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    provide for

    1. If we apply ourselves to allowing these creatures to live in harmony with us, we can provide for both us and them a better life and one in which we do not immediately think of how bad they are etc

    2. The investment may provide for the following type of returns:

    3. The basic idea is to provide for the ants a feeding center, see Ant Cafes™ chapter one

    4. They provide for them the means to reproduce and to grow far away from the parents

    5. Also Foliar feeding them will provide for them the fastest source of food and energy therefore it is important that you only feed them nutrition that relieves stress; and not causes it

    6. Though the good earth is rich, and can provide for everyone, we have lost the way

    7. She already was perfectly content to provide for him financially, he was such a cheap date that he was just about free

    8. provide for his wife

    9. Female children exempted according to an approved criteria, or beyond school age up to the age of eighteen years, shall have the option to assist in the education of those younger than themselves, or to provide for their own education as their family deems fit

    10. me? Is it because she thinks I can’t provide for you?

    11. Child neglect is failure to provide for the child's basic needs, both physically,

    12. in order that, one with another, they may be enabled to bring up two children; the labour of the wife, on account of her necessary attendance on the children, being supposed no more than sufficient to provide for herself: But one half the children born, it is computed, die before the age of manhood

    13. process, the Father will provide for our needs and sometimes our

    14. A regulation which enables those of the same trade to tax themselves, in order to provide for

    15. that every parish should be bound to provide for its own poor, and that

    16. How is the borough to provide for him?"

    17. I had no idea how long the two of us would be stranded on the island, so it would be wise, I knew, to provide for our long-term needs as much as this opportunity would allow

    18. Provided he can enjoy this influence for a few years, and thereby provide for a certain number of his friends, he frequently cares little about the dividend, or even about the value of the stock upon which his vote is founded

    19. They would soon find better teachers for themselves, than any whom the state could provide for them

    20. He did not receive any compensation for his work and even though he was offered a prestigious post as President of a College, he turned it down and continued in his labour of love, trusting that God would provide for him

    21. The sovereign feels that he must provide for such exigencies by saving, because he foresees the absolute impossibility of borrowing

    22. But those who, in order to make family settlements, and to provide for remote futurity, buy into the public stocks, would not care to purchase into one of which the value was continually diminishing ; and such people make a very considerable proportion, both of the proprietors and purchasers of stock

    23. Once the men and whaleboats of the Sophia Thornton had been brought over to the Milo, the Milo crews again boarded the Thornton and loaded up with all the provisions they could gather from the ship’s stores to help provide for all the passengers

    24. were ransomed was to provide for the return of prisoners to a

    25. I’ve learned from them, and through the act of raising chickens, how valuable it is to nurture and provide for the people that you love

    26. This is what I’ve learned, with Grandpa by my side, showing me how to nurture and provide for his chickens

    27. His promise was to provide for the Faithful according to their (spiritual) needs rather than their (material) assumptions or desires; that such provisions underscored Questions of Faith

    28. Is it more important to provide for our immediate households, over those of our brothers and sisters in Christ, and the orphans they care for?

    29. 1 Timothy 5:8, “But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has

    30. “Children” refers to the orphans, of which The Lord has commanded this flock to provide for

    31. will he not much more provide for you,

    32. The law does provide for expanding the death penalty for terrorists, but so far that has not been used

    33. The French suffered, and they couldn’t even provide for their own refugees

    34. Technically, it was the law that proprietors had to provide for their chattels, but old Vink was shocked by the extreme violence of the moulting process

    35. I know of someone who is able to provide forged papers…for a price, of course

    36. so senseless for it is obvious that those dictators will use part of the money to provide for their personal future and the other part to provide for an army to help them retain power

    37. That there is a way to be searched out, a latent talent that might be brought to expression, a puzzle beyond the capacity of Man’s intellect alone to solve, which can provide for this grandiloquent transposition, has forever consumed the consciousness of his very uncertain and limited existence

    38. patients, there are a lot of the attack, non-destructive and is able to provide for oneself life the spirit of the patients, when they communicate with me in the hospital environment let a person

    39. When people are dependent upon charity or debt or government they are proving to themselves and others that they are not earning enough to provide for their own needs or for that of their family

    40. So how can people avoid this and be financially secure so that when they get pregnant and need to provide for themselves and their children that they have enough money to never become homeless?

    41. Maybe you could have the guy step into his parent’s shoes for a few minutes to see just how hard it is to provide for a family on a typical American income

    42. He worked hard to provide for us, but he was emotionally distant

    43. God promises to provide for us, as prayerful consideration of what we re

    44. that provide for the instantaneous transfer of information may not only exist, but are indeed a

    45. They provide for our country"s protection

    46. Article 1, Section 8 of our Constitution does not provide for ownership of land by the federal government except as a ―seat of government‖ or for the ―erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-yards and other needful buildings‖

    47. The reporter looked mildly skeptical when he said, “The shelter has enough space and resources to provide for an untold number of people?”

    48. It would be rather noticeable, wouldn’t it? I mean, the staff would probably have something to say, such as this is one of the services they do not provide for their customers

    49. For the end of conjunction between Male and Female, being not only procreation, but the continuation of their Species, this conjunction betwixt Male and Female ought to last, even after Procreation, so long as is necessary to the nourishment and support of the young Ones, who are to be sustained by those that got them, till they are able to shift and provide for themselves

    50. thing I can consistently provide for my kids is love and admiration

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