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    1. The Widow Black understood that the anticipation was almost always worse than the punishment, and she did her best to make it as much a part of the punishment as it could become

    2. A: They say that madness is a punishment from the gods

    3. She went to bed in late October of 2278, but had she been suspended while the expedition departed? Was this some kind of delayed punishment for stowing away on that base the first time? Could that ship be the Presidente Lula, last of the sleeperships? Could she have been suspended so long that it was here already? It wasn't due to arrive for another sixty years

    4. and to be in this beach is our punishment for contempt ever

    5. It was after God announced his punishment on

    6. It had always been more about punishment than victory hadn't it? At least in the last four hundred years

    7. And why would God, if he really existed, want to exact punishment on what is, in the end, nothing but a configuration of electrical currents?

    8. He took all of the due punishment for sin and when He turned over that cup of God’s wrath, there was not one drop left to drink

    9. They were still hurting at the punishment given to them, but they

    10. Alderfolk, I will rescind the punishment given to Monkeynose and

    11. We might well have been in the Mourning Fields where the spirits roam in everlasting punishment

    12. He has a somberness she thinks she needs as punishment for drinking too much

    13. I still considered sleep a punishment

    14. Nevertheless, centuries of fine and proper blood were coursing through her adrenalin swollen arteries, and with her unwavering sense of indignation on behalf of underdogs everywhere, she steeled herself for the physical punishment that was about to pour forth upon her head

    15. punishment that was about to pour forth upon her head

    16. responsibility does the individual carry and what is the expected punishment

    17. Punishment has not

    18. She said I have to accept her punishment or theirs

    19. He feels like he is back in school, up in front of the headmaster, only this time punishment is spelled with a capital P

    20. It doesn't seem to bother them when they reminisce, that Mickey manned the secondary strikers’ barricades while Ted was a true blue supporter of capital punishment

    21. punishment for not trying to stop the arrest of his Bishop

    22. Truancy shall be cause for severe punishment, specifics of which to be determined by the newly elected School Committee whose plenary powers in these matters may be redressed only by petition, whose subscribers must number over half the current enrollment of the School at the time of submission

    23. 19This will be the punishment of Egypt and the punishment of all the

    24. the punishment that brought us

    25. players were being subjected to cruel and unusual punishment, and their sons who

    26. To me having to wear a suit and tie violates one of our constitutional amendments against cruel and unusual punishment to high school students

    27. The workmen, accordingly, very seldom derive any advantage from the violence of those tumultuous combinations, which, partly from the interposition of the civil magistrate, partly from the superior steadiness of the masters, partly from the necessity which the greater part of the workmen are under of submitting for the sake of present subsistence, generally end in nothing but the punishment or ruin of the ringleaders

    28. "And when his punishment is over, you may refer to him as Tetloan

    29. It is a punishment put on them for something they did so long ago that no star now knows what it was

    30. would undoubtedly lead to a punishment he considered far

    31. Psychopathically hard men made harder by a system of punishment as opposed to reformation

    32. truly believed that no punishment could be worse than the

    33. ‘He’s taken a lot of punishment by the looks of him –

    34. Her scowl said that Nerissa would suffer a harsh punishment later

    35. Surely she wouldn’t administer the punishment, herself

    36. punishment when he presented himself to the Bailli of

    37. Unless, the inflicting punishment will be drastic and

    38. but I don’t know what the punishment was for

    39. sevenfold; the punishment for stealing is to pay what was stolen back

    40. Gods… but must they hate her so completely? Wasn’t the loss of all her family punishment enough? And then the rapes and mutilation she’d accepted on the Thallia

    41. A clear demonstration of the punishment if answers weren’t prompt

    42. When he finds a satisfying cause for punishment, he seems the sort who’ll thrash me within a dactylos of my life

    43. From what she gathered, it wasn’t even considered a punishment

    44. From his grinding teeth, she could see that he was planning a harsh punishment

    45. Any untoward behaviour could result in severe punishment, or even being sold as a slave

    46. punishment, Berenice hadn’t hesitated for a moment

    47. punishment you can face on this earth in a court of law, yet do not believe this

    48. is not a punishment for them

    49. This would be called " cruel and unusual punishment"

    50. Hel is a place of eternal punishment, but there is a difference

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    penalisation penalization penalty punishment castigation chastisement correction