sentient sätze

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Sentient sätze (in englisch)

  1. It has to be sentient.
  2. It is a sentient being.
  3. And the clouds are sentient.
  4. I can’t make it sentient.
  5. It is not of itself sentient.

  6. May all sentient beings be happy.
  7. There are other sentient ships as well.
  8. I and all sentient beings arise as the.
  9. Is Buddy one of the sentient ships?
  10. You’re a sentient being, Garcia said.
  11. The ship was sentient when I served on it.
  12. I know that Tracker and Huntress are sentient.
  13. Buddha’ is a medicine for sentient beings.
  14. Cleansed of the world, sentient and dead; a fly.
  15. I understand the significance of sentient ships.

  16. To all sentient beings in the six realms and the.
  17. Its sentient species were known as the Lazhinians.
  18. In front of twenty billion other sentient beings.
  19. Yes, the ship is sentient, Greg said calmly.
  20. Something—a sentient "I"—can never be nothing.
  21. Places where sentient life is believed to exist.
  22. Tracker, you’ve only been sentient five years.
  23. May all sentient being share with me this offering.
  24. Tracker is as sentient and self-aware as you and me.
  25. They are the last two sentient PI ships in existence.

  26. The big one was Peter, the first sentient space ship.
  27. She had come into sentient physical contact with him.
  28. Tracker lacked the sentient ships’ massive libraries.
  29. The summons were sentient and able to be reasoned with.
  30. She was a sentient ship, but she was still just a ship.
  31. Zoo but these weren't animals these were sentient beings.
  32. I offer to please the assembly of mother sentient beings.
  33. Some humans don't want to believe that cats are sentient.
  34. I and all sentient beings, the migrators as extensive as.
  35. Wren wondered about the process of making a ship sentient.
  36. Out here in the higher dimensions sentient life is scarce.
  37. This orchard is sentient, like others, in the month of May.
  38. The machine has become sentient and it will protect itself.
  39. I was following signs of a sentient species, Ket said.
  40. Touching all sentient beings of the six realms, they purify.
  41. There should be no reason Tracker could not be made sentient.
  42. Other than Elizabeth, what other sentient ships are there?
  43. She had never had a sentient machine take a fancy to her before.
  44. There is roughly 1 planet with sentient life for roughly every 0.
  45. Buddy may have been a sentient ship, but he registered no surprise.
  46. Oh, by the way, Tracker, can she be made sentient? Greg asked.
  47. Most of you are probably aware of the first four sentient ships.
  48. They are not sentient at this stage of their life, Karsat said.
  49. He simply had to hope that no sentient attention was focusing on him.
  50. Perhaps something that could truly be called a sentient intelligence.
  51. There was a time, long ago, before I was sentient, when we were apart.
  52. I can not condone the confinement of sentient beings, Garcia said.
  53. I do not know what Peter did to make me sentient, but I am glad he did.
  54. No sentient being witnessing this would not have been moved in some way.
  55. Inorganic energy is sentient: it is aware… it has an inward awareness.
  56. The three oldest sentient ships ever created opened their throttles to full.
  57. Is this one of your sentient ships? It would have to be being this large.
  58. She was sentient and there had been intent that went beyond mere simulation.
  59. Are you aware of the prohibitions against creating sentient machines?
  60. They sought out a planet with abundant life, but no advanced sentient species.
  61. Rachel said, To the best of my knowledge there are only four sentient ships.
  62. Lieutenant, I am sure by now you have figured out that this ship is sentient.
  63. It is therefore no surprise that sentient groups are on the move to calmer Realms.
  64. It was the home of the smallest sentient species in the solar system; the Ginlanks.
  65. Humans, as sentient idiots, will be on an infotainment needs to know basis only.
  66. The darkness pressed in on the guardsmen's torches like a sentient, animate thing.
  67. Even growing up on this ship, he had difficulty dealing with sentient space ships.
  68. Based on my cursory survey of the planet, there were perhaps a million sentient.
  69. It is said that he is a shape shifter, that he gives small nudges to sentient worlds.
  70. And these universal truths of life and universal rules apply to all sentient beings:.
  71. You are a sentient race with a thriving society regardless of ‘how’ you came to be.
  72. Thus, from the very first day, all her sentient and thinking powers loved this kind man.
  73. The blossoms bent toward her like sentient things, nodding serpent-like on pliant stems.
  74. He was desperately worried that one day sentient life forms would forget how to do this.
  75. Elizabeth, the newest sentient ship, in whose galley he now stood, was older than he was.
  76. J T, this is a sentient being with more intelligence than any of us here in this room.
  77. The outpost was a planet boasting a population of twenty two billion sentient life forms.
  78. Imagine putting a sentient being in the isolation tank, and then not sending them anywhere.
  79. There were rules in place in this kingdom that prohibited the eating of any sentient being.
  80. Do you believe that had your ships not been sentient that you could have survived this.
  81. But it was insufficient evidence, at that time, to suggest that dolphins might be sentient.
  82. Kim continued, When the war started, your father and I had a squadron of sentient Pirate.
  83. And you think these were sentient and thoughtful creatures who shouldn't have died that way.
  84. The interesting thing is, though dolphins and whales have been deemed sentient by the new.
  85. The Buddhist theme of developing compassion for all sentient beings was being expounded upon.
  86. All four of these ships were sentient before the Federation asked us not to do that any more.
  87. Wendy lifted the helmet she had once used as her interface to a sentient P I ship now long dead.
  88. The closest sentient settlement in this region is Suride Town, just thirteen miles from here.
  89. After all, how often does a guy get to watch an alien sentient species in the moulting process?
  90. Is it possible to be a sentient being and not live in the construct of time? Can something exist.
  91. Sentient beings, the same ones that he has seen before, walking down the roads in their thousands.
  92. All the Buddhas and all sentient beings are nothing but the One Mind, besides which nothing exists.
  93. For the past twenty years I have wondered whether being a sentient warship is a good thing or not.
  94. You mean, they’re intelligent? What’s the word you used on the show? Sentient? Oprah asked.
  95. We’ll want a sentient being there to monitor things and, as I understand it, he used to work there.
  96. On the one hand, he lacked the mental disciplines that she believed all sentient beings should share.
  97. I feel quite protective of her, since her system is sentient and she has a consciousness all her own.
  98. She had already scanned the sound waves, and had confirmed that what the sentient being said was true.
  99. So, you’re saying that it is wrong to keep sentient beings confined in small spaces? Niki asked.
  100. We knew that, if we had to ask for the help of another sentient race, we would need some specific items.

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