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    1. There was a head that made the booth around the camp's digester can seem really spacious

    2. and it will seem like He is not hearing you

    3. At the same time it has been observed for years, for instance, that many executives with high-pressure jobs seem to remain quite healthy until old age – they seem to flourish in their pressure-cooker jobs

    4. The question remains--when your grandchildren seem to have developed a different system of right and wrong than those of your youth, what is the proper response? Young in every generation have necessarily to change the way of life to get over stagnation and prosper

    5. "To me, you seem like you're worried about that old starship for a bigger purpose than the money

    6. “That doesn’t seem right,” Henry said as he crossed his eyes comparing the two texts

    7. “I just don’t seem to fit in well there with my other colleagues

    8. "You seem to have sent a lot of messages

    9. It didn't seem to help much but he was able to keep above the water for a few seconds

    10. does not seem to be the case

    11. But it does seem like you have a lot of stress

    12. "You don't seem to understand," Tahlmute said

    13. He doesn’t seem that happy about it though

    14. "You seem to think you are bringing it to the rightful owner in the chaparral

    15. Dave is still scratching his head over the encounter with the old man, but John doesn’t seem concerned

    16. We seem to be alive when in the morning we open our

    17. Judging by the way they both suddenly stopped dead once they realised they were on the verge of arguing about the carpet, they seem to have learned their lesson, for the time being at any rate

    18. All the teachers seem to be stunned, but otherwise OK

    19. "You seem to have experience with this kind of case Melinda

    20. seem that everything is being destroyed, that you are dying, and the situation

    21. He didn't seem so friendly any more

    22. The history here made what had happened back at Sol seem like a few tribes in the desert

    23. All the suggestions Stephen and Inspector Ditton have been making over the past weeks suddenly seem all too possible

    24. "I'm not saying it's evil," Glenelle said, "I'm saying you seem comfortable with it

    25. It would seem that Charos had, until now, never been

    26. Molly didn’t seem to think that he was desperate for kids … that’s it, isn’t it? You feel you are some sort of second class woman because you can’t give the man a child

    27. It would seem the wise and safe course for the congregation to be allowed to suggest

    28. members of a congregation do not seem as excited about appointing a man as does the

    29. To facilitate the decisions that are made in a business meeting it would seem

    30. I console myself with the thought that our relationship is more special because only he and I know about it, and that after Christmas, when his work eases up, we can be more open about things generally … why does Christmas seem so far away?

    31. It didn’t seem to bother Timms much to see the image of the Chief like that, with bundles of control cables thick as her thighs and arms coming out of her pelvis and her shoulders

    32. There were heroics in use then that seem insane today

    33. The result? Naught! All men seem to be enchanted by Mandy, especially Themis! As about me, at a moment someone speaks up and says he remembers me from elementary school - so, my age is revealed before everybody! Later on, Themis suggests our going on an excursion on May Day and all the married hens (who, as usual, have formed a ring around him) hasten to enter themselves for it

    34. That doesn't seem to jive with the structure of Paradis

    35. Of course, they couldn't be Angels without technology, but even the Haadij didn't seem to know that Paradis is an electronic simulation

    36. I wonder again, because Aphrodite doesn't seem to be bored or sulky now, she looks cheerful and lively

    37. However Josef, my younger nephew, doesn't seem to be happy about this success of mine

    38. The most common leak left uncovered was mail, but mail didn't seem to be implemented in this universe

    39. I know I’m being a bit over the top, but I don’t seem to be able to stop

    40. But I will tell you that incident didn't seem little to me when I was involved in it

    41. This did not seem to be a case of him not having access to it

    42. My experience of life might seem deplorably meagre to many, but still had those moments to cherish, and I believed, sitting in the back of that van with Robbie, that I would have a life full of such joys

    43. He did not seem overly inclined to help

    44. The thick wildlife singing in this jungle does help it seem like a ruin

    45. Another night on the town, as delightful as it might be, just didn’t seem right to Stu

    46. Other towns seem to be completely driven mad with sexual passions

    47. Other places seem to be dumbstruck with the need to buy and be seen with luxury

    48. It would seem that Charos had, until now, never been interested in collecting his fee

    49. ‘Much as you thought … but he didn’t seem to mind being cried all over

    50. but the family you love, you seem to abuse

    1. She didn't say anything more, but looked around the camp, noticed the planks providing privacy around the digester and seemed to approve

    2. I explained that I wore “that cap” to cover an operation scar and the loss of hair from radiotherapy – this seemed to satisfy

    3. While I was here this world underwent a revolution in communication, and it seemed to make little difference, it was a fashion fad for a few years, decades I mean, and everything is the same

    4. Somehow it seemed much more real, knowing this body had actually been born under a different sun and he wasn't some dubious translation from dead flesh to electricity and then back to the flesh of a good friend's hot-box daughter

    5. Rather than warding them off, the zombies seemed drawn by the gunfire

    6. It was years too soon, he thought, but he hadn't paid enough attention had he? Or was he just too drunk at the time? No one else seemed to think it was imminent, but there was no denying that it was something huge falling from the sky and it looked like it was aimed straight at the camp

    7. Many years ago when tests were run on the toxicity of DE, it was found to be beneficial to the animals fed with it as they gained weight and seemed healthier then those not fed DE

    8. Hermann felt kind of bad about that, but it seemed to him like she would be happier in Heaven anyway

    9. What was that slut up to? And wasn't he saying he kept up with what Venna was doing since she left him? He seemed to be a lot more interested in Venna than he was in Ava, and that was a painful thought

    10. After what seemed like an eternity of silence, mostly because Ackers was scrutinizing them from the view screen, the elevator finally came to a stop with a sudden lurch

    11. For his extreme intelligence, there seemed to be a lot Ackers didn’t know about social interactions

    12. None of it seemed real at all

    13. Then he stayed in the town's only hotel and ate at the same diner as before, which seemed to be the only restaurant in town

    14. Nobody else seemed to think this was strange

    15. It seemed that every man, woman and child had gathered around the half-finished statue

    16. Peppy sat down on his rear, though it seemed to Violet like a war horse rearing his legs in the air

    17. Even at the best of times she seemed to always be in a bad temper

    18. She hoped Herndon was doing OK, he seemed to be

    19. Their whale research seemed to involve puncturing the whale with several more holes than before

    20. His own wild thoughts seemed lifetimes away

    21. seemed to exist in another lifetime

    22. happy oblivion seemed appropriate

    23. A week passed in what seemed like a day

    24. He wasn't such a sucker for it, but seemed to think he was just being polite to stop by once a day for a quick one

    25. The lights above his head seemed

    26. The men seemed bored as the therapist chatters away in an animated way

    27. I had very nearly phoned Stephen to rip his head off for telling tales to Paul when I heard that, but it seemed ungrateful after all he has done for me

    28. Both are sunburned and seemed to have lost weight

    29. No-one seemed to know the young reporter

    30. "Herve, don't you recognize me?" The man seemed too dazed to register the question

    31. He never seemed interested in sweet women so he seemed to care little about his appearance

    32. Hell, and for a while this new approach also seemed to offer some hope for a stable

    33. She didn't bother turning her head around as she spoke and Sammy seemed only to notice her for the first time

    34. amongst the shoppers seemed to thin around her

    35. seemed to suggest that it was covered in Russian vine and honeysuckle and, here and

    36. There was no detail, but with what you just said it seemed obvious enough

    37. It seemed that it was easier to die than to believe in

    38. "I've seen some of your cases in the news and when I saw this body it seemed to fit your profile

    39. It seemed the cancer of organized skin trade was not so new here as everyone thought

    40. She seemed to have lost her sparkle all of a sudden, as

    41. This part of it seemed pretty neat

    42. "Juleel seemed to think it was like ninety nine percent sure it was going to hit us

    43. It seemed like I was on a forced long-lasting fast

    44. It seemed like a mere moment

    45. Glenelle was listening, but though she thought she knew the words, none of them seemed connected in a sensible way

    46. They seemed really interested

    47. His tabby tigress twitched her nose and almost seemed to prowl around her

    48. vegetation seemed to consist mostly of tall, thick grasses, swaying slightly in a

    49. Glenelle had to admit that even though Ava did her best to make the war back at Sol sound exciting, it seemed long ago and far away compared to the adjustments she had to face, being a clone and her whole time had been turned into a fantasy realm

    50. What seemed more important were the affairs of this outpost, especially knowing there was likely to be no more contact after the Heavenly Mother, if they could even get them in

    1. Johnny had no idea how someone could show so many outward signs of emotion without seeming to feel them

    2. into the next without pause, with time seeming to stand still around them

    3. "And that old torch made it?" he said, seeming to file the previous discussion under 'later

    4. He watched us for a moment, standing on the threshold of the room, seeming to savour our discomfort

    5. Sprawled in a corner was a group of sleeping, travel-weary Romanies, their timeless faces seeming familiar, like those in my books, but they weren't familiar at all, I just wanted them to be

    6. Roman told me the entire story, never seeming angry or happy

    7. bed, seeming to finally realize that she was wearing next to nothing

    8. Carl sat back in his chair seeming to be upset with the show

    9. medical journal as he ate—the act of eating seeming to be more of a nuisance than

    10. into his mouth without seeming to open his lips, and lit it from the glowing end

    11. Roman walked in, his reluctant steps seeming never to catch up to mine

    12. The building crackled like the embers in a campfire, snapping and seeming

    13. The one-armed man managed to summon the remaining travelers to him, and together, standing shoulder to shoulder, they formed a line of swords and daggers while the dark demons, slowly and cautiously, came at them, seeming to float in the air as they came over the rotting bodies of their victims

    14. There really hadn't been a detectable trace of winter this year, deluge was seeming to give way to spring directly, and even Ekendosa Afternoonday was warm enough for an active body to splash

    15. That object appeared and disappeared without seeming to move

    16. They seemed to value them as we would do any little pebbles of somewhat more than ordinary beauty, and to consider them as just worth the picking up, but not worth the refusing to any body who asked them, They gave them to their new guests at the first request, without seeming to think that they had made them any very valuable present

    17. Of seeming more completed than it ever had—

    18. ” His grin widened, seeming all too eager for her to linger

    19. Dark blue eyes stared out, seeming almost to twinkle despite their obvious affliction

    20. could choose to run straight ahead, to the left or right, or backtrack - the last seeming not to be any sort of viable option

    21. The Breton woman was abruptly swept up in more memories, more fond recollections from a past not quite so distant, yet seeming almost completely out of reach

    22. The clouds went from formlessness to the shapes of words with no seeming step in-between

    23. Distant clanging of ships’ bells and the groan of a fog horn immediately followed his aching questions, almost seeming to offer answers incapable of parsing

    24. "Please don't be gone long,” he said as he clutched the magazines in his hands, seeming not to notice the tight grip he had on them

    25. Seeming and being are two different things

    26. despite any seeming evidence to the contrary

    27. The security measures were obvious: silver concave rectangles atop tall white poles, seeming to follow his movement across the visitors’ parking bay

    28. ‘Didn’t she offer you a drink?’ he said, seeming to ignore the previous statement

    29. Richard covered Jenny as best he could as there were several more explosions, seeming to go on for an age

    30. He studied the nearest; he could see no face, just a dark mass with light from behind, seeming to shine through his bedroom window

    31. At first Torbin tried to deny the reality of it, though now it had a slightly different appearance: not so much the scaly monster as more of a spindly but unfocused shape, seeming to hover against the star background

    32. The sensory deprivation would have driven her truly insane had it not been for her frequent contacts with Scott, who visited her, either as an ethereal presence or seeming to be more real

    33. The disappearances continued to occur without seeming to increase in intensity

    34. I got off the tram and walked towards the slightly gothic seeming red brick building part of which was Victorian but I was going to the new part of the Infirmary that had only been finished and opened in 1910 so it was only five years old I walked on up the driveway that led to the large double doors

    35. As I began to search him his dull blue eyes stared at me accusingly seeming to scream accusingly why are you still alive? I got his haversack off and found it contained some melted Fry’s chocolate a packet of wafer biscuits and a can of Ticklers Jam there were also four packets of cigarettes that would come in handy

    36. He wasn’t sure, but so far his meal times seemed irregular, with the guards seeming to bring him food when they remembered

    37. Well, put on the spot like that how could anyone refuse without seeming churlish

    38. disbelief, and wondered how she could sit there and say that with such seeming calculation

    39. ” She paused, seeming to gather herself as she turned and

    40. because of the seeming success of this maneuver

    41. He wore a brown robe flowing to the floor and beyond, but never seeming to drag as he swiftly moved across the cave

    42. He stared into the Globe and its spinning, myriad of colours and seeming pulse deep within it

    43. He moved quietly, almost seeming to float through the air without disturbing things around him

    44. The animal didn’t move, just watched his retreat around the room, seeming to know that there was no escape

    45. He was a tall man, his black uniform seeming to extend his height by at least a few inches

    46. …another troubling aspect of this ―culture‖ is the seeming inability…or unwillingness of its members to step outside an environment that in some manner has captivated its ―own‖…

    47. His plate was on the table, and he was standing over me without seeming to have moved through the space between us

    48. So tell me, Truman,” he said seeming to mentally switch gears, “what did this Walston guy have to say about his case? Is he crying the blues about being wrongly accused?”

    49. Seeming to be above the law, ready to prosecute breaches of the law, all were accountable to his inquiry's judgment, including the Police Commissioner

    50. “You you you,” he paused, seeming to consider, “are were was will would not of the forest?”

    1. "That seems to be the basin where the Yingolians are settling

    2. “No you just carry on it seems more interesting than mine”

    3. Seems to think I’m the pool boy or something

    4. He explained that, "In spite of the fact that my life seems to be crawling with Yingolians these days, I'm really not an astronomy junkie

    5. Conversely, something that seems like a short term benefit, may have long term implications

    6. Avoid chemicals at all cost! Learning to grow without using chemicals is not as scary as it seems nor is it impossible

    7. “It seems perfectly obvious to everyone who was the instigator here,” Ms

    8. Therefore walking with God when it seems like He is not

    9. Walking with God when it seems like He is not there, that is

    10. seems like it was over, but no, that was transition

    11. Obviously these patterns can coexist in the same person, but there seems to be usually one dominant pattern

    12. That Stephen Merrett seems a capable sort of man

    13. I don’t want to step on their toes, but the band seems totally cool with getting some original ideas

    14. “It seems you make it a habit of wasting our time

    15. Yet again, I am left with the definite feeling that Liz is popular … I wish I knew her properly … Stephen seems to like her and he is pretty picky when it comes to people generally, and especially women

    16. John seems still a bit troubled from his

    17. ‘He seems to be more than just a solicitor

    18. Seems it did her good too, spending the afternoon with her grandson

    19. He seems disoriented

    20. He seems intent on destroying the fireplace

    21. ‘Yes, it seems he had a phone call a few weeks ago asking about ammunition for a gun of that ilk

    22. She moves his arm, seems to scold him, continues with the feeding

    23. ‘Yes, but why Liz? If she hadn’t been set up as the murderer initially, I’d agree with you, but as things are, it seems all of a piece

    24. She seems very happy

    25. "They've hired the whole city it seems, directly or indirectly

    26. In the dim distance, he makes out what seems to be land

    27. ‘Well, I know it probably seems a bit suspect, but I am trying to contact your mother and don’t have her address

    28. Exhausted, John feebly paddles, but he seems to be making little progress

    29. ‘It all seems so very unreal

    30. Russ is not perturbed by the commotion, but John seems a bit taken aback

    31. The carpet seems to have avoided the depredations of the last occupant of the rooms … unlike the bedroom carpet which is stained beyond belief

    32. Even when it seems that nothing is happening, it is not true

    33. It seems like Peadar and Michael may have been in for the same treatment but for someone heard a bit of the commotion and called the Gardai

    34. He seems to think the sooner you can move in the better

    35. "It's been on automatic, not that it seems to matter any more

    36. She rubs her foot on his leg under the table, seems to be considering what to say

    37. It seems that everyone is familiar with this psalm

    38. ‘It seems someone tried to set fire to the house Liz was renting just after four this morning, Mum

    39. He seems dazed, stunned, his hair and clothes disheveled

    40. Even if it seems that the circumstances do

    41. He’s not at his house either … no-one seems to know where he is

    42. John seems more and more confused

    43. "Yeah, but if we give that up, it seems to me we should be just about up to the silicon we need to run another soul by now

    44. He seems to be heavily drugged and can hardly stand

    45. "What seems to be the problem?"

    46. Had a nasty time last year – skin cancer – she had all sorts of therapy which made her pretty poorly, but it seems to have worked

    47. When victory seems out of reach, we

    48. Maybe I shouldn’t have had that last glass of wine … my brain seems to have given up thinking lucidly

    49. It seems silly to fuss so I leave him in peace and wander into the kitchen

    50. Adrian seems a sensible sort of man

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