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    1. Their anchorage was beautiful, a sheltered cove behind a fine sand beach

    2. Occasionally she would be sheltered by the sail, but most of the time she was under the rain

    3. He was as sheltered as he could make himself

    4. His stories always made me feel odd and out of place but that day, after watching the surfers having so much fun, I gave in and agreed to let him give me my first lesson, as long as we stayed in the sheltered corner, away from the waves

    5. He hugged her and kissed her forehead, she sheltered in his arms

    6. That sheltered side of the island was an enchanted landscape of grazing-grounds and willow trees and the surest way to know such a place is through the soles of the feet

    7. She'd led such a sheltered existence up to then, elderly parents, no boyfriends

    8. He lives in that sheltered community out on the London Road now

    9. I’ve got quite a list of questions on my pad by the time I draw up outside the sheltered housing complex where Bert Redfield lives

    10. There was an out-house instead of plumbing and a rope and bucket well next to the outdoor kitchen that was sheltered by the lean-to next to the back door

    11. in our care are fed and sheltered, and to do our best

    12. dry stone walls, and sheltered from the easterly winds by a spinney of

    13. Tom was more enthusiastic, and pointed out a sheltered spot

    14. relaxed in their sheltered spot, they were passed by a horse-drawn

    15. ’ Andy commented stopping to look at a tall clump of something she couldn’t identify standing sheltered by a bush of some sort

    16. It’s shade was so thick that it even sheltered them from the rain that was early and heavy this week

    17. No wonder the foliage sheltered the street from the rain

    18. The whole setting was sheltered

    19. “Last winter before the spring had stolen my opportunity, I went round to that shallow sheltered cove, one of the few places where the Tahoe freezes each year

    20. other bushes had taken root in sheltered spots in the vicinity

    21. Tom realised that the low walls that had sheltered the tower crew

    22. grassy plateau sheltered by a few gnarled and windswept trees

    23. The end of the drive where they stand is sheltered and they’re not exposed to the midday sun; it seems they like standing there

    24. He’s got a ground floor flat at ‘Chamberlains’, a very up-market sheltered housing property on the outskirts of Chippenham, and has a terrific social life charming all the old ladies who live in the property

    25. could have sheltered a small family); breads, baguettes

    26. With powder sand beaches and lush green mountains, banyan trees and volcanic outcrops, this is where the Caribbean meets the Atlantic in a sheltered cove of calm shores and beautiful coral

    27. practically on all sides with hills, it’s much more sheltered

    28. and were very careful to keep their wares sheltered from

    29. more sheltered forests of the lower slopes

    30. She gazed forward with eyes of gray and white, content to see the children safely sheltered beneath a blue shell

    31. They sheltered under the broad

    32. You may also be a little emotionally sheltered

    33. Animals were sheltered there when bad weather approached

    34. was warm and sheltered on the crisp March day, reminding them

    35. Upon entering the Rex’s foster house, I never would have guessed that nearly twenty cats were being sheltered there, because everything looked and smelled so clean and fresh

    36. No doubt Tessa was in labor and searching for a private place to give birth - some place high in the rocks, away from the water but sheltered from the wind

    37. It sounded so unemotional, so detached, nothing at all like the feelings she experienced on her day to day rounds of the Sheltered Accommodation complex

    38. In single rooms fifty persons were sheltered, ladies in silken robes and beggars in rags

    39. away from home, but safe and comforted and sheltered

    40. The tea estates in this area are sheltered by the Drakensberg

    41. And with the return of his sight came an understanding of what had taken place here beneath the low gorse bush under which he sheltered

    42. They shall be sheltered from all this hissing, from all these murderous aspirations brought Yet I have reserved to Myself a remnant, a precious remnant who shall be hidden from this world, though they forth against My elect, and they shall learn holiness for a time and times and half a time

    43. A pop philosopher who had no effect on the philosophy field, and an awful novelist who had no admirers in literary circles, Rand's appeal was to very sheltered well off individuals with a fantasy image of themselves as persecuted

    44. Born extremely sheltered and privileged, Roosevelt's family connections helped get him elected to the New York legislature and several other posts that led to Assistant Secretary of the Navy, where he schemed to get the US involved in the Spanish-American War while the actual Secretary of the Navy was on vacation

    45. When they first got out of the vehicle, it was windy and cool, but the high banks of the river sheltered them

    46. on my sleeping bag, since my back was aching, and I sheltered my

    47. He realized with stark recognition, that he had lived a pretty sheltered life

    48. It was a beautiful, luxury resort on a sheltered beach that included with the price of a room all the food, drink and beach toys one could want

    49. One truly has to be a highly sheltered member of the elite to imagine either conservatism or golf need ex-presidential help

    50. and I, with so few possessions, had known a happy, sheltered

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