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    1. "I saw it on a vid screen down at Dolib's," that was the closest reliable pouring keg to his yard

    2. I arrived a few years later by which time Dad had got himself a reputation as a reliable maths teacher and, when I was seven, we moved down to Plymouth

    3. but the only reliable one, because it is the prescription of God Himself

    4. That’s a safe and reliable little car, I believe, and anyway, I must have a chat with her

    5. Once the bussard drive was only a matter of time, no one launched anything for thirty years while they waited for a reliable bussard to go into production

    6. With that, they figured it would be no more than seventy years until a reliable source of new souls would be available

    7. I certainly have no doubt; from what I have seen of Caderl we can trust him – he seems a pretty solid reliable sort of man

    8. with the same mentality that produces reliable

    9. ‘Gemino, the kahtmaster, is reliable and will look after you

    10. Lateness is good indication to women that you’re not reliable and that you can’t be counted on

    11. We talked about the property David had left, discussing the different options open to us, suggesting that it might be best to keep the house for the time being, depositing anything precious in storage and, putting it in the hands of a reliable agent, letting it out until such time as Abi was of age

    12. In other words be both reliable and consistent

    13. David’s three years older and has always been there - my reliable, bossy, big brother

    14. She wondered if he would remember, he wasn’t the most reliable person around

    15. It wasn't right and she knew it, shaking her head to shed the thoughts from her mind, she quickly removed the soft sweater and pulled her old reliable nightgown over her head

    16. The technology was early when humans were created and not as reliable as genetics that had arisen naturally

    17. watching the house, this utterly reliable fellow of yours?’

    18. Searching through his dresser, she discovered her old reliable, wadded up in the top drawer

    19. centuries as reliable stayers

    20. I know Tuggots is no longer the most reliable tail and his condition gets worse every year

    21. group, grateful that she had a reliable and safe escort

    22. character, then it can be accepted as reliable

    23. I have it from reliable

    24. Reliable sources said that

    25. The pool would be a reliable source of drinking water, good for bathing, too

    26. Shadr would still be out of horses to sell, but the Guild had a very loyal breeder for a contact, one who never seemed to lack reliable and sturdy steeds

    27. “I have a fairly reliable contact in Hjaalmarch

    28. Speaking of Hjaalmarch and his reliable contact, there was one more bit of business he needed to address

    29. How many times had they heard the stories that Helda’s father had recounted about the miracles that the God of the Hebrews had performed way back then? Now they were actually hearing similar stories from a reliable witness

    30. Miklos, fearless and reliable, would have stood ready with clean linen to bind the wound

    31. Practice is the eternal, egoless world of unchanging and therefore reliable reality

    32. The following would be among the best, most reliable and most commonly used by internet marketers:

    33. It was also entirely likely that the eastern city, one so full of characters almost charming for their dubious yet reliable connections, would yield the intelligence he sought

    34. com displays a list of reliable mediums and their contact information

    35. Since then he has proved to be a most reliable and effective member of the sales team

    36. Levi didn’t love blacksmith work, but, as he himself told me, “You can’t turn your back on a reliable income Jimmy

    37. ‘And with more reliable tech

    38. He was a tall, fair-haired and pale-skinned man in his mid-thirties who was reliable but tended to annoy her

    39. B: -- If we were created by God and He wanted people to know that his Word is true and the information contained therein reliable, would he not then authenticate his Word in some way or form? When you examine a dollar bill or money in any other currency – you will normally find things like watermarks, metallic strips and various other authentication devices that would tell you that the money that you are holding in your hand is the real thing and not a fake

    40. At the time, there were no reliable Greek concordances available to the standard that Panin required and so it was necessary to create these from scratch

    41. ‘Roidon had been working on this to create a more precise, more reliable exposure than his original device

    42. Looking at the evidence that Jews give for their belief that “the servant” is meant to be the nation Israel, it would at first glance seem to be a very plausible and reliable explanation, but this is true only if the evidence, that is presented, is considered in isolation

    43. If all prophecies in the Bible are reliable and are proven to be 100% accurate, what does the day of God’s vengeance have in store and when will this happen? We will look at this later

    44. The New Testament Documents: Are They Reliable? 5th rev

    45. But that was reliable

    46. Improving your golf game is the entire reason to experience the latest software available, however there are many older versions of reliable software that may suit your needs completely

    47. said this was unsatisfactory but that if Hawes could produce any reliable evidence, he would be glad to receive it

    48. Memories were seldom reliable, but the average human brain could store almost as much information as a standard PDU computer

    49. This type of communication technology was not entirely reliable

    50. Trouble was, however realistically TIAR could represent actual societies the program ran up against limits, when the most reliable input was from human memory whether present or past recorded

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