prostration sätze

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Prostration sätze (in englisch)

  1. Prostration complete, the doctor said.
  2. We should do this practice of prostration every day.
  3. In the midst of this prostration, a hand was laid on his.
  4. Of nervous prostration following a great loss or waste of blood.
  5. Then he says: God is Greater bowing down gently for prostration.

  6. In later life, Kenworthy fell ill of nervous prostration and was taken to a sanatorium.
  7. Lydia, who spoke no Greek, stayed silent all the while, the image of resigned prostration.
  8. Prostration depends on: the fore head, two hands opened, and straighten two knees and the feet.
  9. With that he began the lowering process as he approached, which would end in a kind of prostration.
  10. The fall of everything around him only augmented Grantaire's prostration; the crumbling of all things was his lullaby.
  11. There is another prostration which is the prostration to those whom you magnify their rank and their science so as to get more from it.
  12. Then the Messenger completed the prayer and performed one prostration for the inattention, and that was but a legislation and demonstration.
  13. Her spirits even were good, and she was full of a happy vivacity, but I could see evidences of the absolute prostration which she had undergone.
  14. Then he rises from the prostration saying: “God is Greater” and says while sitting on his legs: “Oh! God forgive and be merciful to me”.
  15. I slept after the prostration of the day, with a stringent and profound slumber which not even the nightmares that wrung me could avail to break.

  16. The Almighty had brought him together with the angels and had let him attend that festival of prostration so as to raise his rank and to uplift him.
  17. Aure-liano Segundo felt a twinge of conscience when he saw Meme’s state of prostration and he promised himself to take better care of her in the future.
  18. The Duke is greatly agitated, and, as to me, you have seen yourselves the state of nervous prostration to which the suspense and the responsibility have reduced me.
  19. You may ask: what is this prostration which the Almighty ordered His angels to do? We say, prostration is to ask the need with spiritual submission and appreciation.
  20. The Duke is greatly agitated—and as to me, you have seen yourselves the state of nervous prostration to which the suspense and the responsibility have reduced me.
  21. Gradually, as time passed, his fears appeared to die away, and he had renewed his former habits, when a fresh event reduced him to the pitiable state of prostration in which he now lies.
  22. What alarmed him most was Emma's prostration, for she did not speak, did not listen, did not even seem to suffer, as if her body and soul were both resting together after all their troubles.
  23. It came pathetically feeble from under a pile of ponchos, which buried his elegant person right up to the black moustaches, uncurled, pendant, in sign of bodily prostration and mental incapacity.
  24. The prostration of the sun and the moon and the stares, the mountains and the trees, the beasts, and those who dwell in the heavens and on the earth to God is but their submission to Him for their need to Him.
  25. To that legal or artificial person, once created, the common law of every State, of itself, annexes all those incidents and attributes which are represented as a prostration of the main pillars of their jurisprudence.

  26. And that nothing but a necessity, invincible by other means, can justify such a prostration of laws which constitute the pillars of our whole system of jurisprudence, and are the foundation laws of the State governments.
  27. One day when I was reproaching him for his unavailing searches, and deploring the prostration of mind that followed them, he looked at me, and, smiling bitterly, opened a volume relating to the History of the City of Rome.
  28. It was said, moreover, that Don Fernando went away at once, and that Luscinda did not recover from her prostration until the next day, when she told her parents how she was really the bride of that Cardenio I have mentioned.
  29. Even the knowledge that he had succeeded where the police of three countries had failed, and that he had outmanoeuvred at every point the most accomplished swindler in Europe, was insufficient to rouse him from his nervous prostration.
  30. When Florentino Ariza learned that Fermina Daza was going to marry a physician with family and fortune, educated in Europe and with an extraordinary reputation for a man of his years, there was no power on earth that could raise him from his prostration.
  31. I know that some of the ablest men in America opposed the adoption of the Federal Constitution on this ground: that the General Government being raised and supported on external matters only, if the time should ever arrive at which foreign commerce should cease, and internal taxes be resorted to, that great would be the conflict between the officers of the State and General Governments, which would ultimately end in the prostration of State rights.
  32. The prostration of our Master Joseph’s father, mother, and brothers is but their magnification and appreciation to his science after they had realized his precedence and his excellence over them in knowing Al’lah and believing in Him, and by such admiration and reverence to him, their spirits bound up to his entering with him into God's Presence, to that indicates the noble verse when God say: He raised his parents to the throne while they submitted to him.
  33. Do you still feel the same feverish impatience of grief which made you start like a wounded lion? Have you still that devouring thirst which can only be appeased in the grave? Are you still actuated by the regret which drags the living to the pursuit of death; or are you only suffering from the prostration of fatigue and the weariness of hope deferred? Has the loss of memory rendered it impossible for you to weep? Oh, my dear friend, if this be the case,—if you can no longer weep, if your frozen heart be dead, if you put all your trust in God, then, Maximilian, you are consoled—do not complain.
  34. When, sir, the habits of a nation, ingrafted, as it were, in its very nature, are about to be departed from; when the destinies of the country are about to be launched on an untried ocean, and when the doubt is about to be solved, whether our Republican Government is alike calculated to support us through the trials and difficulties of war, and guide us in safety down the gentle current of peace, I am aware, sir, that we should pause and ponder well the subject; that we should divest ourselves of those warm feelings which most generally take possession of our minds on viewing the unjust prostration of the rights of our country.
  35. In what are these ten millions of dollars to be collected? In bank bills, the credit of which is at least doubtful? No, sir, in specie; and when this is entirely withdrawn from the State banks, and the banks are unable to pay the money for their bills, who does not see that this confidence is instantly destroyed—that the bubble bursts—that floods of paper bills will be poured in upon them, which they will be unable to meet, and which will for a time be as worthless as oak leaves—that the banks themselves must, at least temporarily, become bankrupts, and that a prostration of credit, and all those habits of punctuality which for twenty years, we have been striving so successfully to establish, will inevitably ensue, and, with them, also, there must be suspended the commerce, the industry and manufactures of the country; and a scene of embarrassment and derangement be produced, which has been unexampled in our history.

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