properly sätze

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Properly sätze (in englisch)

  1. He can't use it properly.
  2. You need to eat properly.
  3. When the mind is properly.
  4. Of the properly slanted line.
  5. They are when used properly.

  6. His driving was not properly.
  7. I could not respond properly.
  8. Learn how to budget properly.
  9. The scar never healed properly.
  10. You haven't loaded it properly.
  11. Apologise properly, or I must.
  12. I couldn’t hear him properly.
  13. And so I kissed Melody properly.
  14. Oh yes, he married her properly.
  15. Be sure to properly clean your.

  16. That means it is in properly.
  17. Bf That’s not cleaned properly.
  18. She must beg his pardon properly.
  19. It seems I can’t think properly.
  20. How do we get properly tuned?
  21. If bred and raised properly they.
  22. Things are not happening properly.
  23. Now the loop will execute properly.
  24. All broken-in and properly tested.
  25. I wasn’t sleeping properly again.

  26. Properly speaking, he did not enter.
  27. How shall I call you properly?
  28. Bugs should be documented properly.
  29. Then we can properly pose another.
  30. I couldn’t even hate her properly.
  31. I could never walk properly in them.
  32. New Highs off Properly Formed Bases.
  33. She was not following Islam properly.
  34. Is she ruling the convent properly?
  35. Until things got sorted out properly.
  36. Did I research this properly? Really?
  37. They are impossible to value properly.
  38. You should have got it set properly.
  39. Then,I was not resting my gun properly.
  40. For what? His gun is properly licensed.
  41. Rupert had acted properly in every way.
  42. I think I should lay her down properly.
  43. Now we can finish our date properly.
  44. Let’s do the things properly, please.
  45. This thing needed to be tested properly.
  46. I want to be with you, but properly.
  47. To properly understand this wisdom and.
  48. If you’re connected properly, that is.
  49. Officer level should be properly recorded.
  50. Nor of mine either, properly, I suppose.
  51. I want to do it properly, she said.
  52. Smith did not think he had heard properly.
  53. And I haven’t eaten properly in a week.
  54. I felt that I was unable to properly love.
  55. Properly staffed the destroyer holds nine.
  56. At least until I can destroy him properly.
  57. He checked me properly and wore me a shawl.
  58. I wasn’t even listening to him properly.
  59. It is important to place blusher properly.
  60. His mind was failing to function properly.
  61. I don’t think I listen to Sally properly.
  62. Properly, it isapplied to natives of the.
  63. Look at that, now we can exercise properly.
  64. Shutoff valves should be properly labeled.
  65. Isabella will look at your wounds properly.
  66. I’ve never properly thanked you for that.
  67. These things are not properly regulated.
  68. Let me understand you properly Gabrysia.
  69. She was excited about meeting him properly.
  70. Of course Miss Isobel was properly impressed.
  71. We need to show that we're properly married.
  72. Lewis properly observed that ―Democratic.
  73. Properly! He rocked! Skye and I burst into.
  74. He blinked, unable to focus properly on her.
  75. In general, they cannot be properly toilet.
  76. If Cp1 itself is not known properly what to.
  77. Or, to put it properly, the old wife's gone.
  78. Guys, learn how to treat the women properly.
  79. Indeed drugs are life savers if used properly.
  80. Thereby, the Creator is properly symbolized.
  81. If they knew how to properly forge the gold.
  82. They could light a fire and dry out properly.
  83. The call forwarding wasn’t working properly.
  84. I was rude, untidy and never studied properly.
  85. He is too drunk to properly gauge the emotion.
  86. It's just that my body isn't working properly.
  87. Eisenhower nodded his head, properly impressed.
  88. Mahatma Bharat was not able to move properly.
  89. The words he’d just said registered properly.
  90. Science is properly more scrupulous than dogma.
  91. I got distracted and didn’t hear it properly.
  92. Time properly fits into this equation, as well.
  93. Let it all be done properly, according to rule.
  94. She was crying properly now, starting to scream.
  95. The post-office is properly a mercantile project.
  96. Now, more properly addressed as the Forests of.
  97. I had to tune my feelings properly so as to be.
  98. Clean your gears properly, thoroughly after use.
  99. I need to properly spend and disperse this money.
  100. Still, this was not a way to do things properly.

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