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    1. In recent years it has become clear that not only does interest and capacity for sex continue well beyond menopause, but that many women report an increased enjoyment of sex because worries about unwanted pregnancy are no longer a concern

    2. According to recent surveys, the most popular therapies in the west are osteopathy, chiropractic, homeopathy, acupuncture and aromatherapy

    3. Recent Memory Loss that Affects Job Performance

    4. At least Herndon had never been with Tdeshi, unlike other recent lovers in her life

    5. Recent studies have shed light on this phenomenon

    6. With toddlers, suggest that parents show your grandchild a recent picture of you as you talk over the phone

    7. So, while you should continue to shift your portfolio towards bonds you should still keep a part of investment in the stock market, which have in recent decades generated real returns

    8. Much to the puzzlement of recent experts, Blitzer has worn the beard of T

    9. This site provides information about all the recent government announcements and important judgements related to direct and indirect taxes and related laws

    10. Health related issues for over the age of 50, scientific discoveries, satellite and telescope pictures of recent discoveries are some of its highlights

    11. from here, I’ve often visited this spot in recent days and the leap of faith required by

    12. She was twenty-eight and a recent

    13. I was simply calling by in courtesy to let you know that I will be investigating the recent incident in the Sunnyvale estate

    14. signs of any other recent maintenance, it was at least clear all the way up the back of

    15. ‘Yes … It was hell leaving everything behind as I did, but, just as the view from the top of a hill shows you what lies in the valley far more clearly than you can ever see when you are in the valley itself, it gave me a chance to analyse things … my emotions … recent events … without all the clutter

    16. It's been a long time, if I was to be revived from backup, shouldn't you have used a more recent backup?"

    17. "I wish I was more sure I wasn't a clone," Glenelle said, "Wouldn't they have sent you more recent ones?"

    18. Direct connection to the international skin-trade and human organ trafficking was a recent addition to his portfolio of accomplishments

    19. She could look up a short bio of everyone on that crew, and a few more recent notes on those that survive

    20. Airport security is familiar with these items due to their popularity with journalists in recent years

    21. I spent some time running this most recent conversation through in my head

    22. It was a wonderful moment, a surreal phase in my recent procession towards solitary understanding

    23. It should be a recent one and please do not

    24. In one way it was hard to believe they had parked that there a whole mortal lifetime ago, in another it seemed like recent history

    25. According to recent information, some of the slaves got away of their own volition

    26. ‘At least it explains why you’ve taken the recent attack so calmly

    27. He stopped and half turned to her, trying to smile but clearly the memory of the recent migraine attack was still haunting him

    28. If in the moment of need the most recent of members to the Body of Christ speaks up with full authority of the Holy Spirit, then he or she has the spiritual authority

    29. ‘The truth – that you’re exhausted by your recent experiences

    30. The most recent map said there was still farmland between them and the swamp, this was probably that farmland, but the map was out of date

    31. Who had ever been important to her? Knume and Klarrain in recent times, Lockwailee back in the late 40's

    32. As a result of the recent eruption of Vesuvio, the sunsets are fantastic … deep reds streaking across the sky, interwoven with oranges and greens, resulting in the most amazing displays

    33. He had the most recent plates with him, a whole series of observations of the null point asteroids and their unexplained motions of the past year

    34. On a recent run, Kate and Daniel noticed a change in attitude between the camp and the town folk

    35. There was some speculation on the 'threads' that were seen reaching from one boulder to another in some observations in some recent postings

    36. According to recent medical research, lack of vitamin E can produce sterility in both sexes, miscarriage, and loss of hair

    37. Before his recent retirement James Cameron’s octopine good fortune reached its happy tentacles out to touch every aspect of his life, not the least part of which was his stunningly beautiful eldest daughter, the delightfully named Cyberia

    38. It has been these recent months that he has been having these dreams on a steady basis

    39. ‘How many people live here?’ I asked, fascinated by the recent exchange and what it says about monastic life

    40. She felt the rough calloused fingers of someone she had come to know well in recent weeks and her shoulders immediately began to heave in a great, heartfelt wail

    41. It was widely reported in the leafier lanes of suburban south London that after the local church’s recent summer fete Miss Jones had sampled the sherry and become extremely eloquent on the subject

    42. All of the political parties identified with her recent struggle, praising her for her actions, and she was held up as a paragon of good old fashioned and traditional values by the true blues of the political firmament

    43. In recent years this combination of valour and commitment has been ably demonstrated by many of the parliamentarians who congregate at Westminster

    44. During recent periods of parliamentary jousting one politician above all others has become synonymous with the ruthless pursuit of truth and the calling to account of those who would betray the allied boons of principle and practicality

    45. During the telephone call the businessman decided not to remark on the fact that he had seen the fisherman sitting on the beach with his rods and his lines on more than one occasion during his recent trips down to the south coast to seal the deal on his new factory with the local council planning authorities

    46.  Only the most recent Web page state is retained in the Web browser history folder

    47. The world has seen many marvels during recent years, and one of the many things that helps to illustrate the fusion of technical modernism with the established status quo is the way in which England’s ancient feudal institutions have embraced the social and political structures of modern times

    48. A sizable number of women entered the competition too, for the country has, in recent times, embraced social inclusiveness and is open to a wide variety of ideas

    49. Wondered if he didn't even want that? He knew relations with cherubs were becoming more common on the ship in recent years

    50. At first, when the cherub’s blush still burned crimson upon the new Mrs Roach’s cheek, this new nuclear family, being father, son, mother and daughter, enjoyed the full warmth and vigour of recent fusion

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