rosebush sätze

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Rosebush sätze (in englisch)

1. Yes, I think a rosebush would be wonderful.
2. She looked left and found a window by a rosebush.
3. A little rosebush which she had, had dried up, forgotten, in one corner.
4. First, Mink asked the rosebush a question, then called the answer to Anna.
5. Ponder broke off a small stick from a rosebush and used it to comb through Ziggy’s hair.
6. Quickly and silently, so that Bill and Emmy could neither hear nor see him, he pinched a few leaves from the rosebush.
7. Laura sidled into the small space between the rosebush and the house, put the revolver on the window sill, and broke off a rose stem.

8. Florentino Ariza buried her in the former Hand of God ranch, which was still known as the Cholera Cemetery, and he planted a rosebush on her grave.
9. Sometimes, I would look out the window into the yard and watch Hassan and his mother kneeling together, picking tomatoes or trimming a rosebush, talking.
10. When the roses bloomed he would place a flower on her grave if there was no one in sight, and later he planted a cutting taken from his mother’s rosebush.

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