severely sätze

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Severely sätze (in englisch)

1. Allys looked at him severely.
2. He is now severely dehydrated.
3. Marilyn stared at her severely.
4. His skull was severely crushed.
5. You shall be severely punished.
6. He frowns at me, rather severely.
7. I was severely ill for three days.

8. I knew she was severely depressed.
9. The machine punishes me severely.
10. She had been severely traumatized.
11. However, he is severely injured.
12. There are seven boys hurt severely.
13. She was beaten severely, as I said.
14. I would not judge these men severely.
15. He felt severely disoriented, as if.
16. The uterus wasn’t severely damaged.
17. And severely she was punished for it.
18. He had surely been severely outnum-.
19. It has to severely cut imminent risk.
20. That night his dad beat him severely.
21. The inside looked severely neglected.
22. The jury, too, looked severely shocked.
23. Professor (again looks round severely).
24. She must have become severely lost in.
25. But my brain had been severely damaged.
26. Churchill is very severely taken to task.
27. Balder did have a severely retarded son.
28. You want Swann's wrist severely slapped.
29. She severely doubted Cody was it though.
30. No it’s not! Gehlen said severely.
31. She's severely ill and in a nursing home.
32. Nikole, you have been severely injured.
33. Faizan… he said coughing severely.
34. One pretty severely in the camp cleansing.
35. I believe that she was tortured, severely.
36. Your life there will be severely restricted.
37. During this life I was severely abused by my.
38. You’re a stranger, uttered Marc severely.
39. Padawans and severely wounding several others.
40. Troug’s view, since the child was severely.
41. Her ability to fight was severely compromised.
42. Wopsle in his poetic fury had severely mauled.
43. The archers have severely grieved him, shot at.
44. But suddenly one night Promod was severely ill.
45. Aadil loved me, something that I severely wanted.
46. Some, especially in the tropics, sting severely.
47. You’re a very bad boy, she said severely.
48. Heels who, as expected, were at work to severely.
49. Don’t talk nonsense, said Varia, severely.
50. When he didn't though, he was severely outclassed.
51. He’s severely angry and desperate but controlled.
52. The bumps, noise and frigid temperatures severely.
53. At the court-martial they were severely damaging.
54. The 1929 stock market crash had severely hurt the.
55. That is why we are living severely diminished lives.
56. Amanda was severely cyber-bullied, intimidated, and.
57. D’ata’s normally serene life was severely shaken.
58. Our concept of this Universe is severely restricted.
59. Kirke's father was severely injured seven years ago.
60. He looked severely and enquiringly at the newcomers.
61. And even in his severely confined world he would know.
62. You oughtn’t to be here, London said severely.
63. A short while later, a severely depressed, but still.
64. Amongst the severely affected marine groups were the.
65. Special, shall we say? You are a severely ill man, Mr.
66. Among the children, he was the most severely affected.
67. Dynasty Pharaohs, both the Valley Temple’s severely.
68. He suddenly looked to Mitchell with severely red eyes.
69. More notably, he was severely dehydrated and had the.
70. If a mother animal is killed, or severely wounded, her.
71. Failure, on the other hand, would be severely punished.
72. Use your tongue, you fool, she barked severely.
73. I haven’t done anything to be punished that severely.
74. Ingrid eyed Ben-Gurion severely, tired of his bad faith.
75. But the one who told me warned me severely that in my.
76. What is it you want? the Procureur asked, severely.
77. D -91-Her feet were severely overgrown and the vet said.
78. Corey was severely wounded, in incredible pain, and on.
79. Then the pain is likely to come on suddenly and severely.
80. What the Hell are you doing here? he asked severely.
81. When they were out of earshot I turned severely to Felicia.
82. The Enma, he chastised, were severely outnumbered.
83. Then she said severely, It was your duty to ask me first.
84. It had been severely wounded by the human with the magic.
85. His vision was severely distorted, and everything looked.
86. Any act of revenge against them will be severely punished.
87. The doctor told him he had become severely dehydrated and.
88. The employers would beat them up and punish them severely.
89. She had an accident and her back has been severely damaged.
90. On one of his visits, he stumbled, resulting in a severely.
91. It was still bleeding severely, suggesting internal damage.
92. Her limbs had been severely torn; but she was very patient.
93. Boggs himself had been severely troubled by the news, that.
94. Aunt Kate frowned severely and nodded her head at every word.
95. English as second language students to the severely disabled.
96. What do you mean by that? the President asked severely.
97. His body was severely battered and bruised, soaked in blood.
98. Only one of us, and not severely, answered the halfling.
99. It cannot be achieved -- indeed, its attainment is severely.
100. An explosion severely damaged a large section of the Station.

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