rotate sätze

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Rotate sätze (in englisch)

  1. Rotate it to the left.
  2. The diamond started to rotate.
  3. They just rotate in endless.
  4. Back through kitchen door; rotate.
  5. Opponent will rotate onto his back.

  6. The next step is to rotate the foot.
  7. Let’s rotate, said Jay, my LPO.
  8. I expect this group to rotate command.
  9. See you have to rotate them like this.
  10. They now seemed to rotate on one spot.
  11. Rotate stock, use older material first.
  12. Rotate your head and trunk to one side.
  13. They start to rotate out of the shoulder.
  14. Rotate, push more fire and keep it stable.
  15. Preparing to rotate shields as we come.

  16. Another similar exercise is when you rotate.
  17. NASA could rotate them to spell things at me.
  18. Ensure that both feet rotate the same amount.
  19. This performs the rotate operation on the image.
  20. The UFOs begin to rotate and go semi-invisible.
  21. Let’s rotate, said Jay, my LPO.
  22. Rotate your shopping trips to farmers markets, the.
  23. Instruct the patient to internally rotate their hip.
  24. I rotate my body, and Eugene is there with the knife.
  25. When executing this high kick rotate your body, 47.

  26. Instruct the patient to externally rotate their hip.
  27. This nut cannot rotate but moves along both directions.
  28. It is time to rotate the cube to give a new perspective.
  29. You may rotate and fire on the Soviet killer satellite.
  30. Oh, come on, I said when the key wouldn’t rotate.
  31. Instruct the patient to externally rotate their shoulder.
  32. You get lifetime text ads that rotate on select pages on.
  33. The next step is to flex and rotate the bones of the foot.
  34. These ads rotate randomly on all sites in the network and.
  35. Rotate the shoulder outwards without holding onto the cup.
  36. M: The three states rotate as usual — there is waking and.
  37. Narin agreed to keep the first watch to rotate as they slept.
  38. Rotate the hand in various positions while holding the object.
  39. They continued to rotate in contact with each other as they.
  40. Instruct the patient to rotate their trunk to look behind them.
  41. Thе nеxt ѕtер is tо flеx аnd rotate thе bones оf the.
  42. Ensure that the shoulder does not elevate or internally rotate.
  43. Instruct the patient to rotate their head and trunk to one side.
  44. Instruct the patient to internally rotate their bottom shoulder.
  45. Air rushing into the low pressure area begins to rotate fiercely.
  46. Without warning the giant stones began to simultaneously rotate in.
  47. But Sojourner has six independent wheels that rotate reasonably fast.
  48. By clicking on this circle you can rotate the object about its axis.
  49. And as he glared in amazement, it began to rotate with growing speed.
  51. The hit fish are instantly paralyzed and rotate like a pig over a fire.
  52. With your hands grip your topmost thighs and rotate your inner thighs.
  53. REMEMBER: Rotate cans, so that the contents do not settle, and separate.
  54. Rotate the other foot from the ankle, first one way and then the other.
  55. The ads rotate through the pages and link directly to your store/website.
  56. Along with this current version a hub has to rotate over an axle that 50.
  57. Internally rotate their hips and tie their ankles to the front chair legs.
  58. Rotate your head and trunk to one side and reach behind you with both hands.
  59. Ensure that both feet rotate the same amount and your toes stay on the line.
  60. The corridor seemed to stretch, and rotate, and again he fought his stomach.
  61. Upon landing one wil violently rotate at a low centre of gravity with ones.
  62. On the wallpaper in front of him, roses appear to drift, rotate, swap places.
  63. The sphere continued to rotate, and Thesa saw the faces of many other badgers.
  64. Ensure that the patient does not elevate or internally rotate their shoulder.
  65. Rotate your thighs outwardly, pinning the outer thighs against the floor, so.
  66. This will allow you to rotate items wisely and keep the older foods near the.
  67. The wings slowly rotate clockwise around the body while emitting a blue light.
  68. They also need to rotate their crops if they do not want to exhaust their soil.
  69. Rudder amidships! Rotate to face the other ship! She gave the coordinates.
  70. In summer, a ceiling fan should rotate counterclockwise when viewed from below.
  71. Usually, when you come home, a few guys will rotate out of the platoon.
  72. Galaxies rotate faster without flying apart because of the strong gravitational.
  73. Jesse pulled the whole sword out and then the whole wall started to rotate and.
  74. When he reached a certain stage of fluency in any one language, he would rotate.
  75. The machine can be used to either actively or passively rotate the arms and legs.
  76. Instruct the patient to internally rotate their shoulder with their elbow flexed.
  77. During the daily rotation of the Earth it takes two hours to rotate through each.
  78. These wheels of time/karma/creation rotate to exchange knowledge and perceptions.
  79. Rotate your thighs outwardly, pinning the outer thighs against the floor, so that.
  80. The machine can be used to either actively or passively rotate your arms and legs.
  81. He sat for a long time, watching the view of the planet rotate past under the nose.
  82. The earth below began to rotate just like a compass needle in an electrical storm.
  83. I jerk my chin over her shoulder and we rotate to face them, shoulder-to-shoulder.
  84. When all the ships were in position he called, Polar Rotate on my mark! Mark!.
  85. There are five black belts in our class, and we regularly rotate as sparring partners.
  86. The basic idea is to have a uniform flow of liquid from a tank rotate a turbine wheel.
  87. She moaned around his tongue and began to rotate her hips in time with his manipulations.
  88. Her hips and waist has magnetic energy around them helping her to rotate her flexible body.
  89. Instruct the patient to externally rotate their shoulder with their elbow flexed 90 degrees.
  90. The familiar sensation of a friend’s essence surrounded her as she watched the world rotate.
  91. This causes the reducer Z1 to Z4 to rotate along with the blade 19 of the hydraulic brake 18.
  92. He if you apply it correctly, he should rotate, backwards, and hit his head, on solid ground.
  93. Instruct the patient to rotate their body and kneel on all fours then return to side-sitting.
  94. We’d shipped out in September, and were due to rotate back to the States within a few weeks.
  95. It is going to rotate faster in the beginning and slower towards the end of the spring stroke.
  96. The shield 12 along with the stands and the disc 4 (7) can rotate on a bearing in a housing 15.
  97. Oh, okay, he said, freeing himself from her grasp to spread his arms wide and slowly rotate.
  98. The rest of the day, I’d rotate through outdoor activities, looking for something I was good at.
  99. I raised my last pin, shifted positions, and broke into a sweat when the keyway wouldn’t rotate.
  100. Use your abs to curl your upper torso off the floor and rotate your right shoulder toward left hip.
  1. She had it slowly rotating.
  2. Zeke pointed at the rotating guard.
  3. Rotating the shoulder to a target.
  4. The rotating wind funnel spits him out.
  5. Rotating Wind Power Tower in Dubai, the.
  6. It is a child’s toy rotating on a stick.
  7. They are rotating, almost edge-on to us.
  8. Rotating suites, floors, but never hotels.
  9. A rotating blade would cut the noodles off.
  10. From a satellite, or rotating ball at the.
  11. Rotating it in his hand, feeling its size.
  12. The blades began rotating, and Myers turned.
  13. He had abandoned his plan of rotating shifts.
  14. Raven sat still, his hand rotating and flexing.
  15. Rotating the head, we drive this tension.
  16. They usually contain rotating disks, usually 2.
  17. Finish with your feet apart by rotating your hip.
  19. Rotating the shoulder outwards while holding a cup.
  20. Come, he said, rotating his chair back around.
  21. You've always had a problem with rotating your hips.
  22. Finish with your feet apart by rotating at your hip.
  23. He has been doing UN rotating contracts – which, I.
  24. He took the box again, rotating it slowly, al the while.
  25. The large rotating drum was a sophisticated sensor array.
  26. Rotating the hips, a person shows his current energy state.
  27. Imagine that instead of a rotating cylinder with cutting.
  28. Finish with your foot out to the side by rotating your hip.
  29. The globe was rotating slightly as we watched in amazement.
  30. A jointer consists of two tables, with a rotating knife in.
  31. Rotating his shoulders he leaned back, and looked to Fabian.
  32. Please note that they are adjustable by simply rotating them.
  33. Silas dropped his wings, rotating around the leaping bullfrog.
  34. Rotating its huge block of a head, it looked up at the stars.
  35. Rotating crops is suppose to help the soil increase its yield.
  36. And, while waiting, they turned slowly on their rotating stools.
  37. The earth is rotating and wobbling on a predictable schedule to.
  38. Use one hand to mix the flour and water in a rotating motion from.
  39. Hamilton remained silent, massaging his shoulders, rotating his neck.
  40. The flung bottle slowed and then stopped in midair, rotating gently.
  41. It sat just below me, rotating listlessly among the splintered light.
  42. If the Cat has zero lives, he will fly away forever, rotating crazily.
  43. I especially don’t like the rotating sensor drum on the Path Finder.
  44. Dan grade, the wrist is turned, rotating the palm so that the little.
  45. Practice rotating your hand outwards to empty the beans onto the table.
  46. Combine with a pronator stretch by rotating the stretch board outwards.
  47. The cloaked ship no doubt suspected the rotating drum was part of the.
  48. The floor is slowly rotating, but I can’t make out any of the details.
  49. With a small rotating saw, he gently cut the Bible away from the statue.
  50. The warp nacelles were suspended just above a rotating drum by winglets.
  51. Hour after hour, the men worked, rotating the duties, clumsy with fatigue.
  52. Practice rotating your forearm to touch the ruler on each of the targets.
  53. He was doing a fine job there but needing more she started rotating and.
  54. A star develops from a giant, slowly rotating cloud that consists almost.
  55. If chakras or acupoints are rotating sluggishly or are malfunctioning, en-.
  56. On Monday the electricians burst in to install a rotating fan on the ceiling.
  57. The device was a specially designed jar containing a large rotating cylinder.
  58. Their conversation was constantly rotating in my head and refused to go away.
  59. Use of the common rooms – would there be a rotating schedule for using the.
  60. A rotating watch, representing the various Regions of Gaea, is what is needed.
  61. Linking his hands high over his head, the soldier began thrusting and rotating.
  62. When hearing about planets the first thing that comes to mind is the rotating.
  63. When the face was complete, the sphere stopped rotating, coming to a gentle rest.
  64. For example, Fohat – this is the Spirit, rotating and making hard the Atoms, i.
  65. The observation deck housed a magnific rotating mirror on which either the local.
  66. Fortunately the rotating action of the airlock was very quick and even as Neville.
  67. Another name for Fohat rotating in the Soul – is the Serpent, the Dragon of Wisdom.
  68. A Wheel – this is the same as the rotating Ether – nascent, and then disappearing.
  69. Rotating a disc or gear on this screw could provide rotation for a sunlight reflector.
  70. Graphic 14 A strip pressed against a smooth rotating drum by the force F, mounted on.
  71. This, along with rotating with some really good restaurants in Benghazi, was how it.
  72. They are slowly rotating in a group and floating upwards from the denser ocean water.
  73. He gave the army the day off, rotating the men through a short leave period in Monaki.
  74. He moved his nest often, rotating among several places so as not to attract attention.
  75. Yellow thrust suddenly comes out of the rear of the side wings that are still rotating.
  76. We’d have to come up with a system where NASA could talk by rotating the camera head.
  77. Rotating faster, uncaring how far off the ground he was, all sense of who and where he.
  78. The Fresnel lens at Two Harbors Light was replaced by rotating electric lights in 1970.
  79. She hoped the noise and rotating blades would hold the rest of them at bay, temporarily.
  80. Lov placed an experimental hand upon it, and felt it shift, slowly rotating to the right.
  81. A hydraulic brake 4 (a propeller having 2 blades rotating in a fluid – water, oil, etc.
  82. What are your recommendations on water intake, sleep, rotating foods, food intolerances?
  83. Like a pie, it was divided into three identical pieces and was rotating around its center.
  84. He grasped my hands as he started to move again, rotating his hips, moving deeper into me.
  85. I was one of a rotating roster of big men who took Scout for the walks he so clearly needed.
  86. The crew totals seventeen minus the shut ins, four or so rotating out in cycles of wellness.
  87. Rotating his left shoulder, he stretched the artificial ligaments in the reconstructed joint.
  88. Wheel – this is another name for the Soul, Wheel – it’s the Ether rotating in a circle.
  89. The thorns are slowly rotating on top of the sphere houses, creating a slight humming sound.
  90. The final death is when Kassidor stops rotating ten million centuries from now, he said.
  91. Elizabeth will set up a duty roster that has each of you rotating through the four positions.
  92. Practice moving your hand to touch the targets by rotating your shoulder inwards and outwards.
  93. The tension in the room makes Marie-Laure feel dizzy, as if she can sense the planet rotating.
  94. Fortunately it was not driving the ship forward because it was rotating trying to fire on them.
  95. Outside the window, he could see the metal spine of the space-station slowly rotating above him.
  96. These vibrations are pulsing, and rotating in a positive resonance, whereas fears are the opposite.
  97. Atoms consist of a nucleus and electrons rotating around them, and between them there is emptiness.
  98. Through her view port, Wendy could see the rotating end of the ship as she pumped missiles into it.
  99. Large rotating radar dishes could be observed, mounted high up on key buildings throughout the city.
  100. The farther out to the edge of a rotating wheel the faster one travels, the more action if you will.
  1. He rotated his chair to.
  2. She rotated the screen toward me.
  3. Deek rotated his head to the side.
  4. They would be rotated once a month.
  5. Rhone instinctively rotated on his.
  6. He rotated his reconstructed shoulder.
  7. He rotated his head slowly to one side.
  8. He rotated his chair to see the monitor.
  9. On cue, Frank rotated the top part of his.
  10. The mirrors glittered as they rotated softly.
  11. It rotated very slowly but held its position.
  12. Cherry pie rotated on a display on the counter.
  13. Cabinet posts were rotated among wealthy elites.
  14. As he watched, the chalk drawing rotated though.
  15. He rotated his head, turning sad blue eyes on her.
  16. Locke rotated and flexed his ankles at the thought.
  17. They rotated the staff at Moon Base and replenish.
  18. The lasers rotated to bear on the incoming missiles.
  19. The screams continued as the crank rotated on its own.
  20. Danube as the cup rotated and spun barely missing Neil.
  21. She thought as she rotated the cup around on her table.
  22. After a moment both rotated their heads in acknowledgment.
  23. Earth, in its majestic expanse, slowly rotated beneath him.
  24. The room rotated around her as she reached for a handhold.
  25. The ship rotated around its vertical axis and powered away.
  26. At the same time, he rotated his glider back into the wind.
  27. The handle of the bathroom door rotated and the door opened.
  28. One of the pilots obliged and rotated two of the cameras aft.
  29. Taking my upright stance, I rotated my shoulders to loosen.
  30. You could hear the ceiling fans as they slowly rotated above.
  31. Idly while reading, she rotated her coffee cup in its saucer.
  32. When the wheel was rotated, different constellations appeared.
  33. She bent it more and more, rotated her ankle, pivoted her hip.
  34. As she tried to catch her breath, Sorren rotated his body and.
  35. It is rotated directly from the gear on the drum of the spring.
  36. The girls rotated their craft so they were looking at the drone.
  37. He closed his eyes and rotated back into the direction of travel.
  38. He was rotated to the work gangs as per the Cilliarch’s orders.
  39. He rotated and brought himself to a stop, relative to the station.
  40. Brale rotated a little ball in the panel and pushed several buttons.
  41. The reflection climbed up and down the wall as he rotated the razor.
  42. In a dark tunnel, a block of wall is rotated revealing a secret panel.
  43. I rotated the beer bottles in the ice bucket to make them equally cold.
  44. She pressed … pressed … the key slowly rotated within the housing.
  45. He rotated his wedding ring around on his finger, gaining some comfort.
  46. Carroll rotated his head so he could see all the way around the rooftop.
  47. He noticed as he stood that the podium had already rotated several feet.
  48. It rotated axially to the left and then to the right, and stopped again.
  49. He noticed as he stood that the podium had already rotated a few meters.
  50. He rotated the wineglass with his fingers before raising his eyes to hers.
  51. There is also the rule that during their time in the Temple (they rotated.
  52. Taking the grenade, Zem looked at it carefully and rotated the top of it a.
  53. I took a bight on the wrench, but when I turned it, the pulley just rotated.
  54. She rotated her hips to fit closer as he gently withdrew and returned again.
  55. He rotated it with his foot, until it was lined up with the rays of the sun.
  56. Teddy absently rotated the picture to be parallel with the edges of his desk.
  57. The huge satellite rotated on command and then waited for the firing command.
  58. The two distinctly contrasting forms now rotated together in this odd embrace.
  59. The book slipped forward and the fireplace façade rotated nearly noiselessly.
  60. Still pondering, I was watching the stars as they slowly rotated across the sky.
  61. As the wheel rotated, I held the wrench still, using it instead as a crank to.
  62. The magic note that he was clinging to rotated once again and his vision became.
  63. These squadrons will need to be rotated out and replaced in a few weeks at most.
  64. Brock removed his boot and rotated the heel around to reveal a secret compartment.
  65. Now they rotated in place, bringing their high-trajectory angle-guns into action.
  66. A few of the wind turbines slowly rotated clockwise towards the streaks of waves.
  67. Monica glanced at Harry, then rotated her head back up in the direction of the two.
  68. Make sure patient’s head is not tilted or their face rotated to either side; the.
  69. Ralf rotated a full circle, deciding that he was not really ‘hearing’ the voice.
  70. He smiled at Debbie through the screen, then rotated his drone’s head to address me.
  71. The inner dial on the arch rotated, clicked into position, and the portal came to life.
  72. But you know if you rotated your hips a little bit more you would kick the ball harder.
  73. Good, Johnny said as he rotated his arm, trying to work the pain out of his limbs.
  74. Exhaling slowly, she shook her head and rotated the tension from her neck and shoulders.
  75. Place their legs in àfroggiè position with their hips abducted and externally rotated.
  76. The magic note that he clung to rotated once again and his vision became focused on the.
  77. But now the rumor was that we would be rotated back to the States and replaced by Team 5.
  78. Position the patient in supine with their knees bent up on the bed and rotated to one side.
  79. Her shoulder throbbed as her bone rotated in the joint, swimming quickly through the rooms.
  80. In the next minute, it stopped, rotated to the left, and made its way out on to the runway.
  81. Em rotated a small yellow ball and struck out with his left foot activating the drive unit.
  82. Because everything rotated around the Earth, which was located at the center of all that is.
  83. I rotated the camera back to the lead agent and I could see the decision had settled into his face.
  84. Slowly with both hands he rotated her head so he could see her eyes, but they were tightly closed.
  85. But now the rumor was that we would be rotated back to the States and replaced by Team 5.
  86. Mountain-Spirit held the card between thumb and second finger and deftly rotated it in a full circle.
  87. S’us rotated her wrist, the equivalent of I’us rolling her eyes, and I’us said, Whatever?
  88. Position the patient in supine with their shoulder adducted and internally rotated and their elbow flexed.
  89. Position the patient in supine with their shoulder abducted and externally rotated and their elbow flexed.
  90. What if both games: football and baseball were games where the players are rotated through every position.
  91. Position the patient in supine with their shoulder abducted and internally rotated and their elbow flexed.
  92. He imagined the tree changing shape as it rotated in his vision, until it finally turned into The Reaper.
  93. He was surprisingly alone, he realized, as he rotated in his chair surveying the confines of his quarters.
  94. Then there were usually about five to ten other stocks that would heat up from time to time (these rotated).
  95. The exception was the medical section which rotated at much higher speed to achieve closer to Earth gravity.
  96. Position the patient in supine with their shoulders on the bed and their pelvis and legs rotated to one side.
  97. Hard-pressed to know what to say next, Mitch rotated his bum wrist, still sore from his run-in with the police.
  98. I sent out a message to members of my downline and I mentioned they could get their ID rotated at the main URL.
  99. Position yourself lying on your back with your shoulders on the bed and your pelvis and legs rotated to one side.
  100. The layers of teeth just rotated over and over, continuously breaking down and consuming everything in its path.
  1. The earth rotates at 7o.
  2. The Spirit (Light) – rotates.
  3. Ensure that only the hip rotates.
  4. As the cloud shrinks, it rotates.
  5. Before it rotates once around its whirlpool.
  6. The Undil Embassy crest rotates on the screen.
  7. Venus is the only planet that rotates clockwise.
  8. In each of them the Spirit also rotates collectively.
  9. The water reduces friction as the loft rotates each day.
  10. The creature rotates once again until its head is facing Mary.
  11. The Omnipotent rotates them according to a strict discipline.
  12. When something moves it is within the space the earth rotates.
  13. The individual comedy character around whom a sane world rotates.
  14. The rack 5 moves the gear 4 and rotates the scale 7 indicating hand.
  15. Her body also quickly rotates on its knees for faster turnaround time.
  16. He flips me off with both hands and rotates the birds around each other.
  17. The curve of the earth holds the circle value of Π by which it rotates.
  18. Kortrax heats Kassidor by radiation and also by flexing it as it rotates.
  19. The Spirit turns into Souls – it's called the Wheel, Spirit rotates in time.
  20. When the spring 8 is actuated it pulls on the slide 3 and rotates the screw 6.
  21. Hence, the reciprocating motion of the piston rod reversibly rotates a disc at.
  22. As the gun of the tank rotates around, everyone within sight is reduced to a corpse.
  23. Do not be surprised if you hear a grinding and a cracking noise as your head rotates.
  24. While falling, The object moves less or slower in the direction that the Earth rotates and.
  25. I tap each icon he points to until a schematic of the Ember expands and rotates on the display.
  26. The drum 7 rotates the screw 9, which moves the nut 11 with the indicating hand on the scale 10.
  27. Gravity is the rotation of the earth in relation to everything that rotates with the earth being.
  28. Praying daily to the same fixed position and direction, as the Earth rotates, inscribes the math of.
  29. I point toward the other end of the room, where the hologram of an asteroid rotates above a silver disk.
  30. The cross spring moves a slide, which rotates the screw around its axis via a large-pitch nut and screw.
  31. This is used to rotate a wheel having 2 nozzles, which in turn rotates a time measuring mechanical transmission.
  32. It’s the cold superego that makes market profits not the egocentric id that thinks the universe rotates around them.
  33. Each team rotates after each play to play the three different positions together as one team: hitter, pitcher and catcher.
  34. You’ll need to reverse the direction of the ceiling fan using a switch on the fan so that it rotates in the proper direction.
  35. He concluded that the earth rotates around the sun; conventional belief was that the all heavenly bodies rotated around the earth.
  36. The spring in the drum 13 in turn rotates the indicating drum with the scale 4 by means of the gear transmission Z3/Z4, Z5/item 5.
  37. The gear 9 is also rotated faster than Z5 by means of the Z5/Z6 transmission and 9 also rotates the strips of the air regulator 7.
  38. When 10 is full it becomes heavier and compresses the spring 8 and via the rack 21 and the gear 20 rotates the time indicating hand 19.
  39. When the Sun rotates, the Sun’s centre k0forms the governing singularity giving the Earth in orbit k holds the controlling singularity.
  40. These four `seasonsòf different sorts of atmosphere rotates and changes in accordance to existing ambient that are all beyond our control.
  41. These four `seasons` of different sorts of atmosphere rotates and changes in accordance to existing ambient that are all beyond our control.
  42. The measure of k is not a specific value but serves only as an indicator to which space rotates or applies by the space rotating in a circle.
  43. He hesitated; thinking in silence for a moment, then began slowly, The plane is fixed in space while the Earth rotates under the pendulum?
  44. The hours washer is driven by and rotates along with the axle of the hours hand and the washer for the minutes – by the axle of the minutes hand.
  45. This orbit is different from the orbits of all the other planets and the earth also rotates on itself in a way that is different from the other planets.
  46. This aspect would prove to be the same as the potentials of our physical and pensive frame since they consternate and rotates just like this kind of a universe.
  47. When the hot air heated by the electrical lamp flows through the vanes of the screw 2 it rotates and winds the spring in the drum13 via the transmission Z1/Z2.
  48. When the weight 1 is released to descent by gravity it pulls the rope 3 and rotates the drum 7, which rises as far as the rope unwinds thanks to the fixed screw 6.
  49. As a result of the reactive force occurring the rotor – turbine wheel 10 rotates and moves the gear transmission of the reducer along with the indicating hands.
  50. If k indicates the centre of the Earth then T2 rotates to form the governing singularity k0 where then the centre of the Sun k will form the controlling singularity.
  51. Remember the old scary movies always involving a dark old mansion, where the bad guy pushes a button and the big bookshelf rotates and reveals a secret passageway?
  52. The motor 1 rotates the shaft of the screw elevator 2 via Z6/Z7 and moves the balls back to the container 5 until container 15 is light enough to allow the contact 17 to open.
  53. Gravity is the rotation of the earth in relation to everything that rotates with the earth being relative to everything moving either in conflict to or in support of the earth rotating.
  54. When the wheel rotates the bar 12 is at position 121 and under the action of the spring 19 and via the stem 6 pressed by the additional spring 7 prevents the next sphere (ball) (3) from falling down.
  55. These environmental habitats all rotates and revolve around and over our lives and therefore their conditions could never be grasped by our potentials that have to rely and rest across their spheres.
  56. In any conglomerate energy also rotates in a circle - first, because it is composed of particles, and, secondly, because the particles exchange the energy with each other - Yin absorb the energy of Yang.
  57. The expansion of the gas causes the cylinder 8 to move down until the butt tooth coupling 6 engages with the tooth coupling 5 and thus rotates by means of the large-pitch thread the spacer 4 and the shield 12 at 180°.
  58. The point is, there is a huge difference between believing the Universe rotates around the Earth and believing that the Earth is only one tiny insignificant speck floating amongst the infinite emptiness of Outer Space.
  59. As a third alternative for this device the reflector 5 could be installed to have a kinematical connection to the arm 18 so it rotates around the axis of the cylinder 4 thus changing the intensity of heating the cylinder from sunlight.
  60. An oblong cut is made in the bottom end of the pipe 11 where the vanes of a 4-vane (or 3-vane) wheel 13 are moving and the wheel 13 rotates around one central axle and is engaged via its gear Z1 with a gear transmission comprising the gears: Z Z Z Z.
  61. As the disc 8 rotates the blade-shaped plate of it having the shape of a segment pushes 13 towards the openings in the dial – 5 off (or could be just 1 off) and hold them in this position showing the hours – the right most in the clockwise direction.
  62. All the substance and essence that could be described and defined out by our physical and pensive frame are contained and included inside the factor of `matter` that is imaged out as the original ingredient of this current existing font out of which everything rotates.
  63. And since the Universe is not perfect, because the Universe is imperfectly balanced, the exact center of the Universe is not perfectly balanced either: it rotates and vibrates on many levels in many ways, in relation to the Infinite Universe as an interconnected interrelated whole; not in any other way.

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