radial sätze

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Radial sätze (in englisch)

  1. The radial seal expands.
  2. The radial burst performed by.
  3. Shakespeare performs a radial burst.
  4. Infusers have the ability to emit radial.
  5. Yeah, but it would take a while, my radial.

  6. Ace emits a small super strength radial burst.
  7. He replicates the radial burst 5 times in a.
  8. It can consider any cut width when figuring radial.
  9. Shakespeare emits a radial burst, throwing up a force.
  10. A radial arm saw is a circular saw which is mounted on.
  11. The radial burst travels like a shock wave to the other.
  12. The car’s radial tires screeched above bustling city noises.
  13. It is a Fairchild MODEL 24, with a 150 horsepower radial engine.
  14. An infinite number of radial rays can be drawn from the center of a.
  15. We've already seen one fly in the ointment in the form of radial chip thinning.

  16. Feedrates were generally a lot slower, so radial chip thinning would seldom be.
  17. Use a calculator like G-Wizardthat has radial chip thinning to avoid this problem.
  18. He had suffered severe-to-moderate blood loss secondary to the tearing of the radial artery.
  19. The Pentagon consisted of five concentric pentagonal rings intersected by ten radial corridors.
  20. A cold snap (-40 0C), before winter began, fractured one of the cylinders in the radial engine.
  21. It would seem that an electron should be able to orbit around the nucleus at any radial distance.
  22. The second shot went through his left wrist, without shattering bone, but missed the radial artery.
  23. It was just a mild inflammation of something, impinging on a radial nerve right in between his shoulder blades.
  24. This scale is loosely seated by means of the stands 8 on the axle of the gear 9 and supported by means of radial bonding 8.
  25. The car licked forward with a screech from the expensive radial tires put on for precisely this kind of breakneck situation.

  26. Rest fingers lightly at the front of the wrist, over the radial artery, about 1cm (3⁄8in) from thumb side at lower end of forearm.
  27. The three pairs of Hercules radial engines with their variable pitch propellers came to life on top of the back of the 100-foot long hovercraft.
  28. The latter, his vision blocked partly by his big Mitsubishi Kinsei 44 14-piston radial engine, didn’t see the small silhouette waiting for him.
  29. One radial engine that had flown off one of the two bombers then hit one of the NATE fighters still trying without success to catch the two P-40s.
  30. Geiger could now physically feel the power of the four big radial engines of the C-142 as it was about to pivot on the spot to present its rear ramp to him.
  31. There was no forward motion in the spiraling, radial routes of my stories, ranging from Sunday school lessons to Green Eggs and Ham to seventeenth-century epics.
  32. Her AC-142GT was actually a refurbished model of the plane that had been serving since 1942, with its original four radial piston engines replaced by more powerful and also much more reliable turboprop engines.
  33. It has a cruising speed of 310 miles per hour and a top speed of 360 miles per hour at altitude, thanks to its four Pratt & Whitney R-4360-20 WASP MAJOR radial engines, each of which can produce up to 3,500 horsepower.
  34. It was actually a pleasure to fly, making Ingrid feel truly alive with the power of its 2,100 horsepower Pratt & Whitney R-2800-34W Double Wasp radial engine as she flew off towards the Northwest with the three French pilots.
  35. The rotation speed of 10 and, hence the accuracy of reading are adjusted by rotating the vanes 7 around their axis (radial direction) changing the aerodynamic resistance and by controlling the friction of 11 on Z3 by means of the screw 13.

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