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    1. Inside was digital space for the immortal souls of over a thousand valiant men, most of them military, and the logic to simulate their universes

    2. There was just enough circuitry to run four different cherubs, one on duty at a time, to simulate the technician's portal to that universe

    3. She was still a simulate, an 'Angel' as she liked to call it, a 'ghost' as the natives called it

    4. Earth's industry pursued this technology to the point where the devices had more thinking power than a human brain, then to the point where they could simulate a brain

    5. "We are wisps of electrons in silicon crystals, what does it matter if we simulate reproductive behavior or not? What I want from my partner is working together to achieve a goal he both believe in

    6. Darryl's got some interesting transforms that show logic circuits can simulate the properties of fourth order condensates

    7. Their simulate installations deep in the moon were the largest in the solar system, and the target of the largest impactors

    8. "Remember Darryl's comment that logic loops could simulate a higher order condensate?" he asked

    9. Darryl had refined his math that pointed the way to simulate a fourth order condensate in logic

    10. They were ships of secular simulate corporations located in the asteroid belt

    11. There was a dome on the surface already, and a dozen mortals on the ground, all seed of various secular simulate corporations

    12. An alien power driving a cherub from Alan's universe and guiding the impactors that were destroying Angel and secular simulate civilization

    13. She was glad that two hours was only enough time for the basic theory of operation and a block diagram of a typical simulate installation

    14. No science could yet stop the doping migration in any semiconductor, and with the line sizes necessary to simulate a human mind to the requisite level of detail, the safe life span of a logic crystal was only months and the logic had to be constantly re-cycled thru the fabricators

    15. Otherwise you are called a Simulate

    16. Step4: We have tried to simulate real circuit in the figure on left side

    17. He would have to use the symbols of his time that might best simulate what he had witnessed with the aid of qualifiers such as; ‘It was as if, it felt like, it sounded as though,’ in order to impart some small understanding of the vastness of what he had been privileged to witness

    18. Finally, computers can sort through ‘evolutionary algorithms’ that take a large range of trial ‘strategies’ and simulate the impact of on some goal

    19. It would seem to be fairly trivial for an All-knowing entity to simulate what would take place in the future as a result of any given intervention, including any impacts on His potential existence

    20. Rather, he suggests, it may be that “the smallest system which can truly simulate our weather is the weather itself

    21. One possibility for those who might feel inhibited by the requirements of true science is to make up new facts and concoct new theories to simulate scientific proof of a theory or practice that is being advocated

    22. The supercomputers simulate the sun and the clouds

    23. A computer is first a simulator of directedness, and this simulation is further used to simulate other phenomena in the world

    24. The Turing machine is perhaps the simplest way to simulate aspects

    25. In order to communicate effectively in Draconian to a dragon, you would need to simulate those motions by means of an advanced inter-species translation spell that reads your facial expression, tone of voice, and body language

    26. “The arena that I will simulate for you is the world of Kellaran itself, complete in every way, with everyone and everything on it reproduced to the limits of my knowledge and awareness, exactly as it is in reality

    27. As a demo trader, your job is to simulate the real thing, so create an account with the same starting balance that you would start with when you begin live trading

    28. He is not dissimilar in appearance to the actors who simulate his life on TV, except he’s older, and more remote, if that’s possible

    29. But computers only simulate thinking anyway, which is all they would ever do with feelings as

    30. The more effectively that these virtual reality programs simulate real life

    31. The helmets were designed to simulate sentience

    32. King used a thumb and a finger to simulate a gun, but unfortunately, he failed to keep his hand in his pocket

    33. On one job, I could simulate a console to peek at jobs as they ran

    34. simulate the effects of sunlight and has been well-researched and shown to

    35. Max pulled the outer clothes off the ‘perv’ and dressed in them, carefully folding torn linen as padding to simulate the man’s bulk

    36. Her two missiles, each fired at different targets and from different angles and speeds meant to simulate long range air combat, had hit and destroyed their targets with convincing effectiveness

    37. Ideally, the teacher will use lots of objects and simulate real life situations to

    38. Overhead, fifty meters up, plasma display screens simulated a sunny sky with dispersed clouds, while a sprinkler system was meant both to simulate rainfall and to combat any fires inside the sections

    39. “We could simulate their natural environment on one of the

    40. She had not needed to simulate her embarrassment when she had told him about her scars

    41. The lead Gorn ship and the Einstein collided at relativistic speeds, which was one way to simulate a matter antimatter explosion

    42. Perhaps the Kalandan technology gave Star Fleet the idea for holographic emitters that simulate real matter, giving it substance, but maintaining its ethereal quality

    43. To simulate the temporary flight, I used the tractor beam that the holodeck normally uses to move holoedck matter around the grid

    44. You will be required to simulate a landing on Deimos later

    45. That night Nord fashioned two clubs with flat stones bundled in cloth to simulate ax heads for practice the next day

    46. It had rusted and Julian had used a lever to break it but he could only loop it back to simulate security when he went out

    47. One is a “live vaccine” of a relatively safe strain of the germs and when given will simulate the infection and “educate” our immune system

    48. The true meaning of it is “ can you live?” One of the procedures is to simulate drowning or putting him in a freezer until there is nothing left in him

    49. An Asian simulate a dragon from within

    50. A brain cannot simulate intelligence without a spirit

    1. All the populace knew was that they needed to welcome new souls, but all non-technical souls thought they were in a paradise of God's making as detailed in the scripture of holy war, they did not know they were simulated in a machine

    2. Bahkmar wished he was a good enough technician to repair Moamar's brain, but how the mind that was being simulated actually worked was not understood and he would not have a clue how to start

    3. There is no space for space suits, that is all simulated on the signal to his optic nerve input

    4. He knew it was possible for a technician as astute as the one who ran the simulated female side to ID him from his access to that area

    5. He really was barely a match, especially mentally, for that simulated blow-up doll

    6. He was very aware of how well 3D reality could be simulated

    7. "No they are not supernatural, they are simulated humans, as our audio is simulated acoustic energy represented by electrical energy

    8. He would have to give this up again once Ava was restored, but for now it would enable him to do what he had to do without his simulated biology interfering

    9. "A forth order condensate is like us building a virtual processor that runs simulates inside it, and in their simulated, simulated realm they build a virtual processor and run souls in that

    10. Anyway, there was a billion year old race of creatures called Pronna that ran an unlimited number of simulated universes in their minds

    11. They kept humans as pets, most humans in the universe were their pets, and they ran many levels of simulated universes in their minds in which there were humans on many planets of the galaxy

    12. If my diagnostics haven’t been corrupted, and I believe they have not, and I am not encapsulated, the instruments are seeing base reality and not a simulated signal

    13. "It was almost a thousand years before our science understood that we were in a simulated universe

    14. “I have no way of telling if I am in a simulated universe transmitted from the dark bodies, or if I am in an event horizon imposed by someone in the crew of Gordon’s Lamp

    15. “Mortals cannot be sure they are not simulated,” Rene said

    16. The fact that that was all simulated might not be known to those women

    17. They had never heard of the concept of doping migration, never thought a bit about what it takes to keep human souls in charge of their system, since they barely understood the concept of their simulated environment

    18. He called on everyone to give him their military assessment of the situation at Sol, it was all bleak, almost all known simulated humans above Earth’s atmosphere were hit, more objects were on the way

    19. “So if all that signal came from simulated souls

    20. They are people simulated with electricity in silicon crystals

    21. He didn’t care that electronic science had learned to copy the human mind, at a near molecular level of detail, and make it work without fully understanding the process they simulated

    22. time with the trainer everyday after school and throwing simulated games every

    23. As long as the packets presented to their monitor's servers simulated souls too well for them to tell the difference, humans would continue to surrender their judgment to the computer programs simulating the wisdom of their elders

    24. "I would be able to, my simulated skin provides all sensations that will result from contact with the personification I present

    25. She believed him when he said the existence of simulated souls is one of the biggest impediments to medical advances in their society

    26. "Oh no, I'm sure there are still more biological souls than simulated in all forms combined

    27. The simulated real life action is unbelievable, or better yet it is believable and that is even better!

    28. We also now got extra training on attacking trenches in formation and it got bloody annoying as attack after attack was simulated as the Officers tried to get it right

    29. About a week later we were again lined up with a Battalion of the York and Lancaster’s and the Barnsley Pals for a simulated attack watched by Staff Officers

    30. However as we started going up the hill towards the simulated trenches the smoke cleared and we walked on over the ridge attacking the taped trenches and shooting and bayoneting nonexistent Huns

    31. The monitor AI was evolving at such an exponential rate that – notwithstanding the obvious considerations of sentience – there may be a risk of insanity or simulated insanity perhaps, the difference was not something that could be easily defined

    32. simulated 1940 Ford stampings in the same factory that made

    33. At least he thought so, but that was of course simulated

    34. None of this could have been simulated for him

    35. In any case, since the Darangi invasion, the actual and simulated realities were further diverging

    36. Brokin jumped in simulated surprise, stumbling to a stop

    37. The photos showed beatings, death threats, threats with guard dogs, sexual humiliation, prolonged stress positions, sensory deprivation, sleep deprivation, smearing prisoners with feces and urine, simulated drowning, and disorientation using loud sounds

    38. This simulated different times of day

    39. When you are ready to leave, you fly into our simulated sun and you will come out the transport portal way beyond the moon

    40. expanded the pages of my simulated book, I caught a glimpse of seven different shapes

    41. A computer itself is a toy model of the universe where the bi-directional directedness of the world is simulated by mechanically selecting writable chunks of variable space,

    42. He screamed in rage as the bolt lanced in an instant from his fists, along GrimFang, out through their shields and into their simulated opponents in a constant, writhing, blinding and deafening inferno of electricity

    43. Eighteen seconds later he was almost completely spent, but he had cleared the skies of the simulated dragons and Sylvan

    44. “In the final hour of the tournament, the best four couples from each race will face each other in simulated combat, that is; combat by simulacrums

    45. “To their simulated deaths

    46. Better for these that theirs is simulated

    47. The war will be simulated, but the simulation will be absolutely lifelike

    48. My reasons for these changes are based on years of simulated experience, but the truth of the matter is that the way those people behaved in the simulations is based on the Eldest’s assessment of them

    49. This is one problem that the Eldest never simulated in training

    50. Nor was he fooled by their simulacrum’s appearance, his bolt was aimed at their real bodies, floating in the center of Mark’s gigantic simulated torso

    1. There was another major secular colony of simulates

    2. The ship was built when the first human simulates were running in China

    3. ' And among the secular simulates, he'd heard some of them no longer even kept their personifications in God's form

    4. "A forth order condensate is like us building a virtual processor that runs simulates inside it, and in their simulated, simulated realm they build a virtual processor and run souls in that

    5. "Are you trying to tell me that your people exist as simulates in the dark matter?"

    6. “A veron is the circuitry that simulates a human neuron,” Ava told them

    7. Starships changed from mortal frozen-human daedelus torches to Angel-driven bussards, half America’s non-corporate population defected to Laurentia, and Angels and other simulates were granted legal standing

    8. “We were competing with it,” Alfred said, “we Angels, we simulates

    9. They had stopped only briefly at Sol, the outer Jovian stasis point had become a meeting ground for survivors of all the simulates of any creed

    10. “They’d like to be called Angels or simulates

    11. simulates throwing of the dice by a player

    12. While the average investor can copy a model that simulates the market value of

    13. This challenge simulates the fact that the enemy has become aware of a

    14. When Hope is shared, the Infinite creates burgeoning force that links the benefactor with the beneficiary and simulates a communal revolution

    15. So anyone that has not yet attained this knowledge and felt awe is virtueless and unfaithful, and all humanity and virtue that he simulates are nothing other than show and deception

    16. Virtual social caring – a form of guilt tax – for an iconic personism or meme is a vicariously displaced global identity that simulates the experience of losing oneself in something greater, without having to change one's lifestyle so as to make it more conducive for the emergence of life

    17. This simulates your thinking patterns when you are about to fall asleep

    18. days, when the warmth and snugness of the womb simulates the

    19. Mental mirroring simulates the flow of thought processes in order to root out miscommunications and establish a shared context

    20. The first thing which struck him in this paddock was a door of the sixteenth century, which here simulates an arcade, everything else having fallen prostrate around it

    1. If they knew they were simulating a cell in a larger organism, they would not be able to perform their function in the larger organism that is the Haad of Al-Harron

    2. He had burst in on someone, someone who was controlling a houri simulating one of the female techs from the female side of the ship

    3. There are plenty of state changes in response to stimulus, we see all these here," she waved at the screen where they had saved many of those plots from atoms in verons simulating other parts of her brain

    4. "Assuming the one doing the encapsulating has perfect knowledge of the universe or universes he is simulating

    5. As long as the packets presented to their monitor's servers simulated souls too well for them to tell the difference, humans would continue to surrender their judgment to the computer programs simulating the wisdom of their elders

    6. ” After the briefing was finished we got once more to attack the mocked up trenches but this time we had men with flags simulating the creeping artillery barrage whilst we walked in a line behind it and wondered to ourselves what this would be like with more than seventy pounds of equipment on your person

    7. practice simulating other team offenses for the Team defense to practice against

    8. “Mmm,” I said to her, breathing heavily, simulating more excitement than she was actually producing in me

    9. gramming—such as simulating the weather or the folding of

    10. It’s a craft simulating a helicopter while it’s supplying a base located under the boat

    11. Persinger is simulating presences which the brain

    12. Simulating trading with $100,000 when you know you will

    13. The door was opened interrupting the conversation and to my surprise the elder Americus appeared, dressing a few faded jeans, a streaked shirt and a dark gray wing hat, simulating a suburban cowboy

    14. The two long haired troublemakers of my class stood up with their arms in their air simulating a Wave that spectators do at big stadiums

    15. The one massaging was now sitting astride the writhing man simulating intercourse but Sam could see his penis was still flaccid

    16. Hank let himself fall backwards, simulating what he had seen here tonight, and on television for many years in the past

    17. Then he thought that Gaston was not as foolish as he appeared, but, quite the contrary, was a man of infinite steadiness, ability, and patience who had set about to conquer his wife with the weariness of eternal agreement, of never saying no, of simulating a limitless conformity, letting her become enmeshed in her own web until the day she could no longer bear the tedium of the illusions close at hand and would pack the bags herself to go back to Europe

    18. reality simulating games SIMS and SECOND LIFE

    19. This was a move he had thought out while simulating aerial combat in his mind in preparation for the dogfight

    20. the workings”, he went on, simulating the shape with his hands in the air

    21. which was simulating the Bridge of the SaLing

    22. booster, simulating the earliest design that might have put a satellite in a temporary orbit

    23. The second was to cut a jagged slash into Leesa’s right boot and to cover the suede and Leesa’s leg with red nail polish, simulating a bloody wound to explain her limp

    24. Sharply waving his hand, Sensei made a movement in the air simulating a blow

    25. through visualisation from an activity that you have physically endured in the past, why can't you trigger physical change by using mental imagery to program the mind into simulating positive

    26. How had I sent myself to myself to be mentoring me as I find myself the midst of her imergence from simulating recombinations of arbitrary counterfactuals to an II dreaming ideals, intending them to be manifested and creating the tools for materializing one's will?

    27. Zimbardo was another of my father’s colleagues who created a remarkable experiment by simulating a prison at Stanford University

    28. “They’ve been simulating the President, maybe they took him hostage or something,” Andy said

    29. And this could be done away from the work place by simulating the motions required to do the job

    30. So we can play at playing at flying expensive jet fighters; by simulating it with another expensive machine

    31. simulating the cyclic flow of time and the wheel of karma by the rotation of the four elements

    32. "What has happened?" said the count, simulating total ignorance

    33. If we were simulating an attack from the side while we were moving, I could grab the M-4 I was carrying and shoot in that direction

    34. If we were simulating an attack from the side while we were moving, I could grab the M-4 I was carrying and shoot in that direction

    35. Three walls, part stone, part brick, and simulating a small, square tower, and folded like the leaves of a screen, surround it on all sides

    36. The mouth of the sewer of the Rue de la Mortellerie was celebrated for the pestilences which had their source there; with its grating of iron, with points simulating a row of teeth, it was like a dragon's maw in that fatal street, breathing forth hell upon men

    37. The comparative analysis was performed during the same eight-year historic period by simulating two trading strategies

    38. Simulating prices and volumes of signal executions is also based on compromise

    39. It would be useful to add two main forms of empirical distribution and several distributions simulating “fat tails

    40. At the same time we should mention that simulating the hypothetical situation presented in Figure 3

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