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    1. Encapsulating in the mechanisms of storage, retrieval and query is the most basic feature of a Repository

    2. NET to implement repository pattern Controller would have 2 constructors on

    3. parameterless for framework to call, and the second one which takes repository as an input:

    4. If only they could deal with the stiff by clicking a button and filing its life away in some Interweb repository

    5. While the acquired information itself, the repository of data, whether correct or incorrect, comes and goes through the doors of memory ad infinitum if you will

    6. It is the repository of earliest reason as much as language itself

    7. Each of these centers, mentioned thus far, also have a representation in the physiology of the human brain complex, as does the intellectual center, that great repository of potential connections in the gray matter of the noggin

    8. “I dunno, sort of book of the stars? You’ve heard the word ‘Necronomicon’ which means ‘book of the dead’, well this thing is a vast repository of information about the stars

    9. She looked at Mellors and saw no repository in that brow for sweet memories or even an understanding of their importance to others

    10. The New Testament part of the Bible, a major repository of a more recent “Wisdom of the Ages,” some would say a distillation of all that it is, says that Jesus is the “Son of God

    11. Mind seemed to be something more tangible, but still an intangible repository of memories, dreams, thoughts, and desires both expressed and silently contemplated

    12. In an early interpolation it was seen to somehow be connected with the brain’s repository, the head, which was what we were supposed to use before we acted, as we encountered things that we were already supposed to know about

    13. The intellect or understanding, as distinguished from the faculties of feeling or willing; the repository of intelligence

    14. Surely the repository contained in two sets of DNA was beyond human imagination

    15. These help to analyze the risks and to build risk repository

    16. Similarly the organizational process assets like sample plans repository, estimation repository, risk repository, etc can be demonstrated by SQA to project to make them aware and use them

    17. Every theory is a repository of anxiety and a source of comfort—including this one

    18. Amused by the womanś eagerness, Clarity watched her take her place and run quickly to the fruit repository at the end of the deck, where Mr

    19. by COMDT to be the repository for their respective information

    20. Additionally, there are six nuclear fuel fabricating facilities for fabrication and enrichment, one nuclear fuel reprocessing plant and four waste disposal facilities for waste management, storage and repository

    21. But you, my dear, left a very obvious and glaring calling card, one that will alert Varameer to the break-in and cause him to check the repository and interrogate the golem closely

    22. And thus do they pervert and distort the Scriptures, making them the guide to slavish details of the daily life and an authority in things nonspiritual instead of appealing to the sacred writings as the repository of the moral wisdom, religious inspiration, and the spiritual teaching of the God-knowing men of other generations

    23. They are also as much the repository of experience as are

    24. No longer the repository of male sexuality, she is not considered

    25. “Huntington College and Antiquities Repository

    26. Brinks was a repository assistant, or ‘wormer’ as they were called here

    27. Then he realised that the roof would lead to the roof of the Repository and he suddenly caught on

    28. Ongoing initiative is to create a repository of psychology images that can be freely

    29. The spirit is the usual repository of those souvenirs and normal brains cannot read directly the knowledge inside the spirit

    30. This is the repository of all the rules and morality we've been taught

    31. Commerce: Many web servers are involved with commerce and money and have thus become a repository for sensitive financial information, making them an attractive target for attackers

    32. The reason for majority of the Nigerian firms not having online ordering and payment capabilities is not farfetched, web servers involved with commerce and money are a repository for sensitive financial information, making them an attractive target for attackers and there is also the issue of secure web servers that will safeguard any personal information (like credit card number) that is received or collected on the site

    33. In feng shui, water is said to be a repository of the energy called "chi"

    34. Our preliterate consciousness may have died with the early cultures it created, but some form of it survived down the long, dark chain of the collective unconscious, which, as Jung points out, is the repository of all our memories going back to the creation of life itself

    35. lowers of creeds insist that this or that holy book alone is a repository of truth

    36. According to Mahatma Buddh, so long as a man has only partial knowledge he regards himself as a repository of great wisdom, but as he begins to learn

    37. 'They are a repository of ancient knowledge and it would be a sin to destroy them

    38. Data repository A database acting as an information storage facility, usually without analysis or querying functionality

    39. Jung wrote: your unconscious is your history and the collective unconscious is the shared repository of the experience of the human race recorded in universal mind

    40. Everything that we can mean by the term “infinite multidimensionality” is a structural element of Energy-Plasma, Which represents simultaneously a continuous, inexhaustible Source and an infinite base, Repository of absolutely all Information, all Knowledge, Thoughts, Feelings, emotions, Conceptions and Experience

    41. the highest repository of human

    42. The king is supposed to be the repository of wisdom but this

    43. It was a sort of repository of students from Egypt

    44. Every tool, every machine ever made or manufactured is a repository of human effort, sweat, effort, focus, obsession-energy

    45. A single NASA rocket is a concentrated repository of millions of hours of labor, research, testing, manufacturing, planning, designing, etc… being thrown away

    46. The human subconscious is a repository of all the past mistakes that we have failed to learn from

    47. How deep and how powerful is this 12,000 year-old repository?

    48. The experiential memory tape of our ancestors was designed to replace our missing genetic memory code as a repository of experiential wisdom that should have been used by living humans to evolve further

    49. Suddenly, he is supposed to be the repository of all the wisdom of the invisible past

    50. � Ruth allowed the "No" she felt toward the past fade away and began to see that past as a wonderful repository or library of experiences

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