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    pull in

    1. As I go through one village on the way, I spot a small garden centre and, on impulse, pull in to have a look round

    2. We pull into the drive

    3. She was led down an alley just wide enough for the donkeys where she had to pull in her feet

    4. They are incapable of pushing out others to pull in their self

    5. They pull into the services and he buys a couple of packets of cigarettes and a packet of cigars for himself

    6. was just about to pull in when a little Citroen came from

    7. One can best benefit from various sources as long as they all pull in the same direction

    8. Her belly seemed to pull in and then to protrude toward his head, in and out, in and out

    9. I pull in record crowds and viewing figures, only comparable to your delightful bloodbaths

    10. “But I have some pull in other, shall we say, corridors

    11. Even at half speed, we could pull into Rupert this very

    12. I guess Fred Cooper must have had some pull in the police department because his name was on the door of this cubbyhole

    13. • The confidential source I use, and the only one you’ll ever need—to pull in as many as 15 to 47 PAID

    14. Sachie cursed when she heard her mother pull into the driveway in front of the shop; she

    15. Boy that lady sure worked quick guess she must have some pull in this town he said as he tried to ring the hospital but didn’t have a signal must have dropped out after they rounded that last hill

    16. The morning I drove into town was nice, (but as usual, finding a parking place was tough and I decided to pull into an indoor garage)

    17. “Pull in front of her car,” she said

    18. When I was walking along the empty parking lot of a Baptist church in Mount Pleasant, Texas, suddenly a bunch of cars pull in close to the door and some old guys got out with plates of food

    19. Still, he feels the cane’s gentle pull in the direction of the Lost One and wonders how the other man cannot sense this

    20. His head snapped up when he saw us pull in and he sprinted over

    21. also began to pull into the field

    22. "But there's still the problem of what trick he'd pull in the next town

    23. Up ahead there was a van parked a little crookedly which he could use as cover so he shifted the limousine into gear and quietly moved forward swerving around the van to pull in front of it

    24. when they pull in their arms

    25. I landed Blackjack near the top of the Chrysler Building and watched the white camp van, thinking it would pull into the bus station, but it just kept driving

    26. You pull into your driveway on your motorcycle, Boo, Jenny Kryss, and Richard sit semicircle around a telescope rig, the picture runs through lens mounted camera onto rectangular touch screen tablet in the middle of them

    27. The question was who could he trust? If someone did have pull in the department, who could he go to? CoolWater had to ponder that as he sat and look at his reports and a half written statement by a suspect that will never be able to finish it

    28. All four hundred six locations each pull in about fifty G’s a year

    29. Shouldn’t be too hard to do with your pull in the outside world

    30. He had a little office perched on the ramp where the lorries would pull in

    31. He glanced out of the pub window and saw Gary’s car pull into the car park

    32. He saw a car he recognised from the plant pull into the car park

    33. As she clicked the pen closed, she heard the Beemer pull into the driveway

    34. 'Told him to pull into shore; said there was a white forest runner on the bank who was trying to get a shot at him

    35. In winter only a brave man will pull into some burly territorialist’s cleared space

    36. �Who is that?� shouts Steve from the bathroom as hears a vehicle pull into his drive

    37. With the body and ego minds battling for control, we have a hidden pull in two

    38. When he heard the car pull into the garage he sat down at the table and put his head down on his arms

    39. I could pull into a state rest stop at will,

    40. Viral marketing is a tremendous tool on the Internet that can pull in money for you, 24-hours a

    41. low-cost $10 to $25 products as “loss leaders” that pull in buyers so they can sell them a large

    42. Thankfully, I was able to pull in my stomach enough to satisfy

    43. You will find drivers of eighteen-wheelers who tailgate you for miles when all they have to do is pull into the left lane, pass you and be on their way

    44. months per year), but still pull in the equivalent of a year's full salary, which they could do

    45. But I’d cut back force projection around the world and pull in to defend the nation, then maybe take a little vacation to San Francisco and visit “China Town” 30X40 oil

    46. Adam watched Arnold pull in the base bar and penetrate his wing through the solid twenty-knot southerly wind

    47. He decided to pull into the empty car park on top of Bald Hill

    48. pull in with us, made a u-turn and came back to the hospital

    49. As he waited, he noticed an olive-colored Jaguar slowly pass through the gates and pull into a parking space nearby

    50. Jack told the driver to pull into the clearing ahead, it was time to body dump the two passengers

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