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    1. I preferred to lay under my towel within the safety of the shore, enjoying an ice cream and watching my uncle struggle with his wet suit before he curved into the sea like a dolphin only to reappear sometime later and regale me with stories of seals, gentle basking sharks, forests of stunning pink corals and walls of bright coloured jewel anemones he said he saw on his dives

    2. I was wondering if there are any nice pubs in the area where I could regale you with food

    3. Harry simply smiled noncommittally and enjoyed listening to Kaitlyn regale her father with her insights and thoughts regarding peoples and places, their histories and significance, which had so impressed her into a re-examination of her own perspectives on the world in which she was beginning to find herself

    4. She would regale

    5. When he hesitated, she added, “You’re welcome to stay out here and regale me with tales of your bedroom exploits, but I assume you want some sleep

    6. He’d have another nice scar with which to regale his drinking pals when he got home

    7. Asking to send her father just to regale his wife, which world did he belong, she must have been wondering

    8. Nithya was urged to sing songs to regale grandma

    9. I had little to do with Park personally except on visits back to Ithaca, when he would regale me with his growing list of accomplishments

    10. We’d gotten used to our monthly two-couple lunches where he would regale us with the many triumphs regarding his rather interesting professional life

    11. We'd gotten used to our monthly two-couple lunches where he would regale us with the many

    12. They are invited from all over the world and regale the community with fantastic

    13. „That"s a list too long to regale you with at the moment

    14. would with stories him regale

    15. Aureliano Segundo did not let the chance go by to regale his cousins with a thunderous champagne and accordion party that was interpreted as a tardy adjustment of accounts with the carnival, which went awry because of the jubilee

    16. "Under the patriarchal system, the regale and the pontifical were united

    17. I do not wish to regale you with the arsenal available to the lawyers, or on the lack of information forthcoming from their offices of how far your repayment is coming

    18. regale the dead, and are extracted early the next morning by low-caste

    19. Having devised his ingenious plan Mohammad Amin continued to regale the sultan with so many imaginary details of the battle and his proficient defence tactics for more than an hour until the sultan felt as if he was actually experiencing the battle for himself as he listened intently, full of admiration for ‘General Saleem’ and his military strategy that had turned potential failure into victory

    20. Then they may regale the crowd in the chat rooms the next day…

    21. his hand the regale of going over every part of me, neck, breast, belly,

    22. We gave, in short, a loose to mirth; and now, nothing would serve him but giving his hand the regale of going over every part of me, neck, breast, belly, thighs, and all the et caetera, so dear to the imagination, under the pretext of washing and rubbing them; as we both stood in the water, no higher now than the pit of our stomachs, and which did not hinder him from feeling, and toying with that leak that distinguishes our sex, and it so wonderfully water-tight: for his fingers, in vain dilating and opening it, only let more flame than water into it, be it said without a figure

    23. When he went to dinner clubs, the managers begged him to regale the guests

    24. I was often there when Harper got home from day care and later from school, and we always stopped the interviews so she could regale us with what happened that day

    25. Sean would regale me with stories of his conquests

    26. They love to regale us with their predictions about where the market is going: Up! Down! They go on and on about how interest rates and oil production and a butterfly flapping its wings in China will affect the stock market

    27. Still, however, it was her private regale

    28. Who would think, then, that such fine ladies and gentlemen should regale themselves with an essence found in the inglorious bowels of a sick whale! Yet so it is

    29. With what shall I regale you, my reverend

    30. He had drunk nothing at all; for it was his intention to regale himself the last day of the holidays, after he had emptied the pockets of the other prisoners

    31. The captain and the head of the village entered the mud hut to regale themselves

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