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    sleep with

    1. He kept pining away for a blond girl he spent only one sleep with who was only passing thru Sinbara didn't he? The one he met just before Ava

    2. Herndon had fallen asleep with his head on his pack, only a few minutes after her, she hoped

    3. He really shouldn't spend Dawnsleep with Talshi

    4. He spent most of Nightday and all of Dawnsleep with her and doostEr couldn't blame him

    5. I’ll stab his fucking balls off with a steak knife the next time he falls asleep with his fat legs open

    6. dream-laced eyelashes of those asleep within

    7. brings sleep without the drone of air conditioning

    8. After the sky turned red and they decided who would sleep with whom, Desa remained with Luray at the rail of the Vikenvor's deck for a while longer talking of their similar taste in men

    9. Wave after wave of flickering colours entertained me on the wheel of half-asleep with echoes of some dream

    10. It was a very beautiful face, good to sleep with on a Noonsleep

    11. But once a week with Klanden is better than wakeup, midday and sleep with you

    12. Anyway, I don't sleep with them, well, not with most of them

    13. His second sleep with Ava was better than the first

    14. She gladly agreed to spend the Dawnsleep with him and found that he was a fabulous adventure because of the skill of his hands and the most especially the length of time he was able to employ them before he needed consummation

    15. Killer was face down already asleep with a patch of drool running down his chin

    16. able to sleep with that much noise outside, so he

    17. He could usually count on her being around Morningday and spending Noonsleep with the group or sometimes him alone, or one of the other guys alone

    18. Afternoonday she opened her shop, sometimes she spent Dusksleep with him, sometimes she went out

    19. troubled, and he went back to sleep with a renewed

    20. Desa was certainly not going to sleep with anyone this sleep other than Alan if that miracle should occur

    21. ‘You’ll have to sleep with the mules and horses out

    22. She was asleep within minutes secure that she was well hidden from passers by

    23. may sleep with any female slave, so long as she’s begun her bleeding

    24. Though Euredon, Andrastus, and I took half shares at our one meal of the day, and Mother none at all, the little ones still cried themselves to sleep with hunger

    25. Who’d force the hero to sleep with her, of course

    26. She let him fall back into sound sleep with his left arm draped around her waist

    27. Chloe didn’t want to sleep with Father

    28. always chose three to sleep with that night!

    29. As he passed Russell, coming back into the room, he saw that his brother was dead asleep with his mouth open

    30. Joseph and I saw that Jesus was asleep with the other children

    31. actor to sleep with you?"

    32. and zeros, what did it matter if he wanted to sleep with Sharon? It was hard to stay rational, but he did his best

    33. I'm going to sleep with his lover

    34. “But things haven’t changed, I mean, I won’t sleep with you

    35. Pamela fell asleep with a heavy heart

    36. "What! You want me to sleep with a… a

    37. Can't you understand this? I didn't sleep with

    38. robot lovers, as they inevitably will, would you ever want to sleep with one?"

    39. “The other day I was asleep with my back to him and he just

    40. Just the thought of another attack made her skin crawl, and she doubted she would get any sleep without the herbs

    41. When I was in Onyx, I thought the cries and shouts would drive me mad, but now I find it hard to sleep without them

    42. off and go to bed as she couldn‘t go to sleep with the T

    43. The snorers were sorted out too with a fatherly chat and placed on guard duty where they could not sleep and create horrible noises (serves them right says I who suffered from sleep apnoea until my American Patriot made me sleep with a CPAP machine and now I am cured)

    44. ‘Miss Raines, it seems one of your parents fell asleep with a cigarette still lit and it set the house on fire

    45. He changed his clothes and flopped on the bed, asleep within seconds

    46. I ran out to the car and saw that my driver had fallen asleep with his head resting on the steering wheel

    47. “But she did sleep with him,” Purple Streak added, frowning when Rachael kicked her under the table

    48. hand that he is not done “I’ve always wanted to sleep with you

    49. “Then sleep with me” she tease with a smile

    50. “What, you aren’t going to sleep with it?” she asked

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