rouse sätze

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Rouse sätze (in englisch)

  1. Who will rouse him up?
  2. Sam was the first to rouse.
  3. It's difficult to rouse him.
  4. And this rouse allowed Sayeed to.
  5. The sound seemed to rouse Haystack.

  7. Do all you can in order to rouse her.
  8. She considered what would rouse this girl.
  9. Do you think it possible to rouse that.
  10. Sir, I said, and tried to rouse myself.
  11. The neighborhood would begin to rouse itself.
  12. This seemed to rouse Jack from the Land of Om.
  13. Something felt sulky, as if it would not rouse.
  14. ROUSE BALL, A Short Account of the History of.
  15. There was a' gaming; there o'ertook in's rouse;.

  16. To rouse his interest in self-knowledge he needs.
  17. His mother tried, but she could not rouse herself.
  18. You rouse in me the impulse to love my native land.
  19. Rouse out Bob and Tom, some of you, and fetch the.
  20. Bulstrode, wishing to rouse her husband's feelings.
  21. I can hear the rouse in the pubs when they hearl.
  22. Yet Horatio was the first to rouse himself to Action.
  23. However, he was not going to rouse him from his sleep.
  24. Noise does not rouse a drunken man; silence awakens him.
  25. He tried crying out to him, but he could not rouse him.

  26. Vasya, save yourself, rouse yourself, rouse yourself!.
  27. I am sorry to rouse you from sleep, but will you come? '.
  28. Thoughts and deeds of the present our rouse and early start.
  29. Jane was beside me, trying to rouse me from unconsciousness.
  30. It took me about two days to rouse myself from my depression.
  31. And San Francisco where the foghorns rouse and die each night.
  32. She cries again as she tries to rouse her husband from his stupor.
  33. Few had listened, his own attempts to rouse people not enough either.
  34. He ran back over to her to try to rouse her from her unconsciousness.
  35. Fit to sleep all the morning through unless we rouse him, he replied.
  36. The only part that seemed really to rouse him and hold his attention.
  37. When the page came to rouse him, he was already on his feet ready to.
  38. I was still in shock when I went into the bedrooms to rouse the girls.
  39. Hesper must have poured a full bucket of milk over his head to rouse him.
  40. Faint as was the hope that his guess brought him, it was enough to rouse.
  41. I now strove to rouse him—"Queequeg!"—but his only answer was a snore.
  42. Not to do what was obviously expected of him would rouse instant suspicion.
  43. Zobeida's request, so he tried to rouse himself and to take his part in the.
  44. Duke had to rouse himself and change spots where he could still catch some.
  45. I stood, fearing to move lest I should rouse it into malignant life once more.
  46. From the wagon the faint wailing sounded again and Gerald seemed to rouse himself.
  47. I remember that The British Tea Act of 1773 began to rouse the Colonists to anger.
  48. Most mornings, you wouldn’t believe what I go through to rouse him from his bed.
  49. I would rouse the attention of gentlemen from the apathy with which they seem beset.
  50. She considered speaking to rouse him, but instead knelt there and rocked him gently.
  51. There’s more walking and the cold bites into her skin, nearly enough to rouse her.
  52. Until on the fourth morning when Belle went to rouse them, they were not to be found.
  53. She got up to rouse herself, and slipped off her plaid and the cape of her warm dress.
  54. But she lay in bed, inert, unable to rouse the slightest bit of enthusiasm for living.
  55. I was simply developing her, entirely disinterestedly, trying to rouse her to protest….
  56. For a moment Sam thought that he was trying to rouse Frodo; then he saw that it was not so.
  57. Except he wouldn’t activate the stealth mode on the journey, it would only rouse suspicion.
  58. Rajiv was drifting in and out of consciousness, but the doctors implied that it was all a rouse.
  59. And by that desire I rouse aversion in him, and he rouses fury in me, and it cannot be different.
  60. The Christians have the right to rouse most cities with their interpretation of the day's meaning.
  61. He intended leading them on a long chase, in order to give Sancha time to rouse and arm the Zingarans.
  62. It took what seemed an eternity for him to rouse in the foul, stinking hellhole of Prodigal Lass’ hold.
  63. He had lit two candles, expecting that Dorothea would awake, but not liking to rouse her by more direct.
  64. Has he come? Natásha asked quickly in a whisper, afraid to move lest she should rouse the dozing baby.
  65. That falseness used to rouse his indignation even before, but now it seemed inexpressibly vile and ridiculous.
  66. So he decided to get back to Hilderich and tend to him: he would rouse him and offer him some badly needed water.
  67. The sound of the footman's steps forced her to rouse herself, and hiding her face from him, she pretended to be writing.
  68. The sound of the footman’s steps forced her to rouse herself, and hiding her face from him, she pretended to be writing.
  69. At last Liza died—on a lovely summer evening, just as the sun was setting; and only then did Velchaninoff rouse himself.
  70. My dear! exclaimed his mother imploringly, again laying her hand on his arm as if that touch might soothe or rouse him.
  71. How was he to warm her back to life? How was he to rouse her? All that was not connected with this vanished from his thoughts.
  72. Suddenly the bell of the church began to toll, and sentries went running every which way but up to rouse the men of the town.
  73. I grew weary: it was cold, in spite of the cloak; and then I did not see the use of staying, as I was not to rouse the house.
  74. Ladies and gentlemen, I've come to call attention to the I sufferings of poor students and to rouse them to a general protest.
  75. Rave had impressed upon her that the burgeoning Destiratu could rouse other vampires at any time, and she should remain careful.
  76. And that was just how Karyl wanted it: an easy victory, to hearten the volunteers and rouse the people of Providence to the banner.
  77. They had finally followed Suzy’s cue as she watched Jack with sheer admiration, clapping her hands furiously to rouse the crowd.
  78. The Yogi who concentrates on the Muladhara Chakra gets full knowledge of the Kundalini and the various means to rouse it to action.
  79. Holmes! Why should he come because you have asked him? Would not such a request rather rouse his suspicions and cause him to fly?
  80. Hopkins was for leaving the door of the hut open, but Holmes was of the opinion that this would rouse the suspicions of the stranger.
  81. And many shall be stirred up in anger to injure many; And they shall rouse up armies in order to shed blood; And in the end they shall.
  82. Paul! Paul, wakeup! She shook his shoulders and gingerly grabbed his chin and moved his face side to side in an attempt to rouse him.
  83. With earliest day, I was up: I had my advertisement written, enclosed, and directed before the bell rang to rouse the school; it ran thus:—.
  84. Moulin didn’t try to rouse his master; the significant pool of coagulated blood on the coverlet was proof enough that it would have been futile.
  85. And why did they not? Because, I presume, they had no desire to rouse the indignation of this nation by an open violation of the laws of the land.
  86. Maybe it was for him? Maybe they were going to capture him, and shove him in here for a punishment for trying to rouse a cave-troll against them?
  87. In the fury of his torment he tried futilely to rouse the omens that had guided his youth along dan-gerous paths into the desolate wasteland of glory.
  88. It made his blood rouse to see her there, as it were, at his mercy, her mouth open, her eyes dilated with laughter that was afraid, apologetic, ashamed.
  89. At times he seemed to rouse from this half sleep, and then he noticed that the night was very far advanced, but still it never entered his head to rise.
  90. The blade had glanced from the jewels of Thalis's girdle and inflicted only a very superficial flesh-wound, only enough to rouse the Stygian's unbridled fury.
  91. Just because she was bored and tired; just because, having stupidly said something bound to rouse Audrey, she felt she couldn't go through any resulting scene.
  92. It would seem as if these insane words, offensive to all that a civilized human being holds sacred, ought to rouse indignation,—but nothing of the kind happens.
  93. But it was neither in Elinor's power, nor in her wish, to rouse such feelings in another, by her retailed explanation, as had at first been called forth in herself.
  94. But it was neither in Elinor’s power, nor in her wish, to rouse such feelings in another, by her retailed explanation, as had at first been called forth in herself.
  95. The universal hypocrisy has so entered into the flesh and blood of all classes of our modern society, it has reached such a pitch that nothing in that way can rouse indignation.
  96. You will cast a timed Sleep spell on yourselves, set to last the twelve hours you have decided to train with me for today, and a timed Awaken to rouse you at the end of that time.
  97. It is an attempt, if I may be allowed the expression, to gull and deceive us, by an artful, intriguing policy, which ought to excite our jealousy, and rouse our highest resentments.
  98. It is the accumulated filth of thousands of years of undead filth inside them, and around them; that instantly rouse themselves whenever they feel themselves threatened by any truth.
  99. Her father in jest tried to rouse her jealousy, and she replied with a calm smile that she was not so stupid as to be jealous: ‘Let him do what he pleases,’ she used to say of me.
  100. Since we have been gifted with long lives, the least we can do is pass that gift on in inanimate objects—novels, poems, plays—books that rouse to life when scanned by a living eye.
  1. Some good rousing tunes first.
  2. The soldiers gave a rousing cheer.
  3. The opening was a rousing success.
  4. A rousing call to the Jews that remain in.
  5. Like heroes, they were given a rousing welcome.
  6. A breeze tousled his hair, rousing him from his reverie.
  7. And Molly--that's the little girl--and I had a rousing.
  8. Rudolph’s instincts were rousing an aversion to the man.
  9. I agree, Hallen said, rousing from his momentary doze.
  10. Someone shook Nancy’s legs, rousing us from a restful sleep.
  11. The afternoon exercises consisted of a rousing address by Prof.
  12. And ever the sound of the cannon far or near, (rousing even in.
  13. I stayed there for two weeks, not rousing when he opened the door.
  14. Claire started to sing it too, and soon there was a rousing chorus.
  15. Nastasya felt positively offended and began wrathfully rousing him.
  16. Isn't that supposed to be a rousing, joyful song, Jillian wondered.
  17. For a battle-call, rousing to arms if need be, years, centuries hence.
  18. The chal enge was to somehow make it to Singapore without rousing the.
  19. They talked of something rousing and suddenly they got excited over it.
  20. Give him a rousing fine kick now and again where it wouldn't blind him.
  21. Zach opened his mouth and began singing the same old rousing song again.
  22. And rousing herself to the proper pitch of kindness, she said, I'm glad.
  23. The two armies clashed with a rousing clatter that was actually tangible.
  24. A rousing chorus of yells and ululations accompanied fists punching the air.
  25. It was the bits of snow that kept rousing him when he did not want to be roused.
  26. He was following the car closely, but without rousing suspicions this time, he hoped.
  27. And with a rousing passion he fervently extolled the necessity of human equality being.
  28. Hurried footfalls pounded through the encampment rousing light-sleeping fellow travelers.
  29. She slipped through the doorway, her padded feet resting at the head of the rousing demon.
  30. The noisy exchange had only succeeded in rousing the rest of the group, most of whom were.
  31. Linda Tillery was one of the lead singers in a rousing rhythm and blues cover of the song.
  32. The moment he concluded his submission people gave him rousing applause by clapping hands.
  33. Producing a rousing rally in these shares would require a huge volume of buying, or demand.
  34. Maria reacted, rousing from her own nap, seeing his magazine title, "Whut? Bali is what??".
  35. Moshe, rousing again from his midnight reverie, realized he no longer heard the sounds that.
  36. The entire tribe chanted that phrase in a rousing exhibit of support for their valiant prince.
  37. Nastasya, coming into his room at ten o'clock the next morning, had difficulty in rousing him.
  38. Nastasya, coming into his room at ten o’clock the next morning, had difficulty in rousing him.
  39. He felt that a rousing speech was in order to lift morale –not that anyone’s but his seemed in.
  40. Not the usual one or two voices being joined by others, rousing to an erratic medley that disperses.
  41. As I tumbled down the long, stone staircase leading to the street, the tourists gave a rousing cheer.
  42. A few hours later, after helping Beth prepare dinner, and another rousing conversation about the poem.
  43. He rode by and we all turned in our saddles to see him go, giving him a rousing cheer from the ranks.
  44. The doctor, rousing himself out of profound reflection, told her abruptly to call her mistress at once.
  45. White clouds went on their way, crowding to the back of the hills that were rousing in the springtime.
  46. Brice sensed the mages rousing behind him and could hear whispers running through the crowd of students.
  47. Rousing himself, Levin got up from the haycock, and looking at the stars, he saw that the night was over.
  48. The ISI wasn’t responsible for rousing them from their stupor in time for them to perform their duties.
  49. The applause was spontaneous and rousing, and I was pushed forward so that I could be next to my best friend.
  50. But the invitation received at first with a sort of dismay ended by rousing the dormant energy of my feelings.
  51. I have come to make a statement about the sufferings of poor students and the means of rousing them to protest.
  52. He succeeded, somehow, though only after great exertions, in rousing Petrushka, and making him sit up in his bed.
  53. There's Norman Douglas, too--I like that man, and I'd like to have a good rousing argument with him now and then.
  54. The complexity of Petersburg, as a rule, had a stimulating effect on him, rousing him out of his Moscow stagnation.
  55. Several strong cups of coffee had gone a long way towards rousing me further and, by ten thirty I had been on the road.
  56. My stomach is a fat pink Persian tom slumbering, rousing at intervals to purr, mew, growl, and cry for chocolate titbits.
  57. Whenever conversation flags he whips it out and blows a rousing blast, giving her time to think of something to say next.
  58. My stomach is a fat pink Persian torn slumbering, rousing at intervals to purr, mew, growl, and cry for chocolate titbits.
  59. Rousing them from the horror that seemed to have rooted all but Sam to the ground where they stood, he drove them forward.
  60. In how many million American homes tonight were billions of mushrooms rousing up under the ministrations of the innocent?
  61. At this point I want to include a morale and spirit rousing paragraph on keeping your faith in the human spirit and humanity.
  62. It made distant objects indistinct and that made him uneasy, rousing thoughts of serpents gliding unseen through the dimness.
  63. The Dow’s outperformance during both good and bad times provides rousing testimony to the dominance of the 30 Dow companies.
  64. After a rousing dinner with the now friendly Security team, Warlock went out to check the Skimmer and get the latest weather scan.
  65. My mate, Ginger Bryant, who lived at Stepney, could never remember the stops, and our sergeant was always rousing poor old Ginger.
  66. My mother was the first to dare the fashion show in our conservative, barely rousing, still vacillating, revolution-gripped country.
  67. He felt that this was rousing in his soul a feeling of anger destructive of his peace of mind and of all the good of his achievement.
  68. From the court where lay the rousing buccaneers he heard their groans growing louder, beginning to be mingled with incoherent curses.
  69. By this time, to our great joy, Brother Pope had returned, and he assigned me to my proper place after one of his own rousing appeals.
  70. White Feathers had not yet joined them for the morning's coffee and chat; Harry was rousing the twins and helping them dress for the day.
  71. He seemed to be in the middle of a rousing speech, the Baron has said it for years! They are a blight on the landscape of mighty Trevena.
  72. My account of the departure is based in part on United States Olympic Team Sails for Games Amid Rousing Send-Off, NYT, July 16, 1936.
  73. It was clear that if Annie wasn’t in the mood for talking, that there would be no point rousing the others, so she was my first port of call.
  74. He tried to resume his former easy, indifferent air, but it was an affectation now, for the rousing had been more efficacious than he would confess.
  75. In addition, Wishful has been presented with a mentorship agreement with Balenmore, Colorado, a small-town that’s made rural tourism a rousing success.
  76. Rousing himself, Pierre followed Anna Mikhaylovna out of the carriage, and only then began to think of the interview with his dying father which awaited him.
  77. Rousing himself, Pierre followed Anna Mikháylovna out of the carriage, and only then began to think of the interview with his dying father which awaited him.
  78. Eroshka, rousing himself, raised his head and began gazing intently at the moths circling round the flickering flame of the candle and burning themselves in it.
  79. Noticing in the next act that her box was empty, Vronsky, rousing indignant ‘hushes’ in the silent audience, went out in the middle of a solo and drove home.
  80. So the unsuspecting customers heartily and happily whistled a rousing chorus of the Great Escape, repeatedly which soon caught on at the other tables in the pub.
  81. Then, however, it all came on again, or something very like it, and nothing less than Lady Bertram's rousing thoroughly up could really close such a conversation.
  82. Then, however, it all came on again, or something very like it, and nothing less than Lady Bertram’s rousing thoroughly up could really close such a conversation.
  83. A wayward devilish mirth of mockery rose above his fury, but to the nervous soldiers who drove the chariot his laughter sounded like the muttering of a rousing lion.
  84. When it was suggested to me that I join a few of my friends for a few days of hiking along the Appalachian Trail I thought nothing of giving the idea a rousing thumbs up.
  85. I don't know whether I heard this horse as soon as the rider rode up and stopped there, or whether the sound had long been in my ears without rousing me from my dreaming.
  86. Draught Porridge featured Elton John’s future guitar player Davey Johnstone, who provided accompaniment for the rousing vocals and tall tales of the Kerryman Noel Murphy.
  87. All the way at the other end of the spectrum, we see the rousing example of Sir John Templeton, one of my personal role models and one of the greatest investors of all time.
  88. Then, respite and troubled sleep in Annas luscious embrace with the buzzer often rousing us, making our hearts pound, rushing to Tahira for what little help we could offer.
  89. With the idea that for successful instruction not compulsion is wanted, but the rousing of the pupil's interest, all the pedagogues of the school which is opposed to me agree.
  90. Hours later, I woke up in her embrace her mouth on mine, a cheeky tongue rousing me, trying to arouse me, c'mon lazybones, wake up, you are neglecting me, you've slept enough.
  91. And so saying, he placed himself half way within the scuttle, and slouching his hat, stood there till dawn, except when at intervals rousing himself to see how the night wore on.
  92. In September 1986, senior Wall Street retail analyst Walter Loeb at Morgan Stanley jumped on the bandwagon with a rousing purchase recommendation: I strongly recommend purchase.
  93. The rousing speech received a thumbs up—Television Audience Meter (TAM) ratings show that it was watched by a viewership three times higher than the 2013 Independence Day speech.
  94. One evening,—it was the 24th of June, which did not prevent Father Gillenormand having a rousing fire on the hearth,—he had dismissed his daughter, who was sewing in a neighboring apartment.
  95. From a reverie of this kind she was recalled at the end of some minutes by Willoughby, who, rousing himself from a reverie at least equally painful, started up in preparation for going, and said--.
  96. They were the lead manager in the Media Vision IPO offering in November and followed up after the allotted quiet period with a rousing recommendation the end of December when the stock price was at $21.
  97. There seemed to be several melodies in the air, some closer, or louder, others farther away, but all busy rousing the town folk with not so gentle reminders that the Sabbath had arrived and the doors were open.
  98. I was allowing myself to be completely cast down, and I dreaded either becoming mad or dissolute, when events suddenly occurred which strongly influenced my life, and gave my mind a profound and salutary rousing.
  99. We are forced to the conclusion that he only spoke of dashing Kutuzof to pieces, and opening the road before his troops, with a view to rousing the drooping spirits of his men, and distracting the attention of Europe.
  100. Strabonus had raced ahead of news of the battle, and the people, just rousing to the occupations of the day, gaped to see their king returning with a small retinue, and were in doubt as to whether it portended victory or defeat.
  1. They are all roused now.
  2. He was roused from his.
  3. At last he roused himself.
  4. And he must not be roused.
  5. It roused a warmth in her.
  6. With a cry Aragorn roused.
  7. I roused him out and says:.
  8. Pippin was roused by Gandalf.
  9. I roused and looked up at him.
  10. Of course he roused suspicion.
  11. The baron was completely roused.
  12. Then Marzavan awoke and roused.
  13. Even Pyotr Petrovitch was roused.
  14. They are fierce folk when roused.
  15. The sound of the latch roused him.
  16. But now his wife was fully roused.
  17. The sound roused Owen, who resumed:.
  18. Ann roused herself from her stupour.
  19. Marius was now a thoroughly roused man.
  20. Hesper roused her early in the morning.
  21. His hunting instinct was fully roused.
  22. Pavel roused himself and started to run.
  23. She gently roused him and led him to bed.
  24. It was still dark when Ma roused her camp.
  25. His account of their friends roused Vasya.
  26. Alyosha was roused early, before daybreak.
  27. Then she roused herself as best she could.
  28. Muted voices roused me in the early hours.
  29. I was probably roused to recollection by.
  30. A loud thumping noise roused Tom from sleep.
  31. The cries of Grishnbkh had roused the Orcs.
  32. Radford roused herself stiffly, and said:.
  33. Lucilla was roused before dawn that morning.
  34. It roused at once a variety of difficulties.
  35. He was roused by the touch of Bergil's hand.
  36. The revolver shots had roused the household.
  37. Early the next morning, Silpitocle roused me.
  38. It was a low mutter of voices that roused her.
  39. It was Gandalf who roused them all from sleep.
  40. Sarah, roused by the commotion, peered out of.
  41. That night he was roused by the sergeant-major.
  42. And as she did, she became, once again, roused.
  43. Instantly he was roused from his brief reverie.
  44. Both Aragorn and Legolas, roused by his sudden.
  45. The unusual word roused her from her _rêverie_.
  46. She was roused, and did—no miracle—but her.
  47. As it was, I rang the bell and roused the house.
  48. His head sank forward and then he roused himself.
  49. She was roused by Joe calling her outside her hut.
  50. Finally it roused him enough to realize that the.
  51. The sound of a jeep roused them from their reverie.
  52. Then he slightly started, roused by a recollection.
  53. Harold roused himself as his drink was given to him.
  54. Joey’s anger roused when he heard the name; Karit.
  55. He roused six of his retainers from their quarters.
  56. Charles then roused me somewhat out of this extatic.
  57. This news roused singular interest in his listeners.
  58. Merry slept until he was roused by Legolas and Gimli.
  59. I thought that they had been really roused before;.
  60. But the mere thought of being afraid roused him again.
  61. The collective sigh roused the dust on Fabien’s desk.
  62. Darek was roused from his artificially induced slumber.
  63. The sight of the money roused all the merchant's greed.
  64. Mia had been resting fitfully before the cop roused her.
  65. Lorry roused the captive, and assisted him to his feet.
  66. So MAN lies down and does not roused from their sleep.
  67. So man lies down and does not roused from their sleep.
  68. He said something, which roused the other three guards.
  69. Very queer he was, and as soon as I had roused him, he.
  70. These were tumbling out already, roused by the trumpets.
  71. Roused from her concentration, Juliet responded, Yes.
  72. Her proud and revengeful mind wtis roused to the utmost.
  73. John was still in a state of shock but roused himself to.
  74. He put his arms around her and was roused beyond measure.
  75. She had sunk into a dreary apathy and would not be roused.
  76. Bjorgolf soon roused the company and they braved the path.
  77. Hmm, oh, sorry, said John as he was roused from his.
  78. It seemed as if the mere sound of his voice roused the girl.
  79. I didn't want to run away, because that would've roused them.
  80. At the first hint of dawn, Elowen got out of bed and roused.
  81. Dajjal) because of confused ideas roused in him (or her) by.
  82. The realization roused Conan to a greater pitch of endurance.
  83. I settled again him again and I felt when he finally roused.
  84. Indeed I have not seen them roused like this for many an age.
  85. Henri struggled to focus on the commotion that had roused him.
  86. They fell like a mortal chill on Lydgate's roused tenderness.
  87. This last fact only roused Velchaninoff to greater exertions.
  88. He replied, with an air of not having roused himself from his.
  89. Peter the valet, who was now wide awake, had roused the doctor.
  90. She roused up half the Resistance in the middle of a firestorm.
  91. Ravan roused only slightly as the axe fell so close to his ear.
  92. Pharaoh roused himself as he prepared to leave the royal chamber.
  93. Among the first stirrings of camp sounds that had roused Moshe.
  94. As soon as Strider had roused them all, he led the way to their.
  95. That roused me and I scooped her close to my body, shielding her.
  96. Conan glared at the stranger, all his primitive instincts roused.
  97. I was roused out of my passive endurance, and springing from him.
  98. There was in this scene a point which pierced and roused even him.
  99. Ozzie roused Chrissie briefly making a noise as he prepared for bed.
  100. When he judged it was two hours past midnight, he roused the others.
  1. She rouses as they near the DC stop.
  2. The door of the car opening rouses me.
  3. My captain rouses me with No! And I am his dearest echo.
  4. I pick up the phone before he rouses sufficiently to respond.
  5. You feel that his is a safe example to follow and he rouses the same.
  6. Quebec, and the busy crossing at Rouses Point, New York, as well as other points along the.
  7. And by that desire I rouse aversion in him, and he rouses fury in me, and it cannot be different.
  8. All they want is for a woman to want them, and they’re happy to satisfy her when she rouses them.
  9. I feel an entirely new type of cold on my back, which rouses my suspicions… our tent is practically submerged.
  10. He says that it rouses his energy and that it is a platonic love; but it has nothing but nastiness for its basis.
  11. The god who created the sun which gives us light, who rouses the waves and rules the storm, though hidden in the clouds, he watches us.
  12. The sound of footsteps coming towards the kitchen rouses her and she frantically tries to pull herself together, groping in the pocket of her jeans for a tissue.
  13. She is so calm; nothing rouses her—though wet hens are not always calm! Oh! I can’t understand it! Her eldest daughter inspired Lizabetha with a kind of puzzled compassion.
  14. It was simple; leave a toy doll on the stairs, then cry in the night until your father rouses up, tired of listening to you cry, and goes downstairs to fetch you warm milk, and stumbles.
  15. Just as the incessant yapping of a dog worries and enrages more constitutionally silent animals, so the clamorous voice of a man rouses fear in some bestial bosoms and insane rage in others.
  16. Even the sailors feel the power of his eloquence; when he speaks, they no longer despair; he rouses their energies, and while they hear his voice they believe these vast mountains of ice are mole-hills which will vanish before the resolutions of man.
  17. When the last echo of his sultan's step has died away, and Starbuck, the first Emir, has every reason to suppose that he is seated, then Starbuck rouses from his quietude, takes a few turns along the planks, and, after a grave peep into the binnacle, says, with some touch of pleasantness, Dinner, Mr.
  18. At nightfall the fever may come upon you again, and you may wish to be left alone whereupon your loving wife, though wasted, pale, and full of yawns, will go on sitting in a chair opposite you, as dusk falls, until her very slightest movement, her very slightest sound, rouses you to feelings of anger and impatience.
  19. The preacher who can touch and affect such an heterogeneous mass of hearers, on subjects limited, and long worn threadbare in all common hands; who can say anything new or striking, anything that rouses the attention without offending the taste, or wearing out the feelings of his hearers, is a man whom one could not, in his public capacity, honour enough.
  20. But why were they all so much frightened and in such a frantic hurry? Had Fanny sunk as low as the sort of party which rouses the attention of the police? This, rather than bailiffs, was the possibility he was now inclined to consider, and he was turning it over in his mind with distaste when Manby appeared in the doorway, and by her mere appearance put it to flight.
  21. Four weeks’ worth of headlines from the Seattle Times alone were reason enough for worry: “Death Penalty for Pacifists Is Decreed as Germany Girds” (April 19); “Nazis Jail Aged Nuns, Monks in New Attack on Christianity” (April 27); “German Move to Build U-Boats Rouses Anxiety in Great Britain” (April 28); “Britain to Match Nazi Planes; Calls on Hitler to Fix Limits” (May 2); “Hitler Warned by Britain Not to Militarize Rhineland Zone” (May 7); “Nazis Have New Weapon: 60-Knot Boat” (May 17); “Hitler Police Jail U.
  22. But when a man's pulse is healthy and temperate, and when before going to sleep he has awakened his rational powers, and fed them on noble thoughts and enquiries, collecting himself in meditation; after having first indulged his appetites neither too much nor too little, but just enough to lay them to sleep, and prevent them and their enjoyments and pains from interfering with the higher principle--which he leaves in the solitude of pure abstraction, free to contemplate and aspire to the knowledge of the unknown, whether in past, present, or future: when again he has allayed the passionate element, if he has a quarrel against any one--I say, when, after pacifying the two irrational principles, he rouses up the third, which is reason, before he takes his rest, then, as you know, he attains truth most nearly, and is least likely to be the sport of fantastic and lawless visions.

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