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    put up with

    1. and they continue to not live up to those expectations, how long are you going to put up with those inconsistencies in your life? How long are you going to put up with broken expectations from someone else in your life?

    2. ‘Nothing, just put up with it

    3. "Oook, I'd hate to have to put up with that

    4. "In that case I'm glad you don't have to put up with it," Alan said

    5. "And you put up with that?"

    6. Ben’s unhealthily nice to his sister all day Saturday; it’s a decided relief when it’s time for me to take Katie to meet Jake – couldn’t have put up with much more of his ‘niceness’

    7. ‘You’ll just have to put up with me with a day’s growth then – I refuse to shave in cold water, Sally!’

    8. Women have to put up with man's sexless pre-occupations because

    9. put up with it anymore? Within two weeks she had

    10. country club, I’ve had to put up with the airs and bloody graces of

    11. “You’re sick! I don’t have to put up with this crap!” She was on her way to the door again

    12. Every day you put up with it and you don’t have to

    13. You have to feel pretty secure in a relationship to put up with that sort of close friend in your spouse

    14. I won't put up with this on the job

    15. ‘And where would you find another man who would put up with your funny old ways, that’s what I want to know

    16. ‘It would all add up … give some backing to why she put up with the treatment she got up here

    17. ‘As for the rest of it, why did she put up with such treatment?’

    18. The impression I got was that Karen’s one of those women who want a child and put up with a man long enough to get one, but then pull up the drawbridge

    19. “Yeah that’s right, I can’t train and put up with her Mickey Mouse shit at

    20. Besides, if you had to put up with all the bull that has flown around this place in the last two days, I would’ve had to hospitalize you in Provo

    21. All the bullshit that he’d put up with, Ed Pentoch, the NN—all because a man

    22. one point, but I’ll happily put up with that when the view

    23. Hudson, the landlady of Sherlock Holmes, put up with a lot

    24. put up with much more of this torment!’ said Jean

    25. Still, people could not put up with this

    26. I have put up with your spying on me

    27. I ignored James" ranting as much as possible, but I wondered how his lovely wife, Marianne, put up with it

    28. I nearly laughed out loud at the thought of a couple of dirty sheets and a bit of dust and the squalor disease and filth we had put up with on the peninsula but instead I ended up crying with tears streaming down my face and dripping into the tea on the table

    29. she was willing to put up with the boisterous advances of Guy Ashland!

    30. Though how she put up with him she couldn't imagine

    31. Bert remarked “This is a bag of shit cooped up in these wagons going nowhere fast and now we have to put up with being eaten alive

    32. However nothing seemed to work for long and in the end it was just something that you had to put up with

    33. The public back home must never know what conditions its soldiers had to put up with because as far as they were concerned this was a clean and noble war little did they know

    34. “Well, just think, at least you don’t have to put up with me

    35. That was bad enough but then you had to put up with the lice rats and other vermin that infested the trenches the conditions really were terrible

    36. He had to put up with five other captains on board as

    37. , so you’ll have to put up with me being here for another few minutes

    38. He felt weak, pathetic, knowing that he would put up with anything, just because he couldn’t risk losing her

    39. ” I put up with absolutely no shit from him because when you give him an inch, he takes a mile

    40. Services, even after all this time and why we put up with that young man Christian! In a solicitors office I ask you, that’s all I know

    41. I woke up a new man-boy-kid and I wasn’t going to put up with anything, not even the soft rock hits of the only radio station that would come in clearly on my alarm clock radio

    42. I could have put up with this for another hour or so, but I needed some air, and some

    43. They weren’t serving waffles so he had to put up with toast

    44. The doctor snickered as if to say: “See what I put up with around here?”

    45. "And surely yer can put up with a couple o' 'ours o' someone knocking out the Lambeth Walk fer the money they're going ter pay us?"

    46. "No one else would put up with him

    47. “And since she’s the one who told you about my cancer, she should be the one to have to put up with all the tension between us

    48. As the water pounded on his back, he wondered yet again how anyone could put up with the treatment handed out by the gang and still come back for more

    49. “He’s such jerk! I don’t know how Becky put up with him for so long! There’s nothing resolved at all: she doesn’t even want to see him, that’s why she isn’t here

    50. Thank God he didn’t have to put up with a seven-hour train ride

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