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    1. It crashes back to earth - thunk, shatter, tinkle -

    2. After calculating the price I remembered that in addition to their value as collectors' items that the Hammerli Lenzburg could also put a hole in my head the size of an egg or shatter a knee-cap into irreparable splinters

    3. They'd been over this by mail for years now, they just denied his assertion that the quakes from the impact would shatter every dam

    4. dreams to study further shatter mercilessly by this

    5. Pantelis was obviously aware of the danger to his village and was warning everyone that unless we are gentle with its fragility and take heed, it will shatter

    6. hurt their feelings and shatter their confidence

    7. ’ The Sergeant said, as though reading Andy’s mind and not at all loathe to shatter his illusions

    8. managed to fit them on his cart and had yet to hear one shatter on the floor

    9. magician before it could shatter on the hardwood floor

    10. As for Alec, though his heart would shatter no matter how she died, at least his spirit would rest peacefully knowing that it wasn't by his hand

    11. While she imagined she flaunted her “booty” like a Rolls Royce Before the serfs—that if they promoted chicks for beauty She’d be president of the earth (she could flirt with such Precision, she’d shatter the ends of your nerves)… while She chuckled at this… he reminded her that

    12. She lay on the ground, while her body was taken by wave after wave of power; enough to shatter bones

    13. His hand lay in the center of my ribcage and I worried he might shatter them with his strength

    14. For as much as iron is crushing and grinding everything else, so, like iron that shatters, will this kingdom crush and shatter even all these

    15. ‘Well, far be it from me to shatter your illusions about this mad scientist, Raiya

    16. He threw the nearest thing he could touch, only understanding it was glass when he heard it shatter against the wall

    17. For instance, we had bullets which would shatter inside the suspect and not over-penetrate and hurt someone else

    18. “There -” she whispered, almost afraid to shatter the moment

    19. The sixties injected narrow and intolerant viewpoints, uninformed ideologies that sought shatter core-values and social customs by discrediting traditional conventions, unlike preceding generations that sought to establish their own unique identity within the conventional framework of existing social and cultural traditions

    20. would shatter the mind of the average citizen

    21. Only that you push through, and shatter all this stained glass, which you have painted around yourselves

    22. Then the professor felt his backbone shatter in several places, even as his face and forehead slammed into the great bony upper lip of the monster

    23. The disbelief in the Prosops’ voice could shatter stone-masonry easily:

    24. The world was built, and it could shatter as well

    25. By blade, hand or prayer, he would shatter them like ice in the spring, that much and nothing less the oath on his brother’s grave demanded

    26. They had barely escaped with their lives when they saw the world begin to shatter into fragments the size of mountain ranges and become a cloud of debris that within a few days time settled into a disk of detritus and dust

    27. ‘Enough to shatter the moon into a haze of dust particles

    28. He brings the bottle down on the table so hard I’m afraid it will shatter

    29. It emits a signal that you can’t hear, but that will cause glass to shatter

    30. “You may find that it’s rather distracting for people when all their windows shatter at once,” he says with a small smile

    31. At the time we had no idea what it would say, or that it would shatter the foundation we stand on, the factions, our identities

    32. Caleb holds the gun with just his fingertips, like he’s afraid it will shatter in his hands

    33. and threw her wine glass in his direction, to shatter to pieces far from its mark

    34. it does not shatter him

    35. the unexpected will explode in you and shatter aII

    36. However, Gelahn would surely bring with him what he could find of the Lammas Lands’ soldiers and they would struggle with the deep chill that could turn flesh black and shatter bones

    37. “Sir Silaran is flying at twice the speed of a stooping hawk as he manifests in his gleaming barding within a hand’s breadth of the leading edge of this flight of twelve renegade Shiganzhu warriors, his head down to present his blade as he charges, with most of his power being channeled through his horn and into that blade to shatter the Shields of his foes

    38. The sudden down-lurch of hope makes the pain shatter my mind once more

    39. Instead, they carry swords that sparkle, lengths of wood that do not shatter against the skeleton enemy although neither do they overcome them, bricks, stone and strange metal shapes that burn and glow like small fires in the midst of destruction

    40. As Ralph throws the gems upward and allows his mind to track the wild arc of their rising, he sees the undead soldiers are beginning to shatter

    41. Before he was finished with his cigarette, he saw again Paul Austin's F-100 shatter and roll into a fireball

    42. As when the whirlpools of the foaming sea send giant waves crashing onto shore-rocks, and when the force of the wind and the violence of the storm overturn and shatter and sink ships -- so the frail vessels of our souls are shaken by the mighty engines of our miseries and misfortunes

    43. He knows his spirit can shatter

    44. squeezing the glass as he he wanted to shatter it

    45. Shatter the heavens with a song;

    46. Then he felt another mass of glass shatter over

    47. Tamar had guaranteed her that the vial’s acidic contents would shatter the huge Moomran crystal that it was her mission to seek out and destroy

    48. If you stay the course with Inner circle, you will be forced to shatter many of your previously held convictions and beliefs

    49. It is quite incredible what you can achieve if you turn the full force of your will upon the problem and shatter inertia

    50. My teeth were clattering so hard I feared they’d shatter

    1. He could see their ancient ash clubs clearly now, stained now with the blood and shattered remains of the brave men lost in the East Towers

    2. ‘What!’ he exclaimed almost against his will, his calm front shattered by my statement

    3. I suppose that is why it hit me so very hard when Joanna appeared on the scene and shattered everything

    4. David dragged both his own shattered body and his frigid lover towards the

    5. A shattered airplane wheel lies nearby, aircraft parts are everywhere, as are broken bottles of moonshine and flaming boxes

    6. She looks shattered when she comes in

    7. ‘I anticipated that I would be shattered after yesterday

    8. After that the rest of the damage didn't take too long and nothing was quite as shocking as seeing the Bechstein shattered down the middle by a tattooed gorilla with a baseball bat

    9. down and shattered as it appeared to be, was a living man, a thing of flesh and blood,

    10. I’m just not used to the sheer exuberance he carries around like an aura and, by the time they leave, I am shattered

    11. The sheer physical effort required for this foray along the corridor left me completely shattered for a good half hour

    12. The top of the hedgerow is a mess of shattered branches – the hedging machine has been along here

    13. The magical moments of childhood infatuation lay shattered around my knees like broken shards of glass waiting for the blind man to stumble his bloody way to perdition

    14. ‘You look shattered, Kate, which is not really surprising

    15. At the far end of the room one of the windows had been shattered and a cold and icy breeze filled the room, making what was left of old strip blinds flutter madly against the window frames

    16. I wanted to pin him down lest he try to fly to freedom out of the shattered windows

    17. This creature, as broken down and shattered as it appeared to be, was a living man, a thing of flesh and blood, just as he was

    18. ‘Berndt, you’ll be shattered in the morning

    19. I am feeling shattered now from both struggling with the terrain and the stress of pursuit, a fact which does not elude my fellows

    20. glass lies shattered on an emerald cut sea of stone

    21. and all the world beyond the shattered glass

    22. Once again the shattered young lady felt great pangs of regret well up in her throat

    23. ‘You look shattered, Lintze

    24. I could still make out the heel mark in the shattered glass

    25. With everyone’s confidence in his gardening knowledge thoroughly shattered and with old scores being settled, his programme was axed from the schedules and his publishing deals quickly dried up

    26. Come on, Sally, you’re shattered, bed calls!

    27. By the time that she had whacked him with the frying pan six or seven times, kicked his shins repeatedly and doused him in an entire litre of Vimto, Danny’s other worldly cool had been completely shattered

    28. have had families, and hopes and aspirations all shattered in forty* five seconds

    29. pinned the sash window permanently closed sheared and shattered

    30. That night he went home shattered and exhausted but certain that he had removed all the thorns from each plant

    31. The actor’s words shattered like glass on the empty

    32. Once again the shattered young lady felt great pangs of regret

    33. knowledge thoroughly shattered and with old scores being settled,

    34. Danny’s other worldly cool had been completely shattered

    35. ‘Yes – I was shattered when I got home last night

    36. Instead she slammed it into the sink where it shattered

    37. The lights went out; a gunshot shattered the silence; the taxi driver cursed and jammed the gas pedal to the floor, forcing her the rest of the way into the back seat

    38. a bloodhound suddenly shattered the serenity of the

    39. She didn’t mind the noise the bones made as they shattered, but the almost scream from the bird’s throat had resonated an emotional chime she didn’t know she had, unnerving her

    40. uneven oblong stain around the shattered glass of

    41. table and needless to say it shattered all over

    42. were cracked and shattered, garbage littered the yards

    43. and what used to be his cell phone hit the pavement in several shattered pieces

    44. ‘Anna, Simon said to tell you that, if you were not too shattered by the excitement of the meeting, he’ll be in the lounge

    45. What a lovely day! But all the same, you’re shattered

    46. Suddenly, a shrieking cry shattered the night air, and then several pleas of NO! Followed, whirling around to look behind her, she could see two people struggling in the dark several yards from her

    47. Screams shattered the silence of even the house

    48. The prison shattered and I begin to heal

    49. Then a great and powerful wind tore the mountain apart and shattered the rocks before the Lord, but the Lord was not in the wind

    50. Rafe could be persuasive, his rise to power in Shattered Rock was proof of it, but would they listen to him, follow him, the very man who stranded them here to die?

    1. A smaller piece clipped Onidas's shoulder, shattering the bone

    2. Ackers heard the sound of furniture breaking and glass shattering from downstairs

    3. and crash! The door falls over, shattering glass all over the steps of the building

    4. Light and dark infused each other in a shattering of stars

    5. the shattering of bone

    6. The second chill shattering blow sounded as if the roof was coming down upon them

    7. The Flower stood up and dropped his champagne glass shattering it against

    8. At least it wasn't his machine, that was under the plank-up and would have made a massive shattering sound

    9. The fires thundered to life in the heavens, shaking the earth below with an ear shattering BOOM!

    10. There came a loud noise of shattering glass, then the men appeared carrying a pouch of jingling coins and laughing loudly

    11. He laughed, shattering the stillness of the night

    12. If anything, reliving that shattering battle was more horrific than the first time, because she knew how it would end

    13. where one longed for breath and the shattering of the sickening

    14. When we walked arm in arm, shattering windows,

    15. I could see the connection between us shattering

    16. Blood spilled from my lips, while the sound of my bones shattering, left an ache deep inside

    17. Jayson swings his arm, shattering the lamp

    18. A few shards of ice fell from the large pipes near the ceiling, shattering on the floor

    19. The base was separating from the moon, the shattering moon-rock mostly obscured in a cloud of dust, yet it was clear enough that the warheads had penetrated so deeply that part of the Moon had gone with the base

    20. ” George shushed him and said do you want to hear this shattering news or what?” I was at the end of my tether and so replied

    21. It flew between the bars and struck the glass, shattering it instantly with a loud crash

    22. He experienced a split second of fear before the boot crunched down into his face, shattering his nose

    23. She hit the last clay with no trouble, shattering it into tiny pieces that pit-pattered to the ground

    24. I crumpled his letter and threw it to the floor and held the pillow over my chest smothering my heart that was shattering into a million tiny pieces

    25. My hands were shaking both from the shattering revelation and my wet clothes that stuck to me

    26. I walked up to it and took it off the wall and for a few seconds I stared at it and then I threw it on the floor, shattering the glass into a mass of small pieces, now it felt just as my heart did

    27. As he took time to load his gun, he heard the loud thunder of the rifle explode in the dining room, its bullet shattering the glass of the window in its path

    28. William heard the shot being fired and the simultaneous loud shattering of glass

    29. We all stared at Uncle Hobart, while Dave asked him whether his old dad - God rest his soul - had been drunk or sober when he'd made such a world shattering observation

    30. Muhammad shot him with a single bullet shattering the bone in his knee that brought him crashing down to the ground

    31. Like a bolt from the blue, the little box wailed its frightful pitch, shattering his dreams

    32. He hit the rocky plain with a crushing jolt and drove over rocks, while dodging large boulders in a seemingly endless series of splintering, grinding leaps followed by shattering landings

    33. It somehow felt wrong for an army to be this distant, so indifferent to an enemy that was in fact their own people, though wildly misled and utterly wrong in their decision to upset their way of life with shattering consequences

    34. Colling had held it to a count of two before throwing it, and it went off with a sharp crash, shattering the cutter’s windscreen

    35. Selena began to laugh but was cut short when someone flew in through a large window, shattering it

    36. To my right, the zip line snaps, the wire cord whipping back and shattering the windows below me

    37. I hear shouting up ahead, and glass shattering on the pavement

    38. The last thing he saw before Cinder drove them out a high window, shattering

    39. Screams and shattering glass fill the air, and security guards run past us without noticing that we are running away from the dormitories, running toward a place we should not be

    40. There should’ve been the sound of bullets cutting through air, glass shattering and screams

    41. She knew those eyes, those earth shattering eyes

    42. She was surrendering with every second, unable to stop the world from shattering around her

    43. Instinctively I ducked and there was the sound of glass shattering

    44. window, the black glass shattering as he shot through it, his

    45. She tried helplessly to crawl to the center of the road, away from the shattering tiles

    46. houses from their foundations and sending them careening into the next, shattering them

    47. I came back to Pravik, nearly crippled by the shattering of a dream that had become more to me than I knew

    48. She sent the message to him as well, though it took more strength than she had and left her feeling as though something inside was shattering

    49. …a bullet plows through my shoulder… shattering the bone… and pierces it’s way out the other side…

    50. She pulled herself away to scream at a waiter who had knocked a number of glasses onto the floor in a shattering crescendo

    1. This shatters all our categories

    2. Glass shatters into a thousand jagged little cubes in his lap

    3. For the reality of childhood shatters their minds

    4. Revelation is what shatters the lies of the world and of the enemy

    5. The window in a ring shatters;

    6. For as much as iron is crushing and grinding everything else, so, like iron that shatters, will this kingdom crush and shatter even all these

    7. The pane shatters, and the force of the water against my back throws me forward

    8. I turn away as the glass shatters, and the force of the water throws my body at the ground

    9. Its lens shatters

    10. Right coming back, aparting shatters with his thought,

    11. It shatters the state of pure consciousness and is followed

    12. And, on cue, the chilling caw of a crow shatters the peace

    13. During the transition, the vase shatters

    14. A vast and silent splinter of crimson and black shatters through the feathers lining this world

    15. You stay low to the ground, all around you car glass shatters

    16. See how with Victor�s death, the relationship between Sidney and Wendy reveal itself and how it almost shatters to pieces

    17. The lamp shatters on the floor and I’m pretty sure my iPad won’t work anymore

    18. A window shatters upstairs

    19. The knight’s head shatters like a piñata

    20. A new technique, that once applied, shatters the boundaries of conditioning

    21. Brandt, has much more to say on this issue, with especial resistance to accepting the truth when it shatters someone’s fortune or lifestyle

    22. crucial, in fact this could be the find that shatters

    23. When this glass shatters it’s a clear and also greenish colour

    24. Steel crimps, glass shatters and tires screech

    25. A volley of lead shatters the block long display window of a five and dime, sending twinkling crumbs of glass tumbling into the street

    26. If an emotion strengthens our inner peace and seeks the good of others, it is positive, or constructive; if it shatters our serenity, disturbs our mind, and is intended to harm others, it is negative

    27. Enzo brings down a force so strong, it shatters all the

    28. It shreds concrete and shatters the windows

    29. The mech shatters and

    30. The frozen leg bursts and shatters

    31. slams into the concrete, his body shatters into a puddle

    32. But my vague wish for I do not know what, gentle, and rather sweetly resigned when the accompaniment is Bach, swell suddenly while I listen to them into a terrifying longing that rends and shatters my soul

    33. Every single window shatters into millions of pieces, all of which are headed for me

    34. ” But Martha’s words are cut short as… SMASH! the glass window shatters behind her, and a small object flies over their heads, landing on the dining room table on top of the half-eaten turkey

    35. Everyone is already in the van as the strange man jumps in the passenger seat next to the Professor, and just as he does the front door of the house shatters with force

    36. even when the truth shatters your dreams

    37. by a thin translucent foil that shatters into smithereens by the

    38. before this pacifist shatters their skulls

    39. Whatsoever you do, from here or from there, from a loophole, again the reality comes in and shatters all dreams

    40. He hadn’t done anything to them, he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time: this shatters his perception of the way the world is; he wonders if justice exists in actuality anymore; and he realises, with humility, that this could happen to anyone, at any time

    41. Suddenly, the ceiling shatters

    42. In short nothing that you would ever want in your body! If a nurse drops a vial of the flu vaccine and it shatters, say in a school gym, the entire building, by written protocol, is to be evacuated and quarantined until a chemical hazmat crew has cleaned the spill up and deemed it safe to reenter the building

    43. rough stones and sent shatters of broken rock and sand against the floor

    44. It was a strange feeling, like when a raindrop shatters into even smaller drops: each reflecting light similarly, but separately

    45. Your individuality shatters, the anthropomorphism of your identity dissolves, maybe even taking with it whatever context the elementality of the realm offered you

    46. If it “proves” your theory by applying it as a read circumstance, and if it is shown to be a symbolism, it shatters your theory into a thousand fragments

    47. I have, during those five-and-twenty years, spared no pains to understand the people of France and the interests which were confided to me; and now, when I see the fruition of my wishes almost within reach, the power I hold in my hands bursts, and shatters me to atoms!"

    48. Under ordinary conditions, such readings are obtained using some pretty complicated instruments whose findings are dubious to say the least, whether they're thermometric sounding lines, whose glass often shatters under the water's pressure, or those devices based on the varying resistance of metals to electric currents

    49. The tree looks uninhabited and calm; then someone fires, and its crown shatters in all directions, a hundred birds exploding into flight in a half second, shrieking as though the whole tree has flown apart

    50. Metallic, tattered moonlight shatters across the road, and a white horse stands chewing in a field, and a searchlight rakes the sky, and in the lit window of a mountain cabin, for a split second as they rumble past, Werner sees Jutta seated at a table, the bright faces of other children around her, Frau Elena’s needlepoint over the sink, the corpses of a dozen infants heaped in a bin beside the stove

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