thwack on the shoulder of Don Quixote's sword arm (which the buckler could not protect against the clownish assault) that poor Don Quixote came to the ground in a sad plight

    49. dread now was lest the stone through which the sentry was doomed to fall should give way before its right time, and this they had in some measure provided against by propping it up with a small beam which they had discovered in the walls through which they had worked their way

    50. "The Hurons, if they come, may not gain our position so easily as they think," he slowly muttered; and propping his head back against the rock, he seemed to await the result in patience, though his gaze was unceasingly bent on the open avenue to their place of retreat

    1. I didn’t need it … it had no family links for me by then so I told Henry put it in with the other props which get dragged out regularly

    2. I frequently have coffee with Doreen who is married to Henry – you know the chap who manages their props and scenery

    3. Henry’s the only one with a key to the props cupboard so it can’t have gone missing after that

    4. But how did he get hold of the gun? Henry keeps all the props locked up … Dan would have had to ask for it, borrowed the key or something

    5. Props then put in all the furniture we are going to use – the space available once they have finished looks an awful lot smaller than we are used to

    6. There were plenty of dead sticks here, enough to keep a fire going all thru Nightday, with their props casting shadows on the arching leaves

    7. He has a large cardboard box of props by his feet

    8. He takes a large transparent bowl out of his props box and puts it on the table

    9. The boy blushes spectacularly and nearly runs off stage, only to be called back to clear away his props, and suddenly he loves it

    10. He props himself up and swings his feet out from under the duvet so that he is sitting

    11. She adjusts, props herself up on one elbow, never losing her touch, and the first things that Arbnor Jasari sees of this new day are Helen's eyes

    12. Having got through the audition without a problem, I volunteered to help with props for the show they were rehearsing – ‘Showboat’

    13. It’s quite a complicated show from a props point of view and, anxious to get my head round the story line and what and, more importantly, when props would be needed, I tended to hang around at the front during rehearsals

    14. Nerissa saw that many props and

    15. We had to carry the lot all the wood to be used props, timbers, duckboards, and then there were the sandbags and the Bain of my life the coils of barbed wire

    16. They were wider for a start and better fortified they had willow branches woven into the trench walls and timber props to shore up the trench walls

    17. “The pilot is supposed to switch off the motors,” I told him, wondering how many men, in the heat of the moment, a moment of panic, went right through those spinning props

    18. Accustomed to the noise of the props and motors, your hearing adapts, oddly enough

    19. ” (Pronounced Shy girl – as in Chi-town, you know someone from Chicago) The crowd cheered their asses off, which I understood, finally there was a girl to enter the big show, you’ve gotta give her props

    20. We breakers said our “au revoirs” to each other and gave our BRUGS, and then I found my uncle and threw him mad props about his band and all, and told him, “It was a stone gas to break to hard rock Uncle

    21. Kind of crazy, I know but I like to have props when I’m telling a story or maybe it’s that I looked at them as a trophy and I wanted to show him my trophy

    22. Zeke props an aluminum ladder against its edge and starts to climb

    23. Caleb props his chin on a fist

    24. Use as many props as you can find

    25. There are also great resources of props: historical furniture,

    26. We also have a great resource of props from

    27. these props, the lady was predicting the future

    28. When you can tie in the brand names of products, those become your props

    29. The first thing you can do for your brand image is to use props

    30. Funny though, as we made our way in the dark around backdrops and props, through the endless parade of stage hands rustling about, I noticed the musical notes were following me for once

    31. All of the props we use have conventional rather than natural meanings

    32. Actors had to supply their own costumes, personal props, and makeup which they applied themselves – even for character roles

    33. props, what is said and not said to convey mood, feeling, and

    34. about writing is, the supply of props is inexhaustible

    35. Depending on the desired effect, chairs and other props would be staged for purposes of an interrogation

    36. Most of the people we interviewed would agree that the knives carried by many of the boys in their social circle were merely props

    37. He props his legs on either side of me, effectively caging me and forcing me to keep my eyes on a point above his head to keep them from straying to places they should not stray

    38. "You had me thinking that you were bisexual and all, but I have to give you props on the joke

    39. Why should one want to be wealthy when life needs no props of riches for its enrichment? That’s why chasing money is but a human fallacy

    40. Materials: Suitable props can transform this into a full lesson activity although with practice, once students know what is expected of them, the activity can be completed

    41. and also destroying evidence, of his Drug cache at the same time!… was found to be the work of a dissident Chinese Nationalist Group (Props and Wall Posters of Revolutionary Chinese origin would be found in the wreckage!)– it would certainly be to the advantage of the North Korean cause in South Africa and Africa – especially when North Korea set up a fund to aid those families who had lost loved ones and paid for all the medical aid required by the injured!…

    42. There is more going on behind the scenes – with the stagehands, director, make-up artists and props manager – than what is actually happening on stage

    43. 11 Teach all believers to avoid leaning upon the insecure props of false sympathy

    44. Oedipus himself refers to his daughters as just what they are, "Dear props of my life" (Roche 1958, p

    45. These giant props pushed the lumbering aircraft off the ground boosted by jet engines that combined liquid hydrogen with oxygen from the air until the atmosphere grew so thin that liquid oxygen from the wing tanks was needed to support combustion

    46. She listened for vibration in the giant props

    47. The props were chromed and the observation bubble was made from a single piece of plastic

    48. He jumped back into the van to drive to the instrument rental store to return the props

    49. “She’s playing kiss chase with Suraj, and Musafir's gone to return the props, once he's back, he has to put up a shelving unit up in the store,” answered Preeti

    50. The four pusher props clawed at the

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