sputter sätze

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Sputter sätze (in englisch)

  1. It was all she could manage to sputter.
  2. When the gas ran out, the car didn’t sputter.
  3. There is a sputter, then a torrent of bright music.
  4. The engine will sputter and quickly shut down completely.
  5. I heard a whining sound and then the sputter of an engine.

  6. Yuki waited it out, every last sputter, then asked, Ms.
  7. Merthin tried to sputter a protest, but his mouth was full of blood.
  8. Asked why then they were headed toward Chinatown, he seems to sputter.
  9. He had made it just over half way when the engine began to sputter and.
  10. Christine heard the anxiety in her daughter’s voice and managed to sputter, But I am.
  11. As we walk the streets I once called home, conversations sputter and die, and eyes cling to my face and body.
  12. He’d ask her, What’s so funny? and she’d just giggle through a closed mouth and sputter, Nothing.
  13. He was still on the first stairway when his torch went sputter, sputter, pop and profound and utter darkness took hold.
  14. A sputter of hand claps broke out as they walked away and then gradually built to a crescendo of enthusiastic applause.
  15. Ignoring Rob’s sputter of fury, he turned away and nodded to Lucas, then to Emeric and the recruits who stood with him.

  16. Her Mouth hung open as if ’twere a Trap for Flies, and she presently began to sputter and shake like a Tea Kettle o’er an open Fire.
  17. There was no mistaking that honk of the goose many times strengthened, and, following this, the low, steady sputter of a gasoline engine.
  18. Just as, with a sputter and a flicker and a last expiring tremor, we had begun to realize that the going season was, indeed, nearly gone, something happened.
  19. The man with the ruined nose crumbled down first when Nicole fired next, hitting him straight in the chest, sending a sputter of blood flying forth in a wide arch.
  20. The pirate never got a chance to finish the sentence, since Cheeryup took that moment to throw the handful of dirt and gravel she’d been hiding in her fist into his open, blabbering mouth, making him gag, sputter, and cough.
  21. The entire ego-crap of the sport-jock lording it over others; is nothing more than a spurt-jock… translating the male sperm’s desperate need to be more active than the other sperm if it wants to live, and not die… they all sputter out… lose energy, ability, become lazy, arrogant, foolish, stupid… and they usually are attracted only to competitive careers… they become carriers of the poisonous myth of competition as the best way to live and love and learn… and end up learning nothing… loving nothing… and living empty useless unhappy lives.
  1. Sputtering, missing, then running smooth.
  2. She exhaled a sputtering chuckle, in surprise.
  3. The night was black and the torches sputtering.
  4. Sputtering, the car made it onto the pavement.
  5. Even the emergency road flare was sputtering out.
  6. Spewing and sputtering he surged to his feet in the pond.
  7. Hey! Grady said, sputtering toothpaste on the mirror.
  8. I heard the sound of the police band sputtering in the background.
  9. The sputtering engines get the older man’s attention and he looks up.
  10. After a bit of sputtering and spewing water finally came out of the sink.
  11. A banner waved behind the sputtering plane, which was getting closer and closer.
  12. There were two small candles on the altar which were sputtering, nearly burnt out.
  13. Sputtering, Sorren wiped away the water from his mouth and gazed at his reflection.
  14. She’d plunged headfirst into the tub and yanked up the sputtering boy before I got there.
  15. He sat up among the wet weeds, still sputtering in fury as cold water seeped up his ass crack.
  16. Olin continued to press the can downward and soon the sputtering diminished and then silenced.
  17. Cooper just stared with his jaw agape, finally sputtering ,Yeah, I got, while his voice.
  18. Flynn latched on to the other side and sputtering on seawater said, I’m too old for this!.
  19. Sputtering and cursing, spitting into the barf bag, Court's half-brother said Those were civilians.
  20. Its beam flashed across the ceiling as it hit the floor, the small bulb sputtering out as Stacey fell.
  21. Ignoring the sputtering of protests that erupted from the other officer’s lips, Clayton leaped into the next cart.
  22. As she pondered their defenselessness, the sedan hit her again from behind, sputtering her car off the soft shoulder.
  23. Wet and sputtering, I was about to give Phillipe a rather mean piece of my mind when Uncle Joshua let out a big guffaw.
  24. I was choking on this load of crap, sputtering, You arrogant horse’s ass, when I heard a voice saying, Whoa.
  25. A six-foot wall of water smashed him full in the face, leaving him cursing and sputtering with a mouth full of seaweed.
  26. The wall of the city was the dimmest twinkle, a lantern here and there, an occasional balcony with a sputtering candle.
  27. And then I was sputtering and puking salty water and rough hands were holding me and hairy lips were breathing air into my lungs.
  28. Duval looked directly at the sputtering man who held a satin-gloved hand across his mouth to staunch an obvious impulse to wretch.
  29. They tried to climax under water but came up sputtering without really finishing but not really caring because they still had fun.
  30. Sputtering and clutching his throat, unable to speak or even to lift his head from the floor, he was forced to listen as Duval spoke.
  31. The robots stood there for a moment, their circuits sputtering and shorting out, before falling over with a large, heavy clunking sound.
  32. Then he was over me, I was back and gasping and sputtering but air was in my lungs! I was coughing and couldn't stop, then air was back.
  33. Her family had emotion to spare, but not of this variety, that erupted like a sputtering teakettle every time someone took a deep breath.
  34. I was sputtering, still dumbfounded by what Joe had said, when a nurse opened the door and told us, I have a little girl here who wants to be held.
  35. It took all her will power not to give chase; but you can’t chase invisible boys, so she sat down, scowling, sputtering, and tried to fry more bacon.
  36. Sputtering, he regained his footing and surged up for air, the snake still attached to his left arm but his right hand was empty—the pistol was gone.
  37. The fuse burned steadily, branching away from the initial ignition point so that a small, sputtering line of smoke moved towards each of the wagon sections.
  38. There followed a brief period of silence with only the sputtering flames of the torches and the hollow sound of drops of water on damp stones accentuating it.
  39. When he pushed it down into the water an explosion of sputtering steam and hot water droplets filled the air and in anticipation of it he had turned his face away.
  40. I let go of the doorknob, and at that moment, I heard the distant sputtering and roar of motorcycles, a sound that got louder the closer it got to Antoinette Burgess’s house.
  41. The city was bursting with sounds; the shouts of vendors rang in my ears mingled with the blare of Hindi music, the sputtering of rickshaws, and the jingling bells of horse-drawn carts.
  42. Though it had been performing like a champ recently, today the engine coughed and coughed, finally sputtering reluctantly to life, meaning that the problem was neither the ignition switch nor the alternator.
  43. Where you as a child sat on the porch watching skyrockets climb in fire, the pinwheels sputtering, the gunpowder drumming at your ears from the brass cannon your uncle Bion fired with his hand-rolled cigarette.
  44. No visible barrier blocked the road that led to the dormitory, but anyone going that way would find their car’s engine suddenly sputtering and dying, or would suddenly be overwhelmed by the feeling that they needed to get out of there right now.
  45. As the freshman boats approached the stake boats at the starting line, the coaches’ launches fell in behind their respective crews, their inboard engines sputtering and gurgling as they idled, with white exhaust fumes burbling from the water behind them.
  46. I know that for a long time to come there will flourish the object instruction, and cubes, and buttons instead of arithmetic, and hissing and sputtering, in teaching the letters, and twenty expensive schools of the German pattern, instead of the needed four hundred popular, cheap schools.
  47. And now and then they stooped in a group and splashed water in each other's faces with their palms, gradually approaching each other, with averted faces to avoid the strangling sprays, and finally gripping and struggling till the best man ducked his neighbor, and then they all went under in a tangle of white legs and arms and came up blowing, sputtering, laughing, and gasping for breath at one and the same time.
  48. I could hear Devon sputtering excused in the background while I fell back on the bed,.
  1. The healer sputtered to a stop.
  2. The man sputtered for a moment.
  3. Slowly, the flare sputtered out.
  4. The fire sputtered and crackled.
  5. She sputtered as she looked up and.
  6. Early revolutions that sputtered out.
  7. Millie's engine sputtered and she froze.
  8. Voices cracked and sputtered from the.
  9. Wha? What?! He sputtered indignantly.
  10. Yikes! That’s cold! She sputtered out.
  11. He sputtered out the answer as he walked away.
  12. You can’t do that, the attorney sputtered.
  13. As soon as I let it go, the flames sputtered out.
  14. Please, Ravan—please have mercy, he sputtered.
  15. A blue flame sputtered for a while, and then went out.
  16. When removed from the liquid she coughed and sputtered.
  17. The Confederate sputtered until he could find his voice.
  18. That will be impossible, the prosecutor sputtered.
  19. He even has submarines! Visola sputtered excitedly.
  20. The engine sputtered, missed a few times, but kept going.
  21. After Gloria told her what had transpired, Lucy sputtered.
  22. Schultz sputtered and roared, answered in kind by Morozov.
  23. I coughed, sputtered, and slumped on the edge of the couch.
  24. The small car sputtered several times but kept going as the.
  25. The McLuhan! he sputtered, almost choking on the words.
  26. She sputtered when water got in her mouth and into her lungs.
  27. It sputtered and glared, but the flame was weak and died out.
  28. Only the embers of a dying campfire sputtered and glowed in.
  29. The fire spewing from Sorid’s mouth burped and sputtered out.
  30. He sputtered and searched frantically for any sight of the fox.
  31. Ivar coughed, and blood sputtered from his mouth onto his beard.
  32. Tom sputtered, A lid? You’re giving me a lid? This is worse.
  33. Over the speakers the signal sputtered and spit crackling sounds.
  34. She stammered, spit and sputtered but nothing intelligent came out.
  35. She coughed and sputtered, circling the room, babbling incoherently.
  36. This time the Unu vessel sputtered and made all kinds of funny noises.
  37. He jumped into them comically as he sputtered out, What? Who?
  38. As we poured into the Hal of Ages, our rescue attempt sputtered to a.
  39. I—I’ve never seen anything like this, White sputtered weakly.
  40. Ravan had been deeply asleep and sputtered, not sure who pulled at him.
  41. What summons? sputtered Longleaf, still trying to catch his breath.
  42. The Jeep sputtered and started, but then it stalled, refusing to turn over.
  43. Yelena backed out unto the porch in fear and sputtered, Is that Matts….
  44. She was saying, "See, she's fine," as I sputtered, trying to catch my breath.
  45. Grandma cut off a guy’s head with her throwing knife? Moses sputtered.
  46. She sputtered and gagged on the water that had unexpectedly entered her mouth.
  47. Once again, the car’s engine sputtered and quit, just three doors from home.
  48. Daphne sputtered, having no free hands to wipe the water from her mouth and eyes.
  49. As the rant sputtered to a stop, a couple took the stage, both carrying acoustic.
  50. Greg momentarily sputtered, then said, I hadn’t expected to talk to the doctor.
  51. Nana climbed into the ugly blue taxi, and it immediately sputtered away from the house.
  52. Harry balked and sputtered, But I am certain I have not used the vast sums invested.
  53. My mind sputtered, and I tried to summon the right thing to say by staring at the floor.
  54. The torch sputtered and went out leaving us standing in the pitch dark of the cave tunnel.
  55. Nicole sputtered helplessly for a moment, trying to find the words that had so unceasingly.
  56. Hurry, he said, as pink saliva sputtered from his mouth, and blood bubbles burst from.
  57. The foam sputtered to a stop, leaving the Tempest High Leader covered and shivering in fizz.
  58. I was now running below empty on the gas gauge and, for the first time, the engine sputtered.
  59. Wilx says it happens all the time, neat hey?! I sputtered and drooled and shook violently.
  60. Turning the key again, the battle-worn truck backfired, sputtered, and finally roared to life.
  61. Darren's moral outrage sputtered a bit, then flared up again when he thought of new objections.
  62. Of course I’ll go, Hicks sputtered, keeping a close eye on the two burly police officers.
  63. Loken's protection spells on Aesa glimmered faintly, and Killian’s dorni sputtered in the rain.
  64. Morgan was trembling so much the coffee sputtered in the cup as she tried to raise it to her lips.
  65. Her mother sputtered, her dark brown hair flattened against her head, appearing both tragic and comic.
  66. My truck sputtered to life and then made some weird puttering noises as I drove over to Paige’s house.
  67. Ashley and his servant are quartered here, sputtered the latter, and like as not ’tis one of them.
  68. The chuckling sputtered out when they broke through the cloud layer, which revealed the swelling seas below.
  69. The radio hissed and sputtered while it ran through the wavelengths on the SEF, but still nothing happened.
  70. How weak are those soldiers that they’re terrified of children? she sputtered in fury as she worked.
  71. The Decanus tried to laugh as saliva sputtered from his lips, "That mongrel cried and wet himself at death!".
  72. The burning wreckage of a man flung fire upon me as I neared, but it separated out around me and sputtered out.
  73. Creeks where Hassan and I skipped stones all spring turned dry, and rickshaws stirred dust when they sputtered by.
  74. A frying pan of grease sputtered over the fire, and it splashed and hissed when Ma dropped the pone in with a spoon.
  75. He released the choking hold of the baton from her throat and she sputtered and half gagged as she caught her breath.
  76. Russell sputtered as Sebastian turned off the water, leaving Russell dripping sudsy water and looking very wet and confused.
  77. Val sputtered nonsense, then tried to get out of the chair as Olsen swung his hand and slammed the side of the gun into her jaw.
  78. The blubbering individual in front of him sputtered out, When I was a boy I had a high fever for a prolonged period of time.
  79. It had not been driven in some time, and it took some prompting from Colling and Hermann before it finally sputtered into life.
  80. The engine sputtered to a stop as the boat neared the gentle bend of the river, and the boatman slapped their oars into the water.
  81. He started to mewl incoherently, blood and saliva dribbling down his chin; he tried to voice incomprehensible words sputtered in blood.
  82. I coughed and sputtered and I was being carried and puked more water down the back of who was carrying me, but they seemed not to mind.
  83. She looked up at Gary and spit and sputtered trying to speak but she soon realized that her voice box was gone and the blood wasn’t stopping.
  84. Twice, the men rowed toward distant squalls, but each time, the rain sputtered out just as they reached it, leaving them exhausted and demoralized.
  85. Ravan held Pierre by the neck with his other hand, pushing hard so that Pierre gurgled and sputtered, unable to speak or pull away from the slow agony of the knife.
  86. The blaze sputtered and died as a gust of wind swirled about us, pelting all of us with gravel, stinging skin, making it hard to see beyond our raised arms protecting our faces.
  87. As luck would have it, we were just de-briefing Snotty in the quiet of my private office, which seemed to be the least I could do; when a motorcycle-sidecar combination sputtered to a halt outside.
  88. Occasionally a car sputtered up the hill from downtown and detoured around the sleeping dogs before parking in front of Peerless Painless Dentist, its driver getting out and walking nervously into the office.
  89. The Russian major sputtered, but then, shouting something in Russian over his shoulder, he scrambled down the hotel steps, his companion following on his heels, and into a sedan parked at the curb behind an old black Renault that apparently had brought Zavek and his men.
  90. There was risk in rest, so they pushed on, riding a diesel-belching, broken-down, old bus that coughed and sputtered its way along the nearly impassible road to Chisec, caught another, equally decrepit, to Xuctzul where Spanish wasn’t regularly spoken and the Native tongue Truman knew served only slightly better at communication, but was extremely more hospitably received: people who had claimed to know nothing of the area when questioned in Spanish, suddenly became fountains of useful information.
  1. It sputters once and fades.
  2. The engine sputters to a stop.
  3. She sputters to life, a life of her own.
  4. The engine sputters once when I rev it and shift into higher gear.
  5. The pilot tries the engine again and it sputters like a broken down car.
  6. Smoke streams from the open cockpit as the ship sputters and lists down toward the water.
  7. For that was clearly everybody's concern, and I was getting it in sputters and waves, whether I searched for it or not.
  8. I couldn't see them behind the mast I was bound to, only hear them, the crunching and tearing and their wet snorts and sputters.
  9. He gasps and sputters as he hands the screaming Infant to me, whereupon one long and hideous Cry escapes his Throat as he lifts Belinda aloft and sees her safely in my Arms.

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