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    1. The young man frowned at Brandon for interrupting his rapture

    2. ” It is at the coming of Jesus that we shall be changed into our glorified bodies, and it is not at the rapture

    3. From these texts, I actually assert there is no rapture in the sense of escaping

    4. of heaven, the rapture on a biscuit that is waking,

    5. Reverently stepping to the window, she was caught up in the rapture of the moment

    6. One that filled him with rapture and dread at the same time

    7. I could have walked away and all these people with their silly hats, all they could have done was go all wild-eyed and insist that I thought about it once more, and then perhaps cry alone or en masse for the coming Revelation, Armageddon, Rapture, or whatever they wanted to call the huge bitch-slapping that was about to hit home

    8. be at the rapture of the church (Christians)

    9. believers will be awarded at the rapture

    10. He tilted his face up in sheer rapture at the loveliness of the clear lime-green leaves above him with the sun shining through

    1. Some have reasoned that this restrainer is the Holy Spirit, and so we must be raptured out in order for the end to come

    2. Once again, I ask the question, “Is this then the ‘end of days,’ the final one, where physical time comes to an end for humankind, where a remnant is seemingly removed, raptured while all others are accosted by a series of catastrophes with extinction as its final note?”

    3. (God could have just "raptured" them away from trouble if there was a

    4. are not "raptured" away

    5. checklist of what you will experience after we are Raptured:

    6. all true Christians would be Raptured in the end times

    7. It is amazing to realize that humans have already been Raptured, is it not?

    8. run its course, then, according to the blasphemy of this theory, all true Christians are Raptured

    9. This scheme states that Christians will be Raptured after the completion of the first three and

    10. The Church is nowhere mentioned because it has been Raptured

    1. The chef was in raptures at the thought of preparing a meal for you for the first time

    2. Whilst with high raptures, and as great success,

    3. And all its dizzy raptures

    4. “Mini” Raptures Have Occurred in Bible History

    5. A level that raptures us from this earthly vessel to an understanding of the deepest meaning of Truth and its’ Goodness

    6. There was a sight of satisfaction and raptures in his every expression

    7. His etiquette was quite impressive; full of raptures

    8. Visualizing Raja’s manhood in motion, while Roopa went oral at the source of its lubrication in her mate’s frame, Sandhya went into raptures craving for her man’s presence, even as her mate, as though to taste him, savored her where he mounted

    9. Before everything, the arriving tourist wants to know where he will get the best dinner and what it will cost; and not until that has been settled will there be, if ever, raptures

    10. The guide-book's raptures about Baabe rang hollow

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