relic sätze

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Relic sätze (in englisch)

  1. Have you got the holy relic.
  2. Touch him as if he is a relic.
  3. Pon wants see the relic?
  4. We had the rings and the relic!.
  5. The correct relic abundance can.

  6. Then he saw the relic sitting in.
  7. An old relic of the last century.
  8. Nor is this rift a persisting relic.
  9. For them, it is like a relic of 1830.
  10. In short, the relic was a strange one.
  11. The supposed relic is merely a point.
  12. They are the oldest relic of my people.
  13. It’s more of a relic than anything.
  14. Dave piloted the Odyssey toward the relic.
  15. Pon asked Spock if he could have the relic.

  16. It is but a relic, a vestige, an emblem, a.
  17. What about Nick and the relic? asked Stu.
  18. Is the relic in there? pointing at his bag.
  19. Let go of Genet and save the relic before it was.
  20. Relieved of his precious relic, Genet had become a.
  21. They are rather old and a State Relic, he ordered.
  22. Where is the sacred relic? Pon snarled, in Thai.
  23. Eventually the sacristan returned – the relic held.
  24. In some place, for example, there may be a relic of a.
  25. The relic was an oval shaped box with rounded off sides.

  26. And a single Relic Knight won’t be able to stop me.
  27. I lied when I told you I didn't know what the Relic was.
  28. Pon climbed up, replaced the holy relic and climbed down.
  29. It’s a relic of my bachelor days, Henry whispered.
  30. Then the black cat is Lunesia! You’re Relic Knights!.
  31. It was as if specific demands were a relic of a former age.
  32. They want to scan you and try to find out where the Relic is.
  33. Any relic of the dead is precious, if they were valued living.
  34. Do what you will, you cannot annihilate that eternal relic in.
  35. That had been nice of the King to trust you with the relic.
  36. What’s strange about it? It’s another relic of a bygone era.
  37. His hand felt light and limp, barely a relic of something greater.
  38. It is but a relic, a vestige, an emblem, a lingering trace of the.
  39. I’d found it! After all these years I had finally found the relic.
  40. It was white with blue embossed letters, a relic from another world.
  41. BLOOM: (With feeling) It is nothing, but still, a relic of poor mamma.
  42. The whole world if they ever managed to get their hands on the Relic.
  43. He glanced at the large green emerald that was next to the holy relic.
  44. But this place, from the looks of it, was a genuine relic of the past.
  45. Grimes knew he needed to get the relic and targets away from Thailand.
  46. More importantly, as the Keeper, he is also responsible for the Relic.
  47. I was wearing an old 1970’s watch [a relic of my col ecting days] and.
  48. One of the old Kings bound the core of it and made it into a State Relic.
  49. Califia wasn't murdered any more than that Mount Lowe Egyptian relic was.
  50. I have it lying on my shelf now, I keep it as a precious relic of the past.
  51. This relic radiation is known as the cosmic microwave background radiation.
  52. Norm then went to his drawer and removed the relic and placed it on the table.
  53. It was a massive and ancient daedalus sleepership, a relic from a century ago.
  54. These keys unlock the Relic of Perth that came from the lands of Athgar on Earth.
  55. This relic is a favorite object of pilgrimage, as it is believed to cure diseases.
  56. They booked Abdul in at the Marriott Hotel and arranged a safety box for the relic.
  57. So, why doesn't he just rehide the relic, and then Dad wouldn't know where it is.
  58. Chuckling, he stopped to admire the relic before him, pleased at his own selection.
  59. Do you think he made it to where they were keeping the relic? Loric asked her.
  60. Taksin, Pon, Kim, Vitchae and Cenat took the relic to the temple of the sacred light.
  61. The relic would be wrapped in a thin lead sheet that would appear hollow on x–ray.
  62. Jim was just wheeling his black relic to a stop next to hers; the girls were with him.
  63. To some, gold is a barbarous relic, to others, it’s a currency whose time has come.
  64. He thrust me into that dark hiding-place—a relic of old days, known only to himself.
  65. Today, unless you work for the government, a pension is a relic; a financial dinosaur.
  66. We will question her further there, as we examine the effects of the ring on the relic.
  67. Dao and Moo couldn’t understand what he meant by relic, and became scared and confused.
  68. The submersible was a relic from the China-Russian conflict forty-seven years previously.
  69. Pon telephoned Lee and told him he had the relic and asked whether he had heard anything.
  70. They must have assumed that it was us three who had stolen the relic all those years ago.
  71. There, he said, I will give that to my mum and tell her it’s a priceless relic.
  72. Naturally, today it is no longer used and stands there as an interesting relic of the past.
  73. Smoke has aptly been said to be the formless relic of an object that has been consumed or.
  74. Pon spat some blood out of his mouth and replied that he was trying to trace the holy relic.
  75. The correct relic abundance can be obtained if the dark matter couples to the conventional.
  76. Charleston sits and smiles behind its jalousie blinds—a conservative relic of Huguenot days.
  77. Leroy Edwin Froom: Smoke has aptly been said to be the formless relic of an object that has.
  78. Those were the places I’d imagined making a home with my consort, not this huge echoing relic.
  79. The little man snatched the parchment back and held it in two hands as if displaying a holy relic.
  80. He entered the room and caught a glimpse of the holy relic that was slightly dented from the fall.
  81. He takes the picture from Brian, very gently, holding it the way you would hold a priceless relic.
  82. The Soulstone was a powerful magical relic, and the prized symbol of the Church of the Resurrection.
  83. Doubtless the B’tari would survive, whilst surrounded by some primitive relic of early evolution.
  84. This woman was clearly a relic from the Dark Ages, steeped in what Grammy would have called hoo-hah.
  85. We want possession of this relic and, the voice continued as the picture on the screen changed.
  86. With no atmosphere to support combustion, the relic glowed brightly from the heat of the explosions.
  87. The policemen glanced beyond to the Erector-set-papier mâché relic constricted in the Electric Chair.
  88. Two grips that curved out from the sides of the relic were where the ring bearers grasped it in unison.
  89. Only one relic however had eluded him, and cost the life of his closest advisor, and friend Abdul Bhunto.
  90. I had never been this close to finding the relic of Perth in all the long years that I’d hunted for it.
  91. Taksin had told Pon of the investigation and Pon confirmed that the relic would be in his possession soon.
  92. Do you realise the power and potency of this relic, should it exist and should it actually be found?
  93. They fetched Pon over to the table and told him that Spock, the great white monk, would bring down the relic.
  94. Spock took the relic from his pocket and gave it to Pon and told him that his bag was still in Grimes office.
  95. They assured Pon that the relic was safe and he was welcome to stay with them until they returned to Pattaya.
  96. The inspection of the relic and transfer of funds would take place in their second floor room at the Dolphin.
  97. One shell that hit the Kearsarge’s sternpost, failed to explode and survives today as a relic of the battle.
  98. Grimes deceived them for over an hour about the exchange and their release, once the relic had been verified.
  99. My fingers closed over the treasured relic of my mother’s and I leaned my head down onto Flint’s shoulder.
  100. Smoke has aptly been said to be the formless relic of an object that has been consumed or decomposed, by the.

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