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    radio waves

    1. there is the static hum of radio waves and hoodless voices on talk shows

    2. around us in the form of radio waves, x-rays, infrared,

    3. between the worlds prevented the passage of radio waves, in much

    4. station broadcasts radio waves

    5. This rock is emitting radio waves, using the exact same packet structure that we use

    6. “It’s already sending out intense enough radio waves to reach any of our installations so I can’t see it would make any difference

    7. The ship races with the invisible radio waves streaming towards Earth

    8. In radio waves

    9. Of radio waves

    10. This was a top-secret satellite that could transmit data at speeds much higher than radio waves, using electromagnetic pulses that arrived at the galaxy of Hell within minutes

    11. Radar (Radio detection and ranging): the method of locating objects by radio waves which are transmitted, reflected, and received, illuminated by a cathode ray screen

    12. This was confirmed in 1989 when physicist Wayne Itano and his colleagues at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, Colorado, observed 5,000 beryllium atoms confined in a magnetic field and then exposed to radio waves

    13. would also include radio waves and infrared waves on

    14. plasma wil be low, mostly in the microwave region, but would also include radio waves and infrared waves

    15. include radio waves and infrared waves on either side

    16. those radio waves what we hear through the radio?

    17. What on earth… well not on earth… could reflect radio waves from a pulsar 73

    18. ) But what on… in hell… could reflect radio waves so perfectly? Some kind of… No

    19. So it absorbs most visible light, but reflects microwaves and radio waves

    20. There is no outer atmosphere, as you suspected or else the radio waves would have been slightly scattered and not reflected so uniformly, although the black sphere planet has more than enough gravity to hold an atmosphere

    21. You can’t communicate to it through micro or radio waves because those will be reflected

    22. Strangely, their Realm’s devices worked there as well, even without electricity or radio waves (which were just another form of the energy of magic

    23. But after a while, you‘d realise the only way to explain the music is to assume there are invisible radio waves in the air, and this box simply captures those waves and translates them into sound – even though you couldn‘t prove it

    24. It was his father’s face transmitted through radio waves from his planet

    25. Light, radio waves and other electromagnetic radiation

    26. If all forms of electromagnetic radiation can attract/repel, radio waves will cause

    27. a different reality than radio waves

    28. This was due to the fact that the message was sent by standard radio waves as opposed to subspace radio

    29. He found the use of the word, “live,” ironic, since the radio waves he was recording would have been transmitted roughly seventy-six hours ago to have reached this point in space

    30. HARM: High Speed Anti-Radiation Missile: A missile specifically designed to home in on the radio waves generated by a radar antenna

    31. He reasoned that if radio waves, as

    32. The science of radio waves

    33. in training our brains to pick up radio waves

    34. But picking up radio waves and

    35. This helps in catching radio waves from other Vasudevs

    36. How can we separate all of the radio waves that fill our entire life space? All objects perceived by us in this Space, including all Forms used by our UFS, are Configurations of waves manifested in Space in a special way (quantum-holographously)

    37. All that happens in the receiver is just a frequency modulation of radio waves, a manifestation of specific properties of electromagnetic induction in space

    38. All these SLUI-SLUU-dynamics are projected into your Self-Consciousness in the same way as, for example, radio waves from the air simultaneously broadcasted by many radio stations are continuously received and can be voiced by a radio receiver

    39. Now since it could take anywhere from 4 minutes to 42 minutes for radio waves

    40. Radio waves traveling at

    41. how to make radio waves travel faster than the speed of light

    42. There is no way to communicate with a ship traveling at warp speed, radio waves would never

    43. The more energy it sucks in, the more powerfully it spews gamma rays and radio waves out of its two polar orifices

    44. It was as though they had been transmitted over on some kind of radio waves

    45. realize the only way to explain the music is to assume there are invisible radio waves in

    46. Astrophysicists have now ascertained, by calculating the velocity of radio waves and colour of the light spectrum i

    47. After billions of years this material and energy has slowly cooled and slowed down so that today astrophysicists can pick up radio waves and signals coming in from all directions of the Universe

    48. Computers can be connected with cables or telephone lines, or they can connect wirelessly with radio waves, fiber-optic lines, or even infrared signals

    49. Other types of network infrastructures eliminate cables entirely and transmit signals using what is known as unbounded media, such as radio waves, infrared, and microwaves

    50. A number of wireless physical layer implementations use radio waves, infrared or laser light, microwaves, and other technologies

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