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    1. Johnny pulled out his yo-yo device, Nancy pulled out a rubber ball

    2. “Now, I should have applied just enough that the liquid will bypass the lock’s structural integrity for a matter of moments, allowing me to bend it like rubber and open the door before the lock returns to a solid state,” Ackers thought out loud

    3. against it, watches John burn rubber and speed away

    4. amid a wail of ebrased rubber and straining chassis bolts, until, with the hills and the

    5. The sound of rumbling rubber from the cars on the dual

    6. At first, when the long hours of silence were rudely interrupted by activity out in the corridor, I did not believe in the sounds that came from the world outside of my cell: boots on ladder rungs, a scuff of rubber soles across rough concrete, and finally the sound of a key in a lock

    7. With the last tread of rubber on concrete outside my cell door I pulled the sack over my head and waited

    8. The sound of rumbling rubber from the cars on the dual carriageway seemed to drift above her and hold its metaphorical breath

    9. On the end of the other stick she had folded a point of shiny paper and fastened it on with a rubber band

    10. I stamp on hard earth on the off-beat, wearing down the rubber

    11. witness the incredible rubber man, who’s limbs will tie

    12. My hands are tied at the moment; I think we’ll have to wait two years before I can get divorced which is very frustrating, but it would be a rubber stamp job then and we won’t have to do any explaining

    13. Rubber ducky, you're the one

    14. full of wine all that the congregation could see of her were rubber

    15. The two detectives walk along empty corridors where the floor is scuffed and marked with black rubber skids from trolleys and wheelchairs

    16. It was an expensive rubber covered torch … they were supposed to be able to take being dropped, weren’t they? Again, he tried the switch, but the thing refused to work

    17. “They landed at high water, at the dead of night, using rubber boats

    18. I put the rubber on

    19. I rolled down my window and threw the semi-used rubber out

    20. He realises as he listens to the dull rubber soled thud of his feet on the road, as he moves in time with the beat of the bass line, that the monsters have never been that far away

    21. and dig his boot into the ground, wearing away the spot where the rubber should

    22. his left ear to the speaker, stroking the rubber band that tied the whiskers of his

    23. in half and held together by a rubber band

    24. purpose material like rubber

    25. When she was little, she made her father roll her countless rubber

    26. Nowadays I reckon the lorry rubber tubes would be the very best to try

    27. "And what is your life like? What do you worry about?" Viktor asked him as sincerely as a rubber and metal contraption could, "What have you amounted to on this alien planet in this city of sex, drugs and rock and roll?" in an acid tone

    28. Fizzicist headed for rubber gloves and hot water with suds

    29. In particular, if you are hitting your father with a rubber object indicates that whatever you are doing or telling him has no significant effect on him

    30. His hands were so cold that he could barely grip the smooth metal, even with the rubber grips on his HEPO gloves

    31. Felix picked up the breathing mask, checked the digital oxygen gauge, and stretched its rubber straps over his head, leaving the mask over his forehead

    32. “Could I have your papers please he then took a rubber stamp from a rack and stamped them ‘Fit for Duty’ he then returned them to me dismissing me with a quick

    33. We could see the white squares with red crosses painted on their canvas sides as the Crossley tenders bumped past us on their rubber tyres

    34. Like the spring release of a taut rubber band, in a single fluid bound she uses the door ledge as a balance beam

    35. After getting a manicure use rubber gloves to protect your hands from water or cleaning solvents

    36. grabbed the membrane, which felt dry and flat as a rubber band

    37. ‘HELP ME!’ The leak had become a torrent as if the entire rubber seal no longer fitted – notwithstanding the inside air pressure which, she thought, should keep the water at bay

    38. The crumb rubber mix

    39. mandated crumb rubber additions and the highway contractors

    40. out is not part of my story but the upshot is that now practically every state mandates crumb rubber additive

    41. that took whole tires in at the back door, separated the steel belting and rubber, and sent different sizes of crumb rubber out the front door

    42. There were many uses for crumb rubber

    43. on the monkey bars, they land on three inches of rubber

    44. We also had a press that converted crumb rubber into outdoor

    45. She’d changed out of the flip flops, even the sight of the yellow lacy rubber gloves couldn’t put a smile on Dave’s face, he felt even smaller than he was, but nevertheless, he was grateful that the gloves had caused more of a stir than his collision with the gravel

    46. Apparently the down side of satin sheets is that they are really slippery, and because of the lack of grip he had needed the rubber soles of his canvas boots for grip, he not the tallest man around

    47. The rubber feral of the walking stick slid its slow, tremulous way up the glass of the window until it reached the top casement

    48. ” Books tossed Amaranthe a bar of soap, then puffed a rubber ball attached to an empty glass bottle

    49. Racing from the house Alex jumped in his car, the worn tyres leaving another few miles of rubber on the tarmac as he floored the accelerator

    50. In a panic Terry tried to tear the broken bit free with his bare hands but the rubber covering was too strong

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